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WEDNESDAY - August 17, 2016
Hello once again from the Headquarters For The Conservative Branch Of Jingoistic Xenophobic Constitutional Originalist Well Armed Right Wing Conspirators Of West Texas.
I don't imagine that I have to really remind many of my complete disgust with the American Media.  And I am speaking of The Written, Radio and Television with very few exceptions.  A prime example of this is the first reports out of the shooting of a Milwaukee black male by Milwaukee Police.  The very first report I heard was that the unarmed black male was shot and killed by a white Milwaukee Police Officer.   AND, this was entirely accurate.... EXCEPT FOR THE  FACTS  THAT:
1)  The guy who was shot WAS  ARMED  WITH  A PISTOL
2)   The pistol being exhibited by the guy who was shot  WAS  A  STOLEN  FIREARM
3)   The  Police Officer who shot in self defense was A  BLACK  POLICE  OFFICER
Other then these 3 small errors, the media did their customary piss poor job  of  reporting the facts of this case.
Keeping in mind that these same media outlets were the very ones that promoted the "HANDS  UP,  DON'T  SHOOT"  lie in the Ferguson, Missouri incident.

AH, but of course the facts of the Milwaukee shooting are no more important than were those in the Ferguson incident.
BUT the facts of this case apparently have no bearing on the activities of the Black Lives Matter bunch as  this completely justified shooting of a black thug was followed by at least two nights of rioting by primarily black perpetual victims.

This violent crowd were urging each other to attack white people and one female, reportedly a relative of the ..... how shall I put it.." The Shootee" was heard to be urging the primarily black crowd to destroy property in the suburbs rather than in their own neighborhood.   Sounds like the relative had way more sense than most rioters and definitely way more sense that  "The Shootee" whose name is Sylville K. Smith.
Then, as should be expected, the mother of "The Shootee" told a local Milwaukee news paper that her son had a CONCEALED  CARRY  PERMIT as he had been recently robbed.  Hmmm.  One must wonder if she could have been a bit confused on this information. (In a shooting you have two classifications... The Shooter who does the shooting and The Shootee who  is on the receiving end.)
Finally the news was released that the Officer was wearing a body camera at the time and the video supported the Officer's account of the incident..... But, of course, we cannot expect a matter as trivial as THE  TRUTH to govern what is reported.
Now, for a moment, let me address some of the so called reporting during the Olympic Games being held in Rio DeJaneiro.  A  young black swimmer won two gold and two silver medals in 4 swimming events.  The first was a gold medal in the 100 meter freestyle event, in which she set an Olympic Record.  This was her first Olympics and she did a magnificent job in every event in which she entered.  BUT, it seems as if Bob Costas,  TV  ANALYST  FOR  NBC, thought that the most important news after she won her first Olympic Gold Medal,  was not that she came in first in Olympic Record time in a tie with the Canadian swimmer, .... no sir.  According to this Mutt Bob Costas the most important news was that she was the FIRST  BLACK  SWIMMER  TO  WIN  AN  OLYMPIC MEDAL.
OK.  I'm going to say this just once so that even somebody possessing the varmint qualities of Bob Costas can perhaps understand:

ALSO, you might  take a look at  the Varmint List and you will find the name of Bob Costas in BOLD  PRINT.  He was placed on the list after he appeared on a Sunday Night NFL game where he chose to voice his personal opinion on GUN  CONTROL.
I have tried to watch many of the events in which I have some interest in the Olympic coverage.  I have NOT watched any of the soccer games.  I did see a replay of the U.S. Women's Soccer Team get defeated in a "Shootout" against Sweden.  Of course the U.S. girls were down about losing the game  BUT in an interview after the game, one of the U.S. Players said that the Swedish Women were a bunch of COWARDS.  I thought that this pretty much showed that at least this one member of the U.S. Women's Soccer Team was for the biggest part pretty classless.  She looked like a complete WHINER.  I do not know if she ever took back her childish statement but her behavior after the loss was pretty tasteless to say the least.  Funny thing is that these COWARDS  from Sweden seem to be in line for a GOLD  MEDAL, where the U.S. Whining Women ARE  NOT.
Then, I have watched pretty much every U.S. basketball game,  Men's and Women's.  Of course at the moment they are both undefeated although the Men have won two games by just 3 points each and  were given a pretty good game by Australia before they pulled away in the last of the 4th quarter.  I know that the International Rules are a bit different from the NBA and NCAA rules BUT when you are playing in the Olympics, I would think it might be to your advantage to know the International Rules and abide by them.  In a couple of the U.S. Men's close games, they also pissed and moaned about every call and received several technical fouls as a result.  This could cost them if they don't  learn to control their whining.  Once again, it seems as if the U.S. Men's Basketball Team has more than their share of WHINERS..... where the U.S. Women's Team does not.  I watched the U.S. Women light it up against Japan yesterday afternoon and they really looked great.
Now, compare the behavior of some of the U.S. athletes,  to the Rugby Gold Medal winning team from FIJI.  I have watched several of the Rugby games and pretty much enjoyed them all....... AND, let me tell you that FIJI winning the Gold Medal was no fluke.  They were awesome.  Actually the U.S. Team probably gave them their closest game and was actually ahead in the contest until the last couple of minutes.  But FIJI is absolutely the best Rugby team on the planet.  AND what pretty well impressed me was prior to their Gold Medal Game with Great Britain, during the FIJI National Anthem,  every single one of  the FIJI player stood at attention and sang their National Anthem.   AND  so did the team from Great Britain.   A far cry from some of the antics displayed by some of the other athletes, not only in the Olympics but in our professional sports and college sports as well.  Regardless of your country,  you should stand and respect the playing of your National Anthem.  OH, and also besides being  respectful of their country, the Rugby players from FIJI were... ALL  BIG... and ALL  VERY  FAST.  They had one player who was 6 ft. 7 in. and weighed in at a trim 270 pounds... and could run a hole in the wind.  I saw him run over;   run  through;  run  around;   and run away from lots of really good athletes.  I never saw him caught from behind.
Our U.S. girl  swimmers all seem to be very respectful when they are on the medal stand as do our girl gymnasts.  Incidentally,  U.S. Gymnast, Simone Biles is one of the greatest I have ever seen.  She is not great because she is black,  she is great because she is super talented.  And all of our women's gymnasts show a great deal of class in their behavior on and off the floor.  Our women's gymnastic team is composed of:  Simone Biles; Aly Raisman;  Lauren Hernandez;  Madison Kocian;  and Gabby Douglas.   They are all excellent representatives of their country and I am proud of them.
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"One key misstep by the Republican establishment was agreeing, once again, to so-called debates in which a stage full of candidates had time for only short and superficial sound bites.  Trump was and is, the king of superficial sound bites.".............  THOMAS  SOWELL
"We keep hearing that black lives matter,  but they seem to matter only  when that helps politicians to get votes, or when that slogan helps demagogues demonize the police.  The other  99 percent of black lives destroyed by people who are not police do not seem to attract nearly as much attention in the media.".......................... THOMAS  SOWELL
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I checked in one day to watch some of the diving competition and saw where the INDOOR  DIVING  POOL  WAS A  SICKLY  GREEN  IN  COLOR.  According to the reports it was simply a case of ALGAE which had taken over the pool due to the PH balance not being correct.   Then I got to thinking about it and came to the conclusion that the Brazilian Olympic Committee had hired the group from Flint, Michigan to handle all of their water issues.
Another bit of Olympic news.  The International Olympic Committee has stripped  Russia of their Track and Field Gold Medals in the Women's 4 X 100 meter relay due to one of the Russians testing positive for steroids.  Wait a minute, you say!   The finals of the women's 4 X 100 have not been run yet.  They have not been run in the 2016 Rio De Janeiro Olympics  BUT  the International Olympic Committee took this action against the Russian Team that won the women's 4 X 100 meter relay in the BEIJING  OLYMPICS  from 2008.   Boy!  That International Olympic Committee is really on the ball aren't they?  One must wonder if it took the EIGHT  YEARS  to get back the results.... OR..... did it simply take them EIGHT  YEARS  to reach a decision?  In any event, it looks like the International Olympic Committee could qualify to manage the NFL.
I have been reading and hearing about the terrible floods in Louisiana for the past week and evidently this particular flood has destroyed a massive number of homes and has caused 10 deaths up to this point.  I am pretty sure that the death toll and the home destruction numbers will rise.   And evidently the crisis has not ended.
I just wonder at what point someone will remember to blame George Bush for this massive flooding?
Folks, I think we are in big trouble for this Presidential Election.  Donald Trump seems to be intent on saying stupid stuff and pissing off some of his long time supporters.  I have managed to watch him on a few occasions and just wonder if  his  speech writers are all stupid.... OR.... if "The Donald" just will not listen to them and goes off half cocked at the worst times possible.

BUT, in the early stages of this election process, when "The Donald" was getting all of the print and electronic media coverage, I made the statement on several occasions that  I had seen this movie before.  I saw it  4 years ago when Mitt Romney was a media darling UNTIL  HE  WAS  CHOSEN  AS  THE   REPUBLICAN NOMINEE,  and 8 years ago when John McCain could do no wrong in the media's eyes.... UNTIL  HE  BECAME  THE  REPUBLICAN  NOMINEE.

Any candidate who places the first ounce of trust in the U.S. Media  deserve what they get.  I am going to vote for Donald Trump simply because I do not believe he could possibly be worse than Hillary Clinton.  Hell, NO ONE could be worse than Hillary Clinton.

But, I believe that if Donald Trump doesn't begin to tone down a bunch of his rhetoric that Hillary Clinton will win in November.  If this happens, just stick a fork in our country.... cause it is done.
And last evening I watched one of the heats in the men's  200 meter dash which was won rather easily by Usain Bolt.   Unless  he drinks some Brazilian water or someone shoots him in one of his knees, I do not believe there is anyone on the planet who can catch him.  It is just not fair that someone 6'  5"   can  run  that  fast.
I watched one of our GOOD  GUYS,  Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke give his take on Black Lives Matter and the rioting following the police shooting of a black criminal.   Sheriff Clarke made the statement that these street thugs and the rioters  let  TRIBAL  BEHAVIOR  govern  their  actions.  Thank God someone finally brought this out.... AND.... don't forget that Sheriff Clarke is black also.... but he tells it straight.
** You may have noticed that all politicians have been removed from the Good Guy List.  Sheriff David Clarke is the only exception.