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WEDNESDAY - November 12, 2014
Greetings once again from the Still Happy Very Cold Jingoistic Firearms Owners Of West Texas.
First of all, I would like to wish the United States Marine Corps  a Happy Birthday.  As most of you already know, November 10, 1775 was the actual birthday of the United States Marines.  I also hope that everyone stopped yesterday to remember that November 11th is Veteran's Day and I hope that everyone did the same as me in remembering all of the Military Veterans from our past and present.  I would like to include this quote: 
"We Marines are truly blessed.  We get to enjoy the sweet taste of freedom because we no its price.".. Corporal John Chipura - USMC.
Corporal Chipura was a survivor of the October 23, 1983 terrorist bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut Lebanon.   Chipura eventually became a police officer in New York City, and later a fireman for the NYFD.  He wrote the above lines for the 225th Marine Corps Birthday in 2000.   On September 11, 2001, John Chipura died in the service of his fellow Americans in Tower Two of the World Trade Center.
Like Bill O'Reilly always says (although he doesn't mean it),  "I am a simple man".    Well I am not going to try and convince you that  I am simple, although my needs are fairly simple.  But there are a few areas in which I would really appreciate a logical EXPLANATION about certain situations and actions.
#1 -  Since this present administration tries to blame the very rich for ALL of our problems and particularly the problems of the very poor, PLEAS  EXPLAIN to me how the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists  were all solidly behind the Kennedys.   I guess that  they are trying to tell us  that  someone who is not a member of their particular political party just cannot be honest OR have perhaps earned by hard work and common sense EARNED their wealth.   If you will take a look at the present Hollywood Actors/Actresses and perhaps many of our Professional Athletes who are definitely in the extreme wealthy category are for the biggest part.... Liberal/Progressive/Democrat/Socialist.  Just look at how many of them host giant fund raisers at occasionally $30,000 per plate with the world's most articulate and intelligent human in attendance.   I guess that what they are trying to tell us is that it is perfectly acceptable to be a RICH  DEMOCRAT, but definitely NOT to be a RICH REPUBLICAN.
#2 - How is it that President Barack Hussein Obama does everything within his purview  to  release  MUSLIM  TERRORISTS from Guantanamo BUT did not seem very concerned with an American Marine who was kept for almost 3/4 of a year behind bars in Mexico for failing to respond to a confusing road sign?  You cannot make me believe that Obama could not have called the President of Mexico ( who is also a pure turd) and  had Sgt. Tahmooressi released within 24 hours.   If he could not have done that, then any cooperation between the United States Government and the corrupt Government of Mexico should have ceased.  It is fairly obvious that either Barack Hussein Obama either is in agreement with the Muslim Terrorist groups OR he is afraid.  In either case, he would NOT be representing our Nation as he should.
#3 - Please explain to me how outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder can make blanket statements about conducting an investigation into the City of Ferguson, Missouri relating to, according to Holder "Problems Which Needed To Be Fixed",  BUT would not elaborate on these alleged problems as his investigation was "ONGOING".  Then explain to me what gives Bill O'Reilly the knowledge of these alleged "Problems" which made him AGREE  WITH  ERIC  HOLDER..... but only insofar as Ferguson, Missouri was concerned.  Then Mr. O'Reilly  made the blanket statement that the City of Ferguson could not handle the situation following the shooting of "The Gentle Giant".  When I looked up the population of Ferguson, Missouri, I found that their population is 21,000 people.
I just wonder if it ever dawned upon Mr. O'Reilly that a small city of 21,000 people probably does not have the resources to handle a major public demonstration of the magnitude of the one we saw in Ferguson.  Of course they were privileged to have all kinds of out of state special interest groups as well as many locals.   Then the Governor of the State of Missouri sent in his State Police and that Black Captain, I believe his name was Johnson, was immediately elevated to HERO status by the mainstream media AND  FOX  NEWS  AS  WELL.  But what experience does Bill O'Reilly have that gives him rise to make blanket statements.  It is my understanding that prior to being in the news broadcasting business, he was a school teacher.
