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TUESDAY - December 9, 2014
Welcome to the Home Office Of Jingoistic Xenophobes Who Possess Firearms And Drive Fossil Fuel Burning Four Wheel Drive Pickup Trucks.
Let me first of all make this BOLD  STATEMENT.   I am 77 years old and weigh right at 167 pounds and I have had one third of my stomach removed along with a triple bypass and currently have a pacemaker and defibrillator.  My BOLD statement is this.  If I were placed under arrest and willingly cooperated with the police officers and allowed them to place handcuffs on me, they could do so without the use of ANY  FORCE.
IF, on the other hand, I did not wish to be handcuffed and chose to RESIST the officers, I will make this bold statement.  There is no one officer or for that matter two or three officers who could handcuff me at 77 years old...... UNLESS..... THEY  FIRST  CAUSED ME ENOUGH DEGREE OF DISCOMFORT, OR PAIN IF YOU WILL, SO THAT I WOULD  WILLINGLY  COOPERATE. 
I have personally seen small females who decided that they would not be handcuffed and it took several officers to place her in a position so they could control her and get the handcuffs on her.
The amount of  force  necessary to place a subject under arrest  may vary depending upon the degree of resistance and the size and strength of the individual.
BUT  I have had about ENOUGH of these news twinkies spouting off their opinions with damn little knowledge of what they are talking about.  I have a strong hunch that Shepard Smith has ever been hit or has ever hit anyone else.   Now I am not sure about Alan Colmes since he appears to be asking for a good ass kicking almost daily as does Geraldo Rivera and Bob Beckel
But in addressing the incident in New York when Eric Garner was taken to the ground by NYPD Officers, everyone seems to want to concentrate on the video so I will just stick to that.   When the Officer first grabbed Garner he had his left arm around Garner's neck and his right arm actually under Garner's right arm.  His grip changed as they went to the ground.
All the reports talk of Garner saying ELEVEN TIMES.... "I  CAN'T  BREATHE"....  REALLY?   Unless the human anatomy has undergone some fairly drastic changes,  I was under  the impression  that  it  took  breathing in order to be able to speak.. and  the reports are that Garner spoke ELEVEN  TIMES.
I am positive that NONE of the arresting officers were attempting to cause the death of Eric Garner.  AND  several of the reports I saw and heard were that Garner DID  NOT  DIE  AT  THE  SCENE but rather in the ambulance as he was being taken to the hospital.  AND I also heard that the CAUSES... notice I said CAUSES.. which indicate more than one... resulting in Garner's death were multiple including heart problems, diabetes, and asthma. 
AH, but let us not forget that medical experts like FIVE  MEMBERS  OF  THE  ST. LOUIS  RAMS right along with SEVERAL MEMBERS OF  THE  WASHINGTON REDSKINS along with LE BRON  JAMES and let us not leave out REGGIE  BUSH with the DETROIT  LIONS  all chipping in  with their idiotic acts and T-Shirts.   When I saw Reggie Bush sporting his "I Can't Breathe"  T-shirt the thought crossed my mind that  the last  person I need to hear or see giving me lessons in ethical behavior is a jock who won the Heisman Trophy BUT  HAD  TO  GIVE  IT  BACK  DUE  TO  ILLEGAL  ACTS  AGAINST  NCAA RULES.
The bottom line is this:
Michael Brown was in the process of attacking an officer after already having a physical confrontation when he attempted to get the Officer's firearm.
Eric Garner was in the process of committing a minor crime BUT chose to RESIST  ARREST rather than cooperate.  A great deal of the fault of this incident lies with Garner himself.
BUT please spare me  the  lectures from looters and professional  athletes who have no idea of what they are talking about...... BUT I guess knowing what you are talking about is not really necessary  since we have a mob controlled clown President and an even bigger clown Attorney General who seem to make a habit of doing just that.
Anyway, I am sure that a bunch of looters in San Francisco and elsewhere will solve  the nation's problems.
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"For people who have never tried to take into custody someone resisting arrest, to sit back in the safety and comfort of their homes or offices and second-guess  people who face the dangers inherent in that process -- dangers for both the police and the person under arrest -- is yet another example of the irresponsible self indulgences of our time.".............. THOMAS   SOWELL
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This from an article in the (Sub) Standard Times... headlined... PROFILING  RULES  TO  EXEMPT  TSA, BORDER AGENTS.   Now, first of all this set of guidelines is for Federal Officers, (F.B.I.;   D.E.A.;  BATF;  and other Federal Law Enforcement.)  The Border Agents have had much greater leeway in vehicle and personal searches than most other law enforcement agencies... federal or state and local.  What surprises me in this particular exemption regarding so called racial profiling is that the Border Agents have been prevented from enforcing immigration laws for quite some time now.  So this exemption from this profiling is pretty much immaterial.  If the Justice Department under the inept leadership of Eric Holder is preventing them from enforcing existing immigration laws then their exemption is meaningless.
Last week I was semi watching the O'Reilly Factor and I could swear that I heard Bill O'Reilly make a statement that in N.Y. City,  "Stop and Frisk" was a violation of an individual's rights.  REALLY?   Funny but I always thought that the "STOP AND FRISK" rule was handed down in 1968 in Terry vs. Ohio ruled that an Officer may conduct a pat down search of the outer clothing for weapons when the Officer has a REASONABLE  SUSPICION that the individual has committed;   is  committing;  or is about to commit a crime and may be armed.  It is simply a pat down and not a full search.
Also an Officer may perform a search of the person and the area under the immediate control of the person who has been placed under arrest.  There are several landmark cases allowing this type of search dating back to 1947.
I don't have much objection to someone like Kimberly Guilfoyle or Megan Kelly or any of the other FOX News people with a law degree suggesting that some particular act may or may not be Constitutionally permitted BUT I do have a problem with people like O'Reilly spouting off  things which simply are not factual, particularly after he has jumped all over someone who gives their opinion on a matter.  O'Reilly is constantly spouting off that he deals in FACTS.   Well perhaps he should do a little research about facts prior to saying that a particular act is a violation of someone's rights.
I keep hearing many of these politicians, particularly some of the establishment Republicans talking about COMPROMISE after the Republicans take over the Senate Majority after January.   OK.  I'm going to say this only ONCE:
All morning I have heard comments from various people Democrats/Socialists and Establishment Republicans/Progressives about  a  report on the  Enhanced Interrogation Techniques used on Guantanamo Terrorist  Prisoners.  All I have heard is Establishment Professional Politicians talk about how none of this was effective.  I for one DO  NOT  BELIEVE that it was ineffective and quite the contrary the intelligence people claim to have received some very good information.
But I have a problem with Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi and countless  other Democrats/Socialists along with John McCain whining about it.  All they can do is say that this type of interrogation is what is done by our enemies.
Hmmmm.  I just wonder how many of the Muslim Terrorist Prisoners at Guantanamo were BEHEADED?
I will be leaving town early tomorrow morning and won't be back until Thursday evening.  I just wonder how many noticed the passing of DECEMBER  7th with very little mention of Pearl Harbor?