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WEDNESDAY - September 14, 2016
Greetings from The West Texas Headquarters For The Advancement Of Jingoistic Xenophobic Genophobic/Genaphobic  Vast Right Wing Deplorables.
OK.  First of all,  when Hillary referred to anyone other than one of her lemming like followers as Genophobic/Genaphobic (I am not sure of the correct spelling as the word does not exist in any of my Webster's Dictionaries) who belong in her "BASKET  OF  DEPLORABLES", I was briefly insulted until I realized that if we are DEPLORABLE to Hillary Clinton then we must be on the right track.   AND, I do not have any problem with her placing me in her "BASKET  OF  DEPLORABLES" as long as she realizes that she is in my very own, personal.... "BUCKET  O'  BITCHES".    I think that's more than fair.
BUT, prior to her vapor locking on 9/11, she did a reversal and say that perhaps she should not have made her "BASKET  OF  DEPLORABLES" comment.   AH, but on 9/11, if you have seen the video of her almost falling face first while trying to enter her van, you might just form an opinion that perhaps there is some medical problems currently being experienced by one of the Top Three liars of all times.  AH, but then the media came out with the report that Hillary had been diagnosed with pneumonia last Friday.... let's  see now..... that would have been on 9/9/16.    SO, the Clinton camp decided to not reveal  this alleged  diagnosis until two days later when she damn near did a nose dive in front of the TV cameras.   AND THEN,  where did they take her for treatment of her alleged pneumonia?   Why to Chelsea's place of residence.
Let me see if I can shed a little light on this  pneumonia subject.  Early in the year 2000, I was diagnosed with pneumonia at our local hospital and along with some other problems, this convinced my doctor to send me to Lubbock in an ambulance.  I remained in the Lubbock hospital for at least a week until all of the fluid had time to get out of my lungs.  I can assure all of you that on that day,  going to my daughter's house was never an option.  Going to anyone's house was not an option.  Going to the hospital by ambulance was the second fastest way to get me there.  The air service at that time was already in use for someone who was in way more serious condition than was I.

Then, one of the news reports mentioned one of the drugs which was being taken by Ms. Clinton and it was a drug that I had prescribed by one of my physicians back in 2000.  It was a serious blood thinner and my blood count had to be monitored daily.  The dose was cut in half.... and then that half was cut in half... and that was about as small as the could get the dose of that particular drug so I was put on regular aspirin.  In case you are wondering, the drug was a blood thinner  and you have to be very careful in taking this particular drug or a slight cut can be fatal.

SO, I have had a bit of experience with pneumonia and  in no way did I exhibit the same symptoms or behavior of Ms. Clinton.  SO,  I am pretty well convinced that the reports on her health issues are just more lies perpetrated by the Clinton camp and the Democrat Party.  I have even heard some long time Democrat hacks who are growing weary of her act.

YES, I realize I am not a physician or have any advanced medical training  BUT  I do remember how I felt when I experienced pneumonia.  And I have a number of friends who have had bouts with pneumonia and none of them were even thinking about getting out in the public and I can't think of a one who did not have to spend several days in the hospital.  I also remember that I did not have the energy or enough air in my lungs to endure a huge coughing fit like we have seen Hillary go through.

SO pardon me if I am not showing the proper attitude toward this woman.  And I do not wish health problems on anyone  but I can sure have some doubts as to her truthfulness and the truthfulness of her husband and their followers.
Well it appears as if Colin Kaepernick has really turned the dogs loose on the matter of the professional athletes in the NFL  standing and honoring our flag and our country  during the playing of the National Anthem at the beginning of every NFL game.  I intentionally watched the beginning of several NFL games beginning last Thursday  when the Denver Broncos opened the season against the Carolina Panthers.  I did notice several players on both teams who decided not to stand and do the right thing during the playing of the National Anthem.

