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Wednesday - July 8, 2015
For your perusal.   Imagine yourself living in of the more ancient civilizations on earth....home of many of our great philosophers.......then imagine this great civilization over the centuries subscribing to a Socialist government.......visualize this society slowly becoming more dependent upon their government to be involved in every aspect of their lives.......then one day they wake up to realize that they have been inserted right in the middle of....... THE  EURO ZONE.
Now, if you are too young to remember Rod Serling's introduction into his famous series The TWILIGHT  ZONE, you probably will not appreciate the previous paragraph.

So, just what exactly is THE EURO ZONE?   The EURO ZONE is a monetary union comprised of 19 of the 28 European Union member states (countries) which have adopted the Euro as their common currency and sole legal tender.  The other 9 members of the European Union continue to use their own national currencies. 
And, as indicated, Greece is not only a member of the European Union but is also a member of the EURO ZONE.  Of course if you look at a map of the European Union you might notice that Switzerland stands out rather starkly as not being a member of either.  What do the Swiss know that seems to have escaped the keen observation of these other countries?

I am certainly not an expert on the European Union or the Euro Zone but when the European Union was first formed we were told that European countries were making an attempt at forming a Union of Countries similar to our Union of States.  I actually heard some so called experts say that this was going to go off without a hitch.  However when I first took notice of the formation of the European Union one thought seemed to creep to the head of my questions.

The 50 States which make up our United States pretty well spoke and still speak one common language, although this is beginning to change for sure.  The languages of the European Union member countries are significantly different