#4 -  To go back to last Tuesday when the Democrats/Socialists got their collective asses handed to them in the Mid-Term Elections, please EXPLAIN to me just HOW OBAMA  FIGURES THAT  THIS WAS  NOT  A RESOUNDING  DEFEAT  FOR  HIS  POLITICAL PARTY.  How is it that with ALL of the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists and all of their hacks along with the mainstream media  preaching this Non-Existent  WAR  ON  WOMEN that many of the polls showed that the female vote was well over 50% in favor of the Republican Candidates.
#5 - Please EXPLAIN to me how voters in California can continue to keep people like Nancy Pelosi in office.  Please EXPLAIN to me after the past two days of hearing the MIT Professor and one of the alleged ARCHITECTS of the Affordable Health Care Act, talk about how the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists   LIED when crafting this Piece O' Crap  bill, how ANYONE  with  any common sense whatsoever support or vote for Democrat/Progressive/Socialist candidates in any election?
#5 - Finally, EXPLAIN, how can ANY Patriotic American support our continued membership and funding of the UNITED  NATIONS when at every turn we see them and many of us supporting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Amnesty International against the Israelis  and President Benjamin Netanyahu.  I think I read somewhere that at one time Iran was in charge of this idiotic body at the United Nations.  The UN is a joke and run by Varmints.
Tony Aguilar,    Mary Vigil,      Joe & Ruth Lucero,   Ted Salgado   -NM  -  Ella Dunlop,    Kaleigh Paige Hudgens,     Bobby Peiser,  Bob Wallman,  Maria Tupaz,  Bernice Murphy,      Don Faubion,   Judy Langham,     Liz Deguren,  Roger Tucker,   Charlotte Williams,   John Gallemore,   Zak Krejci,   Debra Blake,   Mary Denson,   Randy  Jones,      Don Weaver,        Roger Goertz,   Billy Williams,   Gerry Fincher,   Jerry Carpenter,   Steve  Mida,    - TX -  Sr. Delphine Grigas (98) - IL -   Paul & Debby Gula,  Mike Burkebak,   Alan Miller,    Debbie McKeown, Violet  Fermin,  Carlos Fernandez, Hamilton Anderson,  Arlene Anderson,   Kate Nolan  - FL -    L.T. Drennan - OK -     Lynn Jones - NE -   Warren Wetmore - IL -    Gladys Beasley, Barbara Urban - MD -   Charles Latham,  Rocky Leonard,    Bette Miller  - AZ -   Kate Powell,  Annise Kennedy,  Sam Wittstruck (17 yoa)  -  CA -     Pat  Holley,   Keith Chambers,   Nancy Chambers,   LANA Athey - CO -      Hal Whitmore - DE -   Herb Johnston - NY -     Lonnie Shoultz - AL   -   Perry Evans  - AR -   Jim Pinney,   James E. Brady III (2 yrs. old)  - OH  -     Josip & Lela  Slivar - ZAGREB, CROATIA -  Sister Clarice Carroll (83) - HAITI -  Rick Vizzier USNA74,      Steve Burich USNA74 -VA -  George Rimmer - WA,    RET. COL.  Pete Mekkelson -WVA    
GySgt. Daniel West,  MSgt. (Ret) Randy Morrow , CAPT. Michael Rice,  CAPT. Nick Francona, GySgt. James Walker, CAPT. George Zeigler,    CAPT.  Catherine Schmidt Fiancé of Capt. Zeigler)    SSgt. Matt Ross, Alex Boyd,  RCT Graydon J. Phillips,  * 1ST LT. Levi English,   GySgt. Eric Harmon,   Archer Abblitt,  Maj. Todd A. O'Brien,   MGySgt. '46 - 82 (Ret)  Harvey  Weigart - USMC   Kenneth Thomas -USCG    SSgt. Eric Grudziecke, A1 Elizabeth Chaffon,  Cody Barber, Col. Phil Samples, TSgt. Aaron Brown,   TSgt.  Rebecca Goodwin, 1st LT.  Mandie Yates - USAF -   Capt. Brian Kriss - TxANG -   Zachary Moore - US NAVAL ACADEMY -    Lt. William Jourdan,  CDR Robert McLay,  Lt. Tommy Brown, Lt. Russell Brown,     CAPT. Wayne Putnam (Ret),   E5 Matthew J. Blaker,    Ensign Ethan English,   CAPT. (RET) Charley Plumly - US NAVY -   Bud Barnett - USNA '74 -    SSgt. Mike Campagna - SPECIAL FORCES -   SSgt.Michael Strawn, Sgt. Logan McKinzie,  Capt. (Fr) Kevin Peek, Maj. Fred W. Tanner, Lt. Col. Robbie Ball,  SSgt. Travis McGowan,   Michael B. Hudgens,     Scott Hillyer,   Jeff Schoonover,  CWO2 Mitchell Wittstruck - US ARMY    -  CWO3  Tim Helton and the 1/230  Air Cav Squadron TNANG  -  All of the men and women presently serving in the United States Military
