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WEDNESDAY - October 1, 2014
Greetings from The West Texas Association Of Fossil Fuel Burning Jingoistic SUV Driving Believers In Profiling.
I am pretty sure that most if not all of you are happy to see Eric Holder resign as Attorney General of the United States.   Of course I have every confidence that the world's most articulate and intelligent human will promptly find a replacement who is equally incompetent at the job as was Eric Holder.  I think I will go out on a limb and predict that Holder's replacement will get us all just as pissed as did good ol' Eric.  AH, but Eric, although on his way out, is attempting to pull off another idiotic policy which will make American citizens even more unsafe than they are at present.

As I understand it, Eric Holder is attempting to instigate a policy which will PREVENT  FEDERAL  LAW  ENFORCEMENT  OFFICERS FROM  DOING ANY SURVEILLANCE ON ANY  MOSQUE  EVEN  IN  MATTERS   OF   NATIONAL  SECURITY.  Of course this, at least at present, would be for Federal Law Enforcement only, but don't  lose sight that many jurisdictions have complete incompetent idiots at the helm who will all jump at the opportunity to act as idiotically as some federal slug.  AND, don't lose sight of the fact that many acts of terrorism can be traced back at least in the planning stages to various Mosques.
This is just another case of the Obama Administration attempting to disallow PROFILING of any type at any level.  These vermin just cannot stand to admit that something which has worked for years just doesn't fit their idea of POLITICAL  CORRECTNESS.
Now I am not for a moment advocating stopping everyone of a certain race and questioning them.  BUT, if you have information that a certain crime either has been committed OR is planning on being committed by a black male or a group of black males, then doesn't it sort of make sense to place a closer watch on black males than it would be to watch Asian Children?   Criminal Profiling has worked for years and I have had several opportunities to work some cases in which the Behavioral Science section of the F.B.I. were also involved and those people were absolutely scary accurate in identifying potential offenders in those cases.  Additionally I have been privileged to attend at least 5 training sessions of at least one week in length which dealt largely with Criminal Profiling.
BUT, if you choose to follow the Obama/Holder/De Blasio/Bloomberg/Brown/Pelosi/Reid theories of Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice then you and I will be on opposite sides of the fence..... probably FOREVER.

AND, it will be rather interesting to see how much money this Holder mutt gets for his speaking engagements AND later on his probable nomination for Supreme Court Justice.  It's like we need another Obama appointee to that group.  And of course I am pretty sure that Holder will leave and the new Obama Nominee will be brought before the Senate for a vote prior to the possible new Senators being sworn in in 2015.   I am pretty confident that the timing  of Obama's nomination for the job will depend upon the results of the November Senatorial elections.
Let us all hope that the Republican Party takes control of the Senate back from Harry Reid and his band of merry men. AND don't get the idea that I support all of the Republican Senators but the Republican Party needs to take back control of the Senate.... AND  DAMN  SOON.
Once again we have an incident where two ladies at work were attacked, one of them fatally as well as being beheaded, by a man who had converted to Islam;   who had attempted to convert co-workers to Islam;   who had a Face book page with Muslim preaching;  and   was shouting out Muslim slogans while doing this stabbing and beheading.
Of course since this took place in Oklahoma and the Oklahoma State Authorities have filed First Degree Murder charges, which can and more than likely will carry the death penalty.  So this turd can only die once, regardless of what for.   BUT, of course at present the Obama Administration's  Justice Department is looking on this as just another case of WORKPLACE  VIOLENCE.

BUT, I guess if you can call Nadal Hasan's shooting at Ft. Hood, Texas, where this TERRORIST shot and killed THIRTEEN and wounded THIRTY  TWO, all the time shouting Muslim phrases, WORKPLACE  VIOLENCE, then just about anything fits into that category.  Hmmm.   Wonder why the TERRORISTS who flew the two airplanes into the Twin Towers were not classified as committing WORKPLACE  VIOLENCE?   Other than the passengers on the aircraft, most of those who perished on that day were at work.   And I am sure that many who were killed on that same day at the Pentagon were also at work.  And, of course the aircraft which crashed into a field in Pennsylvania had a crew who were all at work.  BUT, none of those TERRORIST  attacks were classified as WORKPLACE  VIOLENCE.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot that during those attacks, old stupid George Bush was our President but for some reason showed more intelligence than any of these incompetents in the present administration.
Wonder why they have absolutely NO  PROBLEM  with trying to hang a HATE  CRIME on ANY Caucasian who happens to have a conflict,  criminal in nature or not?   Surely you don't think that the world's most articulate and intelligent human along with his comical sidekick Eric let racial issues enter into their decision making process do you?   HEY!  I wonder if they will be able to re-open the "Little Trayvon Martin" boondoggle all over again?  Perhaps they need to check with Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson.   I just got a thought.  Perhaps  we could do a re-make of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs but use real people.   With the female lead being played by Michelle Obama;   the Wicked Witch of course being played by Hillary Clinton;   and the seven dwarfs would be:  1)  Lyin' Barry  2)  Incompetent Eric  3) Wimpy Harry  4)  Goofy Nancy 5) Lyin' Ass Susan 6)  Ugly Valerie  7) Butt Ugly  Lois.... (They might not be dwarfs but they all tell lies with the same level of vigor).
These people have taken our Constitutional Government AND  with help from some really lame Republicans along with Democrats who deserve to be impeached, and completely made our country a laughing stock to the rest of the world.   When England and France start to exhibit more leadership than the United States then something is seriously  wrong  with the world.