Then on Sunday and Monday I watched the beginning of each of the games televised in our area.  One thing that really jumped out at me was in Houston and in Dallas.  First of all in Houston, the National Anthem was sung by a person whose name I did not catch and he did an honorable job in his rendition.  I did not see any player from the Houston Texans who did not stand as you would expect.  I do not know about the Chicago Bears squad.   Then the Houston Texans proceeded to win their first game which pleased me.

Then I tuned in to the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants game and the National Anthem was played as a trumpet solo and it was excellent.  It reminded me of the old Dallas Cowboy games in the 1960s when the National Anthem was played at the Dallas home games by a solo trumpet player named Tommy Loy.  I also did not notice any of the Dallas Cowboy players who did not stand as was expected.............. Then  I read an article after the Cowboy game where Cowboy owner, Jerry Jones said that he was proud of his team for standing during the National Anthem and disappointed in the players on the other teams who did not.   I also was proud of his team for their conduct during the playing of our National Anthem.
Then, of course in the second Monday night game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams, the National Anthem was dishonored by members of both teams.  AND one other thing I would like to point out.  In a couple of these pre-game exhibitions, I was taken back in time to the 1968 Olympics when Gold Medal Winner Tommie Smith and Bronze Medal Winner John Carlos in the 200 meters both decided to exhibit their "Black Power" signs by holding up their fists while looking down during the playing of the National Anthem.  Both were expelled from the games.   Of course the NFL doesn't have the balls to take any action and the American public doesn't have the courage to stay home and watch something else on Sunday andMonday.  That is the only way these spoiled crybabies can be shown that they are all paid huge salaries for playing a game.   I think it was a couple of the Denver Bronco players and several of the 49ers who held up their fists in the 1968 black power salute.  Of course Tommie Smith and John Carlos later said that it was not a "Black Power" salute but rather a "Human Rights" salute.... Yeah, and if you believe that then you need to give that Nigerian Prince your bank account number so that he can deposit your $2 million dollars.
ALSO,  I wonder if it ever dawned on some of these brain surgeons that repeating what someone did or said a number of years back makes you look rather foolish.  I am not sure but I believe that it was Cassius Marcellus Clay (later Muhammad Ali) whom I first heard make a prediction on which round he would knock out his opponent  and then all of a sudden every damn boxer on the planet started making these predictions.  I seem to recall somewhere that one of the old fighters, Jack Dempsey or one of those old heavyweights was actually the first.  But Clay was the first I personally heard.   Then Sugar Ray Leonard and every other young black fighter started doing their Ali impression... and not very accurately, I might add.   And for the NFL hotdogs.... PLEASE stop guaranteeing a win.... That's been done already.
I remember an old World Lightweight Champion from New Orleans and later on Houston, Texas named Joe Brown make a statement once.  First of all, Joe Brown was one tough dude and could hit like a middleweight and had a pretty good string of knockouts.  He had a Lightweight Championship  lined up for Houston and his opponent was a Southpaw (Left Handed, for those of you in the People's Republic of San Francisco) named Kenny Lane.  Kenny Lane didn't have a huge punch like Joe Brown but he was one hell of a boxer with lightening speed.   Joe Brown made the statement,  "I eat Southpaws for breakfast."    Well, Kenny Lane gave Joe Brown all he could handle and Brown won a close 15 round decision and I mean close.   After the fight, a reporter reminded Joe Brown that he said that he ate Southpaws for breakfast  and what did he say now.   Joe Brown didn't even hesitate before replying, I think I'll just skip breakfast from now on.   I don't remember him fighting another left handed fighter.
BUT I thought it was a shame with all the policemen,  firefighters and other first responders who lost their lives in rescue missions on 9/11 to be so dishonored by high paid crybabies.   I did notice that several of the New York Giants wore some socks which honored those who gave their lives on 9/11.  It seems as if neither race nor sex or any other designated difference in social status made one bit of difference to those first responders in New York City who entered those burning buildings and saved many people of many different races with no thought of the danger to themselves.  Just keep in mind that on 9/11 when most people were trying to leave both of the twin towers,  those evil NYPD and NYFD folks were entering and climbing the stairs to try and rescue people REGARDLESS  OF  THEIR  SKIN  COLOR.  I don't recall  Colin Kaepernick or any of the other NFL protesters  doing a hell of a lot on that day.    