John Mallory - DEA -  Fr. Joseph M. Peek,  Gary and Cindy Hogman,   Ashtyn Wages and John Paul Tupaz and their families. 
"Had the Democrats retained control of the Senate, President Obama could have spent his   last two years in office loading the federal judiciary with judges who share his contempt for the Constitution of the United States."................ THOMAS  SOWELL
"The big question is whether the other branches of government -- Congress and the Supreme Court --  can stop him from doing irreparable damage to America in his last two years.  Seeing Obama as in incompetent and weak, lame duck president only makes that task harder."........ THOMAS  SOWELL
"It is better to live one day as a Leopard than 100 days as a Raven.".... ZULU PROVERB
"An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!.... Sir, we are not weak if we make  a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power....  Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone.   There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us....   Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of the chains of slavery?  Forbid it, Almighty God.  I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death."..... PATRICK  HENRY
Barack Hussein Obama,    Michelle Obama,   George Soros,    Joe Biden,   Louis Farrakhan,   Debbie Wasserman Schultz  DNC  Chairperson,   Leon Panetta,       Supreme Court Justices - Ruth Bader Ginsberg,  Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, AND John Roberts,      Eric Holder,   John McCain R-AZ,   Valerie Jarrett,   Nancy Pelosi,  Harry Reid,  Diane Feinstein,   Barbara Boxer,   Lanny Davis,   Hillary Clinton,   Bill Clinton,   Chuck Schumer,       David Axelrod,  Rahm Emanuel,   Ezekiel Emanuel,   Kathleen Sebelius,   Bill Richardson,   Jay Carney,    Susan Rice,    Rep. Keith Ellison D-MN,    Former Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano,      COLIN  POWELL ,   Michael Moore,      John Kerry,   Lindsey Graham,   Former President Jimmy Carter.   Al Gore,      Chuck Hagel,    Dick Durbin,   Andrew Cuomo,  Chris Christie R-NJ ,   Michael Bloomberg,   Sheila Jackson Lee D-TX,     Susan Collins R-ME,   Patrick Leahy,     Jeff Flake R-AZ,    Eddie Bernice Johnson D-TX,   John Boehner R-OH,    John Cornyn R-TX,   Mitch McConnell R-KY,  Mike Huckabee R-AR,   Lisa Murkowski R-AK,      Robert Menendez NJ,   Al Franken MN,   Claire McCaskill (D-MO),   Patty Murray WA,   Henry Waxman CA,   Linda Sanchez CA,   Maxine Waters CA,       State Senator Wendy Davis D-TX,   Elijah Cummings D-MD,   NY Mayor Bill de Blasio,   Lois Lerner,   Michael Morrell,   Tommy Vietor (National Security Council Spokesman),  Karl Rove,    Rep. Ann  Kuster D-NH,   Jen Psaki (State Department),   Josh Earnest,   Marie Harf(State Department),   Jerrold Nadler (D-NY),   Rep.  Jared Polis (D-CO),    Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO),   Orin Hatch (R-UT),   John Koskinen (IRS COMMISSIONER),   Jeh Johnson (Homeland Security Secretary),   Elizabeth Warren (D-MA),   Deval Patrick (D-MA),   Charlie Crist (D-FL),   Jerry Brown (D-CA),    John Lewis (D-GA),   Michelle Nunn (D-GA),   Jay Nixon (D-MO-Gov.),   Mary Landrieu (D-LA),   Julia Pierson