God help us if the Democrats retain control of the Senate and Hillary gets elected as President.
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Earlier today I listened to a news report which said that the FIRST  CASE  OF  EBOLA had been discovered in the Dallas, Texas area and the person is in the hospital in critical condition.  This individual had recently returned from Liberia where he evidently was exposed.  Then another article stated that there were at least 10,000 people from Liberia who are now living in North Texas.
Now we have been told that this horrible disease CAN  ONLY  BE  TRANSMITTED  BY  BODILY FLUIDS.   Then why were two Americans stricken with this virus working around a medical facility in Africa and allegedly wore protective clothing including body suits;  foot coverings;   gloves;   head coverings;   and face coverings, yet still came down with the virus?  But now we  have our very own initial case.  When and where does it end?  Wonder how our men and women in the U.S. Military feel about being sent in to areas in Africa where this virus evidently is responsible for something like 52%  of ALL  EBOLA  CASES?
Now I realize that the Obama Administration has absolutely NO  INTEREST  WHATSOEVER in diminishing  refugees/immigrants from anywhere in the world, but doesn't it make sense to NOT  ADMIT  people from an area which is responsible for 52% of the known cases of EBOLA?  Does to me.
You already know exactly what place in my estimation Attorney General Eric Holder occupies.   You also know my feelings about damn near all of Obama's appointees.  But this week brought forth a brand new VARMINT.  And that would be JULIA  PIERSON who is the current Director of the Secret Service.  I won't even bother about going into all the screw ups which have occurred recently regarding the Secret Service and some of their foul ups.  BUT I did get to watch a few minutes of JULIA  PIERSON testifying before a committee and it didn't take very long to place her right in the heart of incompetent bureaucrats in this criminal administration.   This woman has the personality of a sloth.  I read somewhere that slugs pour salt on her.  This woman bears a remarkable resemblance to "Jabba The Hut" (Janet Napolitano).   I would be absolutely ashamed to admit that I had appointed this obviously incompetent female to a high position as the Director of the Secret Service.
In my 45 years in law enforcement, I had at least 5 occasions on which I worked on some fairly major cases with the U.S. Secret Service.  Damn near all of the Agents with whom I had contact had previously been with some City, County, or State Law Enforcement Agency.   I never worked with a single one who was not very knowledgeable about his duties and my experience with them was very good.  The same held true with cases worked with Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Some of my very best friends in law enforcement were with various federal agencies.  And I had many opportunities to work cases with the BNDD (Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous  Drugs, now the DEA) and the ATF (Now the BATF I think) and always had really good relationships with them.

But there seems to be a different set of rules and behavior which have become acceptable in the Obama Administration.

They can write all the crap they want to about J. Edgar Hoover, and if even some of it is true, the guys whom I know who worked for The Bureau when Mr. Hoover was their head have nothing by my respect.   Several years ago I attended a funeral for a retired F.B.I. Agent and got to meet a bunch of those Hoover guys and had a great visit with them after the services.  As a matter of fact, I had breakfast this morning with a retired F.B.I.  Agent who celebrated I believe either his 94th or 95th birthday earlier this year.   His body is failing but his mind and wit are still ahead of most.
Oh, before I forget it, SHAME on the Intelligence Units (Military and otherwise) for keeping secret from the world's most intelligent and  articulate human the facts of the level of danger posed by ISIS/ISIL.   Of course perhaps this information was transmitted at one of the 60% of intelligence briefings  which conflicted with one of Obama's golf games or girl bike rides.