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WEDNESDAY - December 17, 2014
Greetings once again from the West Texas Headquarters Of Jingoistic Second Amendment Supporting Fossil Fuel Burning SUV Driving Xenophobes.
I saw a short news report originating in Newtown, Connecticut showing one of the parents of one of the 20 students shot and killed by an obviously mentally deranged person.  It was the second anniversary of this terrible shooting on December 14th.   I can certainly understand the grief felt by the families and friends of those who lost their lives on that day.
This particular father was talking about how much more strict LEGISLATION was needed in order to prevent future incidents such as the Sandy Hook murders.  And while I certainly feel sorrow for those parents and friends of the deceased,  I have to be amazed at how some special interest groups are using this tragic event to further their own political wants.   These parents are being used by a liberal media and by extremely liberal politicians in order to accomplish  the  goals of a group or groups of  Big Government Socialists.
Apparently this gentleman is advocating Americans surrendering one of the RIGHTS guaranteed to EVERY  AMERICAN in the CONSTITUTION  OF  THE  UNITED  STATES.   I still recall the famous statement made by Benjamin Franklin:  "Those who would give up  ESSENTIAL  LIBERTY to purchase a little TEMPORARY  SAFETY,  DESERVE  NEITHER  LIBERTY  NOR  SAFETY."   If the citizens of Newtown, Connecticut believe that surrendering  their SECOND  AMENDMENT  RIGHTS to purchase what they believe to be TEMPORARY  SAFETY, then they are willing to sell the safety of their children AND themselves at a rather cheap  price.
Perhaps  the good citizens of Newtown, Connecticut need to take a good look at  the recent  hostage situation in Sydney, Australia when a Muslim Terrorist going by the name of Sheikh Haron held some people hostage in a chocolate shop.  Haron was armed with a firearm AND let us not forget that Australia has some of the more strict firearms  prohibitions on the planet, but that did not seem to deter Muslim Terrorist Haron for a second.  I remember reading several years back when private citizens all had to turn in their firearms to the Australian government as strict laws against citizens possessing firearms had been passed.  One last observation on the Hostage shootings in Sydney, Australia.  I noticed that Haron was in clear view through a plate glass window and was armed and was either threatening to kill or had already killed hostages.  WHY, was he not terminated immediately?  All I can say is that this would not have gone down like this were he dealing with the Albuquerque S.W.A.T. team. 
I sometimes wonder just what some of these so called anti-gun groups are thinking.  It seems to me as if someone who is planning on taking hostages and killing them;  or  entering a school and begin shooting  students and teachers;  or entering a movie theater and begin murdering people or entering a military facility and begin killing fellow soldiers;   or  robbing a bank;  or doing any other violent act with a firearm,  IS  NOT.... let me repeat for emphasis... IS  NOT  GOING  TO  GIVE  A  DAMN  ABOUT  LAWS  PROHIBITING  OWNING  OR  CARRYING  FIREARMS!    I just wonder which part of that equation do the Liberals/Progressives/Socialists/Democrats  not understand?
The answer  to  the problem of firearms violence  would  be  more readily  solved  by  states being able to  give  honest  citizens the ability to purchase and CARRY  firearms  for  the protection of themselves and others.  Of course any individual who would be permitted to purchase and carry firearms would necessarily be required to successfully pass  a course  in firearms safety and laws governing the use of firearms.
BUT, we all know that under the leadership of big government proponents FROM  BOTH  PRIMARY  POLITICAL  PARTIES, this will not occur.  SO, I would refer everyone back to the old saying:  "I  WOULD  RATHER  BE  TRIED  BY  TWELVE THAN  CARRIED  OUT  BY  SIX".

I will not dwell too long on the asinine act of the Senate Oversight Committee releasing their PREDICTABLE  findings regarding Enhances Interrogation Techniques used against  TERRORISTS in order to gain intelligence information AND  SAVE  AMERICAN  LIVES.   Our own Navy SEALs, I am told, undergo way tougher treatment in the course of their training.
And, as part of this report that I heard from one news program,  it seems as if  these Muslim Terrorists  were subjected to..... now get ready for this..... yep,  you got it, SLEEP  DEPRAVATION.  Not only that, and I know that this will upset you all, on occasion  they were deprived of sleep for nearly 48 hours.  Funny but I can remember several  homicide cases in which I have been involved where a number of us did not get to go home or get any sleep for close to THREE DAYS.  Now, I didn't like it all that much but please spare me the tear jerking news that these TERRORISTS  were not allowed to go beddy bye for two days.
