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WEDNESDAY - October 26, 2016
Greetings from the Association Of Jingoistic Fossil Fuel Burning Man Made Global Warmers Of West Texas.
As you may have noticed over the past few weeks/months/years  that I have developed a pretty strong tendency in finding fault in Liberals/Progressives/Democrats/Socialists  in general and those with the aforementioned tendencies in our federal government in particular.   And I must confess that finding and pointing out those folks whom I believe have wrong thoughts and actions is really quite easy.  It is much tougher to find those who are doing and thinking what is right.   BUT,  this week, a friend of mine whom I have only known for the past 13 years  gave me a copy of a paper done as a school English assignment by his 17 year old Grandson.  What this paper says is not surprising in the least to me as I know this young man's Grandfather and Grandmother and know them to be really good, Christian people.  The Grandfather was an athlete in high school and in college and went into the coaching profession and coached football and basketball at a number of Texas High Schools.   I would like to share with all of you some of the thoughts of this young 17 year old Texas High School student.
The  paper is titled:  GUNS  FOR  THE  PEOPLE.
"As the upcoming election draws to an end, gun laws and rights are a very hot topic between the two parties.   Some believe that guns are very dangerous and those who have them intend to spread violence with them,  which is not true for every gun owner in America.  Most people who pass a background check should be allowed to carry a firearm, because in the right hands, a gun is a useful tool,  defense weapon, and item of great value and history.............. Killing wild game and consuming it the same day is much more inexpensive, and also healthier to eat than processed foods you can go out and buy.  This is one of the many useful ways guns have been used for hundreds of years and are still used today..........  Saying that restricting firearms to all sounds like a great plan, but so does restricting illegal drugs, which as everyone knows are still very easy to obtain from bad people who distribute them.  The same thing happens when you put restriction on guns.....Let's say that a new law is passed making all guns illegal.  All of the law abiding, good people who follow this restriction will have no firearms at all.   While many will follow this law, there are plenty who will be able to obtain  guns illegally...... If they are willing to illegally obtain these guns, then they won't hesitate to do illegal and harmful things wit them, leaving the good, law abiding citizens completely defenseless........... Besides using guns as tools and defense weapons, there is a huge industry of buying,  selling, and trading guns because of their value and history, almost like old cars.  If you go to any gun show, it's mainly older men, selling and trading old historic guns.  These guns don't have high capacity magazines and aren't the same guns you hear about on the news.  Believe it or not, there are thousands of other guns out there besides an 'AR-15'  or an 'AK-47'.  So  many people have certain guns in their possession that they would never even think about selling or trading.   Whether it be a great shooting gun that they love, or a gun that their grandfather owned and used for years and this is how they remember him, all of them don't have a price value for an important reason.  Guns are a lot like cars.  You have the everyday basic, new cars that everyone has, and then you have the old, original '57 Chevy that is full of history and a rare sight to see in working condition.  The same thing applies to guns....... Guns impact many individuals in a positive way every single day.  In the right hands, guns can be a great thing and promote safety and responsibility, which everyone needs all throughout their entire lives.    Having restrictions placed on guns would only make the country more corrupt, so doing our best to filter out the people with bad intentions, every American who passes a background check should be able to own and use a firearm, just as it states in the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution."
Isn't it strange that a 17 year old high school student seems to have a better grasp of the firearms question and the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, than do the vast majority of left wing, anti-gun, fanatics in the Democrat/Progressive/Socialist  Party?  In the present times, I believe it took great courage for this young man to take such a  stand on the firearms issue.  AND, trust me when I tell you that he learned these values in his home and from his family over learning them in our present public education system.  And to me, this is what is missing for a large portion of today's young people.  But I am equally sure that there are many who have the same values as my friend's Grandson.  Oh, I almost forgot.... this English instructor is anti-gun so my level of respect for this young man is even higher than I originally thought.
Horrifying - to cause to feel horror;   to shock or disgust
In the last so called DEBATE, Donald Trump was asked a question by FOX News Moderator Chris Wallace if he would accept the results of the election in November.  Donald Trump answer was something like, I will have to wait and see, or words similar to that.
Hillary Clinton made the statement that  Trumps answer was HORRIFYING.  I also heard a couple of radio and TV personalities state that they were HORRIFIED by Trump's answer to that question.
All I can say is that if  Hillary and the various news mutts were actually HORRIFIED by "The Donald's" answer then none of them need to ever be allowed out alone in public much less hold the office of President of the United States.  I see stuff every day that is way worse than Trump's answer and while a great deal of it really pisses me off,  I am not HORRIFIED by hearing or seeing it.  Now here is a woman who says that she has the experience and strength of be trusted with the Nuclear Code but who is HORRIFIED by Donald Trump's... "I'll have to wait and see"  answer.
If you will remember that when George W. Bush was President,  the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists/Marxists told us on one hand that George W. Bush  had the I.Q. of mildew and couldn't string four words together that made sense... but yet..... was smart enough to mastermind all kinds of plots and create world situations which were ultra-dangerous to the American people...... SORRY!   You can't have it both ways.
In one breath they are trying to make us believe that Hillary is the most qualified human ever to be considered for the office of President of the United States with strength enough to handle world affairs..... BUT YET.... is HORRIFIED by a fairly unobtrusive answer by Donald Trump to, in reality, a MEANINGLESS  QUESTION.
