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WEDNESDAY - November 2, 2016
Hello once more from the West Texas Branch Of Jingoistic Xenophobic Right Wing Conspiratorial Non Believers In Manmade Global Warming.
Well it looks as if perhaps Hillary's  E-Mail transgressions are about to come back to bite her on the backside........... FINALLY.  And it also seems apparent that  Hillary's right hand assistant, Huma Abedin's  estranged hubby, Anthony Weiner, is about ready to do something right for a change.  It should be a whole new experience for that boob also.  AND keep in mind that he will more than likely NOT be doing it for patriotic reasons.  He will more than likely be doing it to save his own ass.... which tells me that he is a bit more intelligent than I had originally thought.

I really am anxious to  find out just exactly what kind of information that the F.B.I. Investigators will find on the laptop which was given them by Anthony Weiner.  Of course it might be a long time before any of us find out with any degree of accuracy just exactly  what the content is, but I have a feeling that it will not only involve Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin, but some other major players to boot.

It is also appearing as if Barack Hussein Obama is ready to feed them all to the wolves to save his own sorry rear.

BUT, what really strikes me as a bit humorous is that all of the Clinton flunkies are  blaming her e-mails being divulged on "The Russians."   AND,  I saw one video clip in which  Clinton flunky James Carville blames it on the KGB.   Of course the KGB is a non-existent entity at present since that band of pirates has undergone a couple of name changes since the time that Vladimir Putin was an old KGB thug.   I believe that the initials KGB  were the Russian initials for Committee For State Security.   And I believe that under Boris Yeltsin, the initials were changed to the FSK which were the Russian initials for Counter Terrorism Service or something of that nature.  And the  unit then changed to the FSB which  stands for Federal Security Service.   Of course perhaps the initials have changed again but the players and their methods are still relatively identical.  But since when did the truth or accuracy become important to James Carville?

But here is what I don't understand...... If it was the Russians who outed Hillary's  e-mails,  the e-mails still existed and if there was nothing which could cause Hillary any problems,  then WHY did she destroy so damn many of them?

And after thinking about this whole affair for a bit, I finally decided that I didn't give a damn if the Klingons or the Romulans were the ones who made Hillary's e-mails public.... they did it at the right time. 

Don't expect this investigation to end prior to the election or even shortly thereafter as it will take months to really get to the bottom of the whole mess but it sure appears that many of Hillary's supporters are bailing out in fairly large numbers.  AND, if the F.B.I. investigation starts turning up some really damning evidence on her, it will be a source of entertainment to watch how Barack Hussein Obama forgets how to spell her name.  AND, I did hear and read several reports that Anthony Weiner voluntarily turned over his computer to the F.B.I. Agents which makes a search warrant unnecessary.
ALSO, I heard several reports that the E-Mails  now being scrutinized from Anthony Weiner's computer are not necessarily covering the same items as Hillary's earlier suspected confidential E-Mails.  According to several reports, these new E-Mails are allegedly showing that Hillary Clinton was selling favors to foreign governments in exchange for those governments making contributions to The Bill,  Hillary,  and  Chelsea Clinton Foundation.  Also there have been numerous reports that only about 6% of the Clinton Foundation Funds go to help charitable causes..... Let's see now, that would mean that about 94% then would be used for something else.  Wonder what that could be?

In short, professional politicians are for the large part a king size pain in the ass and the great majority of them think only of their own re-election rather than  doing the job for which they were elected.  I know there are a few exceptions but for the biggest part I would like to replace them all.

BUT, until then.... be sure and keep your eyes peeled in all directions  because according to James Carville..... THE  RUSSIANS  ARE  COMING!!!!!
For  a number of years I was the guy in charge of the voting locations during the primary and general elections.  Of course in the primary elections I was in charge of the Republican locations and during the general elections I was in charge of the entire polling station since our precinct is way majority Republican.  During those elections I learned a bunch about the various rules which govern a polling station and prior to each election I had to go downtown to the County Clerk's office and go through training and  learn of all the changes that took place.
During a couple of those elections, our polling station left something to be desires insofar as convenience for the poll workers AND the voting public.  But most people tried to be understanding and in all it was a good experience.   During one of the general elections, one of the ladies from the main office came to our polling station and found a George Bush sign which she thought was too close to the polling station entrance so she pulled the sign up and put it inside the building facing the wall.  I did not see exactly where she had put it and it was out of sight....... AH, but a Democrat Poll Watcher came to check on our station and somehow managed to find the sign, which as I say was upside down, facing a wall in a small area which could not be seen from our voting machines and registration tables.

Anyway, this woman came up and was boiling mad and asked who was in charge and I told her that I was and of course I had on a name tag which boldly showed my name.  She started in on the wrong foot and got up in my face and said,  "What's Your Name?"    I pointed at my name tag and didn't say a word.  Then she asked me for my telephone number and I had reached my point of having enough of her and I told her that I was not going to give her my phone number.  And she was fairly foaming at the mouth when she told me about the sign and I had her show it to me and immediately took it and put it in a closet.

Then at this point she screamed at me that she was going to report me to election headquarters.  There was a pretty good crowd of people along with the other poll workers and everybody was just staring at her and could not believe their eyes or ears.  At this point I  told her that she obviously had me confused me with someone who gave a shit about what she was going to do and she turned and stormed out the door.  Everyone who was in the polling station, workers and voters broke out in laughter and told me that I had responded to this crazy heifer like they would like to themselves.
Now let us talk about the voting machines.   Of course there are the electronic machines which take a little help for some folks but they are fairly simple to understand.  Then there were the paper ballots which could be filled out at certain stations.  I heard many people tell me that they didn't trust the electronic machines but felt comfortable with the paper ballots.  I just said that was fine that everyone could make their own choice.  I don't guess that it ever dawned upon them that after they filled out their paper ballot they fed it into another type of electronic machine which counted the ballot and produced a tape just like the electronic machines did.  So, in reality,  everyone's vote was electronically counted.  I thought it strange that lots of folks didn't see that.