MSNBC,    ACLU,   Congressional Black Caucus,   NAACP,    UNITED   NATIONS,     Jane Fonda,   LA RAZA,   MOVEON.ORG,      PETA,   CAIR,     BOB  COSTAS (NBC),   ESPN,     The NFL,   CNN,  The Environmental Protection Agency,    Al  Jazeera America,      Republican National Committee (RNC),     NBC,   CBS,   CNBC,  ABC,  BUREAU OF  LAND  MANAGEMENT, Department of Education,  Department of Energy,  Tom Steyer (Progressive Billionaire Opposing Keystone Pipeline),   NBA,  NHL,  NOW (National Organization Of Women),   Patricia Ireland,    Jesse Ventura,  Geraldo Rivera FOX News,   Juan Williams FOX News,  Bob Beckel FOX News,   The Washington Redskins Football Team,    James Brown (CBS -NFL Pre-Game).  CDC (Center for Disease Control),    Amnesty International 
A couple of times this week I was able to watch "A Football Life".   It was the story of NFL Hall Of Famer and Heisman Trophy Winner Earl Campbell.   I feel really fortunate to have been living in Texas and Eastern New Mexico when Earl Campbell was playing for The Texas Longhorns in college and The Houston Oilers in the NFL. Of course after Campbell retired from football he ended up being diagnosed with a hereditary spinal condition which had him in a wheel chair for a good while.  They had interviews with Earl and his family and some of his previous coaches.  I feel really fortunate to have been able to see all of the really great running backs in the NFL.  And of course I had always ranked Jim Brown (Syracuse and Cleveland Browns) as the best all round running back EVER.  But I can tell you that Earl Campbell is right up there with him.  The program is on the NFL Channel and it is really sad to see an unbelievable athlete of Earl Campbell's ability have to use a cane or a walker in order to walk.  One of the really unusual things in this program was that Earl said that when he was in High School at John Tyler High in Tyler, Texas, he actually wanted to play strictly defense and he said that he wanted to be the next Dick Butkus.  I would imagine that he could have also been an All American and All Pro in that position.  Anyway,  if you have the NFL Channel and get a chance to watch this program, do so.  It is quite a story.
A couple of days back I turned on the television set and got in at the very beginning of the movie, IVANHOE.   It is one of my all time favorite period movies and had a great cast.  Then in one scene Elizabeth Taylor who was fairly young back in 1952 and I am not sure that I have EVER  seen a woman as beautiful as Elizabeth Taylor was in that movie.   The only other one whom I place at that same level was Hedy Lamarr in Samson and Delilah which was filmed in 1949.   These butt sprung ultra skinny Hollywood broads of today shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence as these two BEAUTIES from the late 40's and early 50's
Well I guess I had better go now and do my part on the "War On Women" that Conservative Republicans are accused of.   Also I once again would like to send my thanks to ALL of the men and women from ALL branches of the U.S. Military.  I saw that in once program which was supposedly put on for the Veterans that featured on the program were EMINEM and "The Boss"  BRUCE  SPRINGSTEEN.   I am not quite sure of who Springsteen is the "Boss" of but it damn sure ain't me.   I think both of these idiots should be beaten to the ground.  AND, to really make it great, they both sang some Anti-War Songs.  The news report said that they were sponsored by STARBUCK'S.... which I think serves the lousiest overpriced coffee and I will make a concerted effort to NEVER enter one again.