And one last thing on this.  I do not condone or believe in actual torture BUT if making some Muslim Terrorist uncomfortable OR slapping his ass silly or scaring the living crap out of him or her will save  American Lives, then let the games begin.  I am far more interested in the safety of American Citizens than I am of the personal comfort of Muslim Terrorists.   All I need to see is  people jumping from the 105th floor of the World Trade Center as a preferable choice to burning to death to get my priorities in order.
Apparently, Diane Feinstein and the rest of the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists/Marxists are not as concerned with Americans as they are with Terrorists being held in..... dare I say it?   GUANTANAMO!
And while I am on the subject of MS. FEINSTEIN, I heard Mara Liaison and Bill O'Reilly both lay claim that Diane Feinstein WAS  NOT  LIBERAL.  Really?  Then they must both believe that Ted Kennedy (Fat Teddy) actually did everything he could to save the girl who drowned when in a drunken state he drove his car off the Chappaquiddick  Bridge.
Now, Diane Feinstein I believe is from the San Francisco area.  One must wonder if during the day, she sleeps under the Golden Gate Bridge, hanging upside down, with her wings wrapped around her body?   Just a thought.
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"If you knew that there was a hidden nuclear time bomb planted somewhere in New York City -- set to go off today -- and you had a captured terrorist who knew where and when, would you not do anything whatever to make him tell you where and when?  Would you pause to look up the definition of torture?  Would you even care what the definition of torture was, when the alternative was seeing millions of innocent people murdered?"....... THOMAS  SOWELL
"One of the most obscene acts of the Obama administration, when it first took office, was to launch a criminal investigation of CIA agents who had used harsh interrogation  methods against captured terrorists in the wake of the devastating September 11, 2001 aerial attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.".........   THOMAS  SOWELL
"Senator Diane Feinstein's recent release of a massive report on the CIA's severe interrogation methods, used against captured Islamic terrorists, has set off a firestorm of controversy.  It is hard to see what benefit the United States of America gains from releasing that report.  But it is painfully obvious what lasting damage has been done to the security of Americans.".............. THOMAS  SOWELL
"The public's right to know has often been invoked to justify publicizing confidential information.  But is there any evidence that the American public  was clamoring to learn state secrets, which every government has?  I don't know where our nuclear weapons are located and I don't want to know, certainly not at the cost of letting our enemies know.".... THOMAS  SOWELL
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FINALLY, the Texas High School State Championship games are set to begin tomorrow morning at 10:00 A.M. with the AA Division II championship game.   I will be watching my television as in the first game, the high school from my wife's home town of Bremond, Texas is taking on the team from Albany, Texas.  They are both 14 - 0.  I am looking forward to it.  Then at 1:00 P.M.  the team from Mason, Texas takes on the team from Canadian, Texas.  Both of those teams are also 14 - 0.  Then the rest of the championships will be decided  later on Thursday and Friday and Saturday.   This is absolutely the best football a person can see.  These kids are all playing for the right reasons and  we don't have to be subjected to a bunch of clown acts after every play.
I also notice that there are a plethora of college bowl games this year.  I'm sorry but watching a couple of teams with 6 - 6 records play in the Hooptie Doo Bowl just doesn't do much for me.
Something that I have noticed that doesn't seem to set well with me is that when the news people report something like the murder of the two hostages in Sydney by a Muslim Terrorist, they always say the there were 3 dead "INCLUDING  THE  GUNMAN".   It seems to go down my gullet rather sourly that the MURDER is mentioned in the same breath as the victim.  In actuality, two people were MURDERED and the GUNMAN was (either KILLED  BY  POLICE  or TOOK   THE  COWARD'S  WAY  OUT) but please don't cast the MURDERER'S  death  in the same light as the VICTIM'S.
I know that the New York City Police Department has come under lots of criticism in the past couple of weeks.   And I am not saying that every single call handled by the NYPD is handled perfectly. But I would venture to say that the criticism launched at the NYPD is not necessarily valid.  BUT what is even worse is the treatment of the NYPD by the head of the government of New York City.   AND that would be Mayor Bill De Blasio's  apparently selling out to the Race Pimps like Al Sharpton.  Not only has this Varmint Mayor  lost  the respect and confidence of the Officers of the NYPD but he has cast some real dangerous stones at the Grand Jury System.  For some reason, the legal system of empanelling Grand Juries has been in effect for quite a long time.  AND the system seems to have worked just fine.... up until the Race Pimps have gathered up some professional demonstrators to riot and loot and cause problems, not only in New York City and Ferguson, but all around the United States.  And I heard this morning that there is a move afoot by the Justice Department to prohibit shootings involving Police Officers from being taken before a Grand Jury.     I guess what the Justice Department under the incompetent leadership of Eric Holder would rather do is just take the Officers straight to the gallows.

If the Legislative and Judicial branches of our federal government allow this to happen then our Constitution is worthless.