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WEDNESDAY - September 3, 2014

Greetings once more from The Home For Senior Jingoistic Right Wing Conspiratorial Fossil Fuel Burning Four Wheel Drive Operating Second Amendment Supporters.
This past week on the local Cable TV Network I reached the conclusion that whomever is in charge of the current deluge of commercials on television have a really  weak  grasp of the American viewing public.  Or at least I believe this is the case.  Perhaps I could be wr---;  mista---;  in err--;  a trifle confused, since a majority of American voters elected a completely incompetent,  arrogant,  narcissistic,  fool as their president.  And I also noted that not only has the Executive Branch of our government appear to be hell bent on the destruction of our Constitution, but our Legislative Branch and our Judicial Branch seem to be  in the clutches or at least under the influence of people  who are only interested in their own personal agendas.  And I am including members of both parties.  So I guess LAME is the condition in which I believe our federal government to be.
Also, take a close look at  the people appointed to government jobs and cabinet positions by this Lame Administration.  Incompetence doesn't even begin to describe these boobs.   If you don't believe me, just take a look at a press conference being held either by White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest or by my personal favorite State Department Spokesheifer, Jen Psaki.   While I believe Josh Earnest to be just a plain bald faced liar, he can't hold a candle in the incompetence category with Jen Psaki.   This woman is absolutely insulting with her answers to questions by various members of the media........ most of whom do not deserve any respect whatsoever.  I have watched a news conference by Psaki and could not tell from any of her answers that she had a clue as to what is going on in our world.  She is another Obama ass kisser who probably doesn't even realize that she looks like a complete, uninformed, incompetent  squack  who possesses a numeric I.Q.  equal to the average 40 yd. time of an NFL running back. ( For those of you presently residing in the People's Republic of San Francisco that would be in the range of 4.3 to 4.9).
Also a little matter which gets my backside redder than a three ball is when I hear either the criminal President of the United States or the criminal Attorney General or the incompetent Secretary of State or the idiotic Vice President speak of these Muslim Terrorists being "Brought To Justice".  I will say this one more time.  These terrorists are NOT CRIMINALS.  They are not thieves or even robbers.  THEY  ARE  VIOLENT  TERRORISTS  WHO  WANT  US  DEAD.
But returning to the lame TV commercials, I usually watch the news during lunch at home.   While I am eating a meal, I am not interested in "Trans Vaginal Mesh"  or the foot problems of Shaquille O'Neal.  And there is now airing at all hours a commercial that I had to carefully watch to the very end to even discern what product they were pushing.  About the second time I watched this piece of crap commercial I realized that the screaming voice in the background of this loud and irritating piece of so called music was singing the old Frank Sinatra song "My Way" which I had always liked when sung by Old Blue Eyes.   Then at the very end I realized that they were advertising the Acura Automobile.  The commercial is irritating and now I either hit the mute button or change channels rather than be insulted by screaming.
Last week I watched the mother of Steven Sotloff go on national television on several channels and literally beg for her son's life.  If you have been living in a cave, Steven Sotloff is another American reporter who was taken prisoner by ISIS.  Just as soon as I watched this poor grieving Mother make her plea for mercy to the ISIS animals I made the statement that this poor lady had just insured her son's death at the hands of ISIS.  I had hoped that I was wrong on that but I really felt that I wasn't. And, of course, within the past couple of days we learned that Steven Sotloff was also beheaded by ISIS terrorists.

At what point in time will this criminal Administration and the American Media (All Branches) and the American People realize that  any plea for mercy is viewed by these ISIS animals as WEAKNESS.   Remember the "Bring Back Our Girls" hash tags?   They were viewed as a joke by the Muslim Terrorists.  Anything other than fierce retaliation of the strongest type, will be viewed as a WEAKNESS by these terrorists.  And we have a President and an Attorney General and a Secretary of State and evidently a Secretary of Defense who still talk of filing charges on these mutts in a U.S. Criminal Court.
If our government continues to  respond in the manner in which they presently are, the ISIS Terrorists will continue to kill Americans.  AND, don't even talk to me about filing criminal charges against American Citizens who join forces with ISIS.

If we continue to respond to deadly force against civilians in massive numbers by the occasional bombing of a single truck driving down the road or the occasional taking out of a single terrorist individual, then beheading of Americans is just beginning.