BUT I will tell you what is HORRIFYING... and that is the thought of this criminal female who not only lies at every turn, but tells lies that get Americans KILLED, being elected to the office of President of the United States.  AND what is even MORE HORRIFYING is the thought of this lyin'  criminal  squack being in a position to appoint more than likely 2 or 3 Supreme Court Justices.

Is Donald Trump my idea of a first choice for President?  Hell No!  BUT  do I choose him over Hillary Clinton?   Hell Yes!
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"Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself.  They are the American people's  liberty teeth and keystone under independence.... From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to insure peace, security and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable... the very atmosphere of firearms everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that is good."... .......................GEORGE WASHINGTON
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A few days back one of the sports channels showed a program on the old Los Angeles Rams defensive line... "The Fearsome Foursome."  I believe that this was the first time that a specific nickname had been applied to a defensive line.  I know that the Notre Dame backfield back in Rockne days had "The Four Horsemen" which was a name given them by sports announcer Grantland Rice.   But for those of you who do not remember the Fearsome Foursome they were:  (Rt. DE) - Lamar Lundy - Purdue; (Rt. DT) Roosevelt Grier - Penn State;  (L DT)  Merlin Olsen - Utah State;  and (L-DE) David (DEACON) Jones -Miss. Valley State.   Of course the program had lots of film on them and I cannot think of a single defensive line in any era that could compare with these four players.  And actually the member who received the least amount of press coverage of the four might have been the best athlete of them all and that was Defensive End, Lamar Lundy.   Lamar Lundy was huge for that time, standing 6'7" and they gave his weight at 270 pounds.  Of course Deacon Jones was known as the pass rusher but Lamar Lundy was mainly known for stopping the run and he was exceptional.  When Lundy first began his NFL career he was an offensive tight end.  Then he switched to defense and found a home.  All of the living players  gave Lamar Lundy lots of credit for his play.   His senior year at Purdue he was the MVP for their football team AND the MVP for the Purdue Basketball team.  Lundy became very ill at about age 35 and the program said that he suffered from prostate cancer;  diabetes; and heart problems.  He had to live his final years with his son.  BUT all of the remaining players helped him out with medical bills and had nothing but praise for him.  I think that Roosevelt Grier is the only one of these amazing athletes who is still living.   Deacon Jones was the one who invented the term "sacking the quarterback".   Funny thing is I don't ever remember any of them refusing to stand for our National Anthem.   I realize that today's athletes are better trained and as a whole larger and faster but if you ever get a chance to watch the film of these four guys in action I believe that you will agree that they could have played and excelled in any era.
In an earlier article in the (Sub) Standard Times, I caught the headline.... NCAA ACCUSES  LOUISVILLE, PITINO  OF VIOLATIONS
I have watched Louisville's football team play a couple of games this year and in their quarterback, Lamar Jackson, seems to be the odds on favorite to win the Heisman Trophy.   And he is certainly ahead of most others on my list also but with that being said, I must admit that I have little or no use for their head coach, Rick Pitino.  I am not completely sure of all of which he is being accused in the latest allegations but my negative opinion of Rick Pitino goes back a number of years when he was the Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons.   At that time,  his starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons was Michael Vick who had just been arrested in the famous "Dog Fighting" incident for which Michael Vick received a felony conviction and some jail time and a suspension from the NFL.

And, Rick Pitino leaving the job as Head Coach for the Atlanta Falcons did not bother me all that much.  What did bother me though was that Pitino had already been hired as the Head Coach for the Arkansas Razorback  but called a meeting of his Atlanta Falcons players and told them that he would stick with them through thick and thin and that he would be back as their head coach for the upcoming season.  WHICH   WAS  A  BALD  FACE  LIE.
Pitino leaving to search for another job was not that big of a deal BUT  LYING to his Falcons players pretty well showed me that his character  was a bit questionable. Within a few years he was relieved of his head coaching duties at Arkansas and a few years later ended up at the University of Louisville.  Now while he might be a very good head coach insofar as the X's and O's are concerned,  his character is still a bit flawed in my opinion.  Of course in typical Pitino fashion he denied any knowledge of the wrongdoings of someone on his staff.  Pitino said that he was just too trusting of others.    Funny,  seems like the Atlanta Falcons players and owners trusted Pitino several years back also.
I did not watch the Megyn Kelly interview with Newt Gingrich last evening but I did see a replay of the interview.  And I guess it just depends upon an individual's personal likes and dislikes about who won the argument and who was right in their assumptions.
Since my personal thoughts and views are no big secret, I simply do not trust Megyn Kelly to be either "Fair" or "Balanced" and I am reasonably sure that she dislikes Donald Trump for his getting on her case in the first so called Republican Debate.   I do not trust Ms. Kelly and certainly do not believe that she is  fair with people whom she does not like.... and she obviously does not like Donald Trump.  I did watch a film on her rise to fame on the FOX News channel and learned that her Idol was Oprah Winfrey......... 'NUFF   SAID.
Another article in the (Sub) Standard Times tells the story of a local guy who attempted to sell some stolen property on Facebook.  Officers went to the residence of the seller with a search warrant and recovered a number of items which had been stolen in a local burglary.  The burglary victims recognized their stolen property in the Facebook advertisement and notified the Police Department.   How stupid do you have to be to advertise items you have stolen on Facebook?
** You may have noticed that all politicians have been removed from the Good Guy List.  Sheriff David Clarke is the only exception.