This past week end I talked to several people from another part of our state who had voted early and had personally witnessed several people who voted electronically.  Some voted  in each individual race and some voted the straight Republican ticket.  I talked to several people who said that while at their early voting location that their vote for  the President,  and all of them voted for Trump,  was not counted when they were finished voting and the machine shows you the results before you push the red VOTE button.  They told me that the Trump vote was the only one that did not show up on the review.

So, perhaps some of the things we have been hearing about voting machine irregularities are not as far fetched as many had thought.  We will not go early vote  but will vote at our precinct voting station and it is ALL electronic voting with NO paper ballots and I am anxious to see what happens after I and my wife cast our Presidential vote for "The Donald."
Also, let us not forget that in many states there are other elected offices up for grabs.   We must not only try our best to see that Hillary Clinton is NOT elected as President of the United States but in those other states the voters need to make sure that a Democrat/Progressive/Socialist does NOT replace a Republican.  I will still contend that this next President will be able to appoint at least two and possibly three Supreme Court Justices and we certainly cannot afford to have the court become any more liberal than at present. 
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An article in one of the newspapers reported that over last weekend,  17 persons were killed and over 40 injured in street violence incidents.   HEY!   Doesn't Chicago have some of the most restrictive firearms regulations in the nation?   And isn't Chicago the home city of Barack Hussein Obama and Michelle Obama?   And isn't former Obama White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel the Mayor of Chicago?   I guess somewhere, someone forgot to tell the Chicago street thugs about their city's strict firearms laws.  Probably THE  RUSSIANS are behind all this violence.
In Philadelphia last week a black female by the name of Sevyn Streeter was slated to sing the National Anthem at the beginning of a Philadelphia 76er basketball game.  However, Ms. Streeter showed up to sing the National Anthem wearing a Tank Top with "WE  MATTER" printed on it.   The Philadelphia 76er's organization prohibited Ms.  Streeter from performing the National Anthem.   AH, but afterward the players on the Philadelphia 76er basketball team were going to have a meeting to decide whether or not they were going to protest the actions of the team of preventing Ms. Streeter from performing..... more than likely butchering.. the National Anthem.
I am beginning to wonder when these professional sports franchises and the owners of same along with the league front offices will begin to show some guts and prohibit  all these political statements made at these events.  I can assure you that in the NHL in Canada when the Canadian National Anthem is played,  none of the Canadian hockey team members show their collective asses as do the NFL players.  As a matter of fact the fans and many of the players join in singing O' Canada and I think that is pretty cool.

I am just trying to think of any other profession that one could choose where the head of that organization does not put certain rules in place which must be followed if you wish to keep your job.  I have worked any number of places that had procedures which were mandatory or you could hit the road.  AND, I was not getting paid anywhere the salary of even the lowest paid NFL, NBA, NHL or MLB player.

I watched a program reviewing the life of former Chicago Bears owner George Halas and from everything I have ever heard or read about Mr. Halas, the only player who ever even argued with him with any success was Hall of Fame defensive end Doug Atkins  and he eventually got traded to New Orleans.  I also saw a program on Reggie Jackson who was one of the all time great Yankee hitters and he did something halfway and Billy Martin benched him in the middle of a game.  How many players did you ever hear of getting up in the face of Vince Lombardi or Tom Landry or Bill Parcels or even Bill Belichick?   Belichick is one of the main reasons I became a Patriots fan years ago.

Anyway, it was good to see the Philadelphia NBA franchise do the right thing for a change..... Just don't let the RUSSIANS know what you did.
I heard yesterday that one of the ObamaCare policies in, I believe Arizona had the premiums increase from a little over $100 per month to over $500 per month and the deductible increase to $5,200 per person.  Didn't Barack Hussein Obama himself tell the American people that insurance rates would go down?  Seems as if Barack has a bit of a problem with his arithmetic.
I had a great weekend at a reunion in Fredericksburg sponsored by the Houston Police Retired Officer's Association of which I am an associate member.  I got to see some old friends, many of whom I worked with in the 1950s and 1960s.  The food was great but the visiting with old friends was what really made my week end.  And many of those old friends and former partners are scattered all over the State of Texas.  Some still live in the Gulf Coast area but some have moved to the Texas Hill Country, which is my favorite part of the state.  I spent Saturday night with one of my best friends from Houston who had recently purchased a beautiful home just West of Fredericksburg.

And, of course, having been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, I am supposed to stay away from  sugar and high carbohydrate foods.   I really do try to watch my bad carbohydrate  consumption but when you see a Kolache Shop in an old German community,  the temptation is just too strong.  I had every intention of passing the Kolache Shop by BUT  I  DIDN'T.   My Mother-In-Law was a Polish lady who was one of the best cooks on the planet and when my wife and I would go to their farm in Bremond, Texas, she would make sure she had some home made Kolaches for us.  She made all different flavors BUT her home made dewberry Kolaches were the absolute best.   I liked them all even the poppy seed Kolaches which don't sound all that good but were delicious.  If you do not know what a Kolache is, you need to look it up on the Internet.  It is a favorite dessert among German, Polish, Czech, Yugoslav and Croatian people.

But being true to my diet, I only ate SIX.... 2 Blueberry,  2 Peach, and 2 Apple.    The RUSSIANS  MADE ME DO IT! 
** You may have noticed that all politicians have been removed from the Good Guy List.  Sheriff David Clarke is the only exception.