Does it strike anyone other than a few of us that we see all kinds of video footage of  hundreds or even thousands of ISIS armed terrorists dancing around in the streets shooting their AK 47s in the air or executing non ISIS people on a daily basis?   We see many videos of the ISIS terrorist army bouncing across the sand driving Nisan pickups or even some of our own military equipment which they seized from the Iraqi Army.  If we can video these large groups of terrorist vermin then we should be able to bomb them just as efficiently.  But, of course that would evidently require the approval of the world's most articulate and intelligent human and he has been a bit hard to run down in the past few weeks.
If the American voters do not realize what danger they have placed our country in and do something about it in the mid-term elections AND in 2016, then I fear that life as we have known it had ended....... at least for some. 
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"It would not matter to me if the next five presidents in a row were all women, if these happened to be the best individuals available at the time.  But to say that we should now elect a woman president in 2016 is to say that we are willfully blind to the dangers of putting life and death decisions in the hands of someone chosen for symbolic reasons."......THOMAS  SOWELL
"There are no people in the world who are so slow to develop hostile feelings against a foreign country as the Americans and there are no people who once estranged, are more difficult to win back.",,,,,,,  WINSTON  CHURCHILL
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I can recall back when Yasser Arafat was the leader of the PLO and the kinds of terrorist acts they pulled.  Now we have HAMAS who are the strong boys in the Palestinian government;   then we had AL QAEDA who were touted as the real bad actors in the Muslim world;  then we were exposed to HEZBOLLAH and the MUSLIM  BROTHERHOOD;   and finally we now have ISIS.  My point is this,  a pure turd, regardless of by what name you call him is still a pure turd.  I am sure there are some slight differences in what they preach BUT the bottom line is that they ALL want Israel wiped off the face of the earth AND the want us either converted or dead.
Also, I heard this morning on several news programs that currently in Libya there are 11 (eleven) aircraft that are missing.  OK.  Libya,  isn't that where Muslim Terrorists MURDERED four Americans and then the President and the Secretary of State and the National Security Advisor tried to lay it off on some humbug movie?  Isn't Libya, when that turd Qadaffi was in control, the country in North Africa  who got their minds right after Afghanistan and Iraq were attacked by that Evil George Bush?

And is Libya the country where really radical Muslims assassinated  Qadaffi WITH  THE  ASSISTANCE  IN THE FORM OF  AIR  SUPPORT  GIVEN  BY  THE  OBAMA  ADMINISTRATION?  And the anniversary of 9/11  will be on us in eight days?    Hey!  You don't suppose that the Muslim Radicals have forgotten, do you?
Last Sunday I got tuned in to the TCM Channel and was treated to Three; III;  3;  Tres movies  which I watched from start to finish.  All three were Westerns AND all three had Alan Ladd as their leading man.  Now I know that Alan Ladd was rather short in physical stature but so was Charles Bronson and Jimmy Cagney.  But I got to thinking and could not think of a single movie in which Alan Ladd played that I did not like.  Sure, some were better than others.... but I am here to tell you that you have to look really long and hard to find a movie better than "SHANE".   SHANE had a great cast and some beautiful scenery and pretty background music.   Also one of the actors in SHANE was a newcomer named "Walter Jack Palance" who played the hired gun Jack Wilson.  The movie also had another one of my very favorite character actors who was also a scene stealer, Elisha Cook Jr. as Stonewall Torrey.   Jack Palance was the last living cast member when he died in 2006.   Also in one of the primary roles was Ben Johnson who is absolutely one of my all time favorites.  But the movie had a really good story and a super cast and also followed the book rather closely.  I am so sorry that they don't make 'em like that any more.  Great story - Super barroom fight - Great gunfight at the end - what else can you ask for?
Here are a few more things that tend to piss me off rather quickly:

"Ice Bucket Challenge" -  and the point is?
"Zombie everything" -  we have Zombie Knives;  Zombie scopes;  Zombie  ammunition;   Zombie targets;  Zombie television;  Zombie movies.  Now while I could understand movies about Zombies or even TV programs about Zombies but to put chartreuse rings and mounts on rifle scopes; or chartreuse handles on knives somehow escapes me.  AND when you see one Zombie program, you see them all.  The old Night of the Living Dead and I mean the old one was really well done as was The Last Man on Earth and even The Omega Man were pretty well done but this is certainly a case of overkill at the present time.
"Dating Naked" is really stupid, even more stupid that "Naked and Afraid".
See Y'All Next Week