I was also a bit disappointed in the statements made by former coach Tony Dungy  who evidently had no problem with the disrespect shown our flag and Anthem.  I have just about had it with high paid whiners who show no respect for their country or the people who put the safety of others ahead of their own safety.  And I have pretty much had it with this Hyphenated American designation.   If you have to have some other designation hyphenated prior to your American designation then you have lost me.     I was born in America and that makes me a NATIVE AMERICAN.   SO, please spare me the information that Tony Dungy was THE  FIRST  AFRICAN-AMERICAN  COACH  TO WIN  A  SUPER  BOWL.  I strongly imagine that he won the super bowl due to the fact that not only was he a good coach but he also had an outstanding coaching staff and outstanding players and perhaps the best quarterback to ever play football.   He did not win the Super Bowl because he was AFRICAN-AMERICAN.  And please do not even attempt to compare a wide receiver going over the middle as being at the same level of danger as entering a burning building to rescue others.
Also, I do not need sports announcers or broadcasters to tell me how I need to think or how many firearms I should or should not own.  So those of you who need Bob Costas or Brent Musburger to guide your thoughts or actions,  we are light years apart in our thinking.
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The University of Iowa is on the verge of approving a "SOCIAL JUSTICE" bachelor degree.   Boy the University of Iowa is really on the cutting edge of secondary education aren't they?  According to the administration of this university, more and more students have expressed a desire to integrate academic work more deeply with anticipated career paths, such as;  Social Activism work with a non-profit organization.  The University doesn't anticipate the program will require any additional costs since the program will be housed  in the "DEPARTMENT OF GENDER,  WOMEN'S, AND SEXUALITY STUDIES."    I sincerely  hope that as a part of this very useful degree that the students take time to learn the phrase,  "Can I supersize that for you?"  Of course someone who really applies themselves by using the skills offered in this program can always  find employment as COMMUNITY  ORGANIZERS.
Donald Trump made the statement that Putin was a more respected leader than Barack Obama.  Of course this brought out all of the Democrats/Socialists/Marxists who loudly proclaimed that Trump was a fan of Vladimir Putin.  Let me once again give you my views on Vladimir Putin.  He is a KGB  Thug  who believes in force over diplomacy.  NOW, while I think that Vladimir Putin is a pure turd...... he is a strong pure turd and doesn't put up with a bunch of crap.  AND yes,  he is a stronger leader than Barack Hussein Obama and is more respected than the President of the United States.  A damn shame.... but true nevertheless.
HEY!  Let's hear it for the San Francisco school board.  Evidently the head man of that organization is advocating REMOVING the name of GEORGE  WASHINGTON from one of their public schools.  One of the reports was that he favored replacing George Washington with Maya Angelou.  I know that this borders on sacrilege but I believe that Maya Angelou is perhaps one of the most over rated people EVER.   I have read some of her so called poetry and  thought it was total crap.  She came along at a time when the country was on a guilt trip and some group decided that she was some type of poetic genius.  HEY!  I have a better idea..... Let's replace George Washington with Colin Kaepernick.  Kaepernick seems to be the new hero to the folks from The City By The Bay.    If they replace George Washington with Maya Angelou then just stick a fork in San Francisco.... they are done.
I have warned everyone about not trusting anything coming from our federal government that contains the words "common sense"  or  "comprehensive" and now I have a third set which should immediately arouse suspicion and that is "GRASS  ROOTS."   It seems as damn near everything that some group is trying to sell us which contains the words "GRASS ROOTS" does not really benefit the American people... and that goes for BOTH political parties.
** You may have noticed that all politicians have been removed from the Good Guy List.  Sheriff David Clarke is the only exception.