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WEDNESDAY - September 24, 2014
Hello once again from the West Texas Jingoistic Firearms Owning SUV Driving Believers In Profiling.
Back in about 1987 we owned a small strip of self storage units in New Mexico.  When I purchased the units from the original owner he told me about the occupant of one of the units and told me that he spent a lot of time out of the country as he worked for the federal government and would occasionally fall as much as six months behind in his rent but not to worry just keep sending the monthly bills and when he got back he would catch up and even pay six or eight months in advance.   So I handled it like this and sure enough it was as I had been told.  Then one day I went over to the units and met the gentleman in question and we really hit it off well.   We left the units and went to a coffee shop and had a good visit.

While there I learned that he indeed work for the federal government.  When I began to ask questions about which branch he kind of hesitated and said that he was sort of an advisor  in the agriculture field.   He had recently returned from a small West African country,  I don't recall which one and the name has probably changed anyway.  He said that  he and his wife had lived in this African country for a little over a year and the only people there who spoke fluent English was his Russian "Counterpart", was how he put it.  So I began to suspect who he was really connected with.

Anyway, he said that the natives there with whom they worked were not very bright and they would be teaching them how to plough a straight row with a tractor and the natives would do fine up until they got near the forest and spotted a particularly edible monkey and they would leap off the tractor and go chase the monkey and would sometimes be gone for hours.  He said that several times when they bailed off the tractor that it was still in gear and still running and it would run off a cliff or into a river.
He said that one evening he and his wife and the Russian "Counterpart" and his wife were eating dinner at one of their residences and he said that the Russian guy told him that if the United States and Russia ever were in conflict over this particular part of Africa, that he was going to recommend to the Russian Premier that they let the United States HAVE  this tiny African country as the inhabitants there were too stupid to be of any use to his country.   My renter told the Russian that he didn't think the United States would take this ass backward nation as all they had there was hot weather,  mosquitoes,  monkeys, and incredibly stupid people.
I found that to be rather funny that a U.S. Government employee and a Russian Government employee could so readily agree on the fate of some African country.
Over the years I ran into this guy on several occasions and we would always visit.  Of course I never inquired again about his job but he was really well travelled and a very interesting man to visit with.
Then let us take a look at Africa today and while the continent is incredibly rich in natural resources, the entire continent appears that they are being taken over by radical Islamists and/or pure Communist thieves.  I sure do feel like our country is throwing away a lot of tax dollars and getting nothing in return.
I have always wanted to visit Africa and do a little hunting there but I don't think I would feel very secure the way things have turned out.
WOW!  What a dynamite coalition the world's most articulate human has put together.  I was watching last evening and they named off;    QATAR,  UNITED  ARAB  EMIRATES,   JORDAN,   SAUDI  ARABIA,   AND  BAHRAIN.  Man, makes your skin crawl to think of all these bad ass countries going to put their full efforts into fighting ISIS/ISIL (take your pick).  The report went on to say that  while Jordan had dedicated a couple of aircraft  to this coalition, they would not be dropping bombs or  really taking part in the action.  You almost have to wonder if the world's most articulate and intelligent human might not go after some additional countries  to assist in this deadly mission.
Any moment now I would expect to hear that Malta,  Monaco,  and perhaps the Duchy of Grand Fenwick might not sign on.   And of course the Duchy of Grand Fenwick  forces would be led by none other than their Minister of War,  Tully  Bascomb. (For those of you residing in the People's Republic of San Francisco, the Duchy of Grand Fenwick was the tiny country featured in "The Mouse That Roared" with Tully Bascomb being portrayed by Peter Sellers).   HEY!  I also understand that Obama had the solid commitment from about 150 Transylvanian Villagers  complete with torches and pitchforks  until they learned that ISIS/ISIL did not have a Burgermeister, so they dropped out.
Also, didn't that evil George Bush have something like 38 or so countries in the coalition for the Iraq War?   And weren't England,  Australia,  Poland, Canada and quite a few European countries part of Evil George Bush's coalition?
Yesterday I watched some of the air strikes which they repeated over and over again.  I seem to remember one building which had some satellite dishes on the roof and these dishes were surgically removed with missiles.

Folks all this is purely window dressing.  Remember "The Highway of Death" in the 1991 Gulf War?   Now that was some air strikes.  Recently a guy wrote in a "Letter To The Editor" in the (Sub) Standard Times.  It was headlined:   PUT  ISIS  ON  NOTICE.  Then it said "Notice to ISIS:  If you continue on your murderous ways we will destroy you -- one pickup truck at a time.  Beware!"   I thought this man pretty much  painted a fairly accurate portrait of our air strikes when they first started.
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"The longer the war drags on, through half-measures and tentative tactics, the longer ISIS has to recalibrate its strategies and to sneak its agents into the United States to launch terrorist attacks inside the American homeland.  We can either kill them over there now or have them kill  Americans here later."..............................  THOMAS  SOWELL
"The longer our potential allies have to wonder whether President Obama is serious, the longer they will hold back from making full commitments, knowing how the Obama Administration began by betraying existing American commitments to Poland and the Czech Republic, followed by undermining Israel's position in the Middle East and then throwing Ukraine to the wolves when push came to shove, by refusing to let them have weapons to defend themselves."... THOMAS SOWELL
"Barack Obama has done  more than anyone else to promote the dangerous illusion that we can choose whether to have a war or not.  But our enemies have already made that choice."............ THOMAS  SOWELL
"An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!.... Sir, we are not weak if we make  a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power....  Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone.   There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us....   Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of the chains of slavery?  Forbid it, Almighty God.  I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death."..... PATRICK  HENRY
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Well, it appears that NFL players do not have a corner on the market of behaving badly.  No Sir!  Florida State Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Jameis Winston has proven to the pros that college players can be complete asses when the occasion demands.  I will not go into Winston's exact words that he apparently screamed out while standing on a table in some student center on the FSU campus.  But his Head Coach, Jimbo Fisher jumped right on the problem and promptly suspended Winston FOR  THE  FIRST  HALF of the game between Florida State and Clemson.  But I guess Jimbo must have had a little pressure put on him and went back and suspended Winston for the ENTIRE  GAME.  That'll show him.

AH, but come game time when the Florida State Seminoles took the field for pre-game warm ups,  who shows up IN  FULL UNIFORM?   Yep, you guessed it.  Jameis Winston.   Then at some point Coach Jimbo Fisher  went over and talked with Winston who returned to the dressing room BUT then returned to the field in sweatpants and his game jersey.  And that was apparently OK with Jimbo.

Then, of course, the television coverage of the game showed more of Jameis Winston running up and down the sidelines and acting reasonably foolish, than it did some of the folks who were actually participating in the contest.
For some reason, I thought when a player was SUSPENDED from a game that he was not allowed on the sidelines or on the bench.
So, either one or both of the following statements are true:
1)  Jameis Winston, although a Heisman Trophy Winner, is dumber than a box of rocks.
2)  Jimbo Fisher doesn't have the balls to control his team.
I sort of believe that both statements are correct.
While on the subject of football, I tuned in to the opening of the Monday Night game between the Chicago Bears and the New York Jets.  I was absolutely pleasantly surprised when the National Anthem was performed by a young black lady who also was a New York Police Officer - IN  UNIFORM.   She sang the song AS  IT  SHOULD  BE  SUNG with no accompaniment.  I was proud of the young lady and proud of whom ever it was who decided to have her sing The Star Spangled Banner.
It looks as if Scotland made the correct choice by voting to remain a part of the United Kingdom.   I hoped they would.  I am not real sure if they could have survived on their own AND I feel like it would have been the opening that the Socialists were waiting for to try and make the same move on some other holdings by various countries.   During all the hoopla made about the vote, I learned that the conservative Scots had actually given SIXTEEN  YEAR  OLDS  the right to VOTE.  I began to think of my 17 year old Grandson and 15 year old Great Granddaughter and having a pretty good handle on how folks of that age think and act, I thought that perhaps the leaders in Scotland must have been drugged.
For some reason or other when the voting age was 21 in the United States things seemed to function at a higher level than at present.  Perhaps RAISING the voting age would make a bit more sense.
Final football comment.  If you were an NFL Coach and were EIGHT  POINTS  BEHIND with less than 50 seconds to play  -- and  your team had the ball on your OWN 20  YARD  LINE --  and you had  NO  TIME  OUTS  LEFT.....  If you chose anyone other than Peyton Manning as your  quarterback you would  need to undergo shock treatment.
I know that Denver lost the game in overtime.... but  the  fact that it even went to overtime  speaks volumes about the talent of Peyton Manning.  I have been watching pro football for a long time and I believe I have seen most of the truly great quarterbacks.   I will not say that Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback ever but he damn sure should get some votes.  Also, check out the class shown by this young man at press conferences.   He is generally dressed in a suit and wearing a tie and according to one of the retired Hall of Fame Receivers.... Peyton Manning looks like he could be President of the United States....... HEY!  I wouldn't mind that either.
I think back to someone asking Houston Oiler Coach Bum Phillips if Earl Campbell was the greatest running back ever.  Bum replied that he didn't know but it damn sure didn't take long to check the role.
Incidentally THE  MOUSE  THAT  ROARED, is one of my all time favorite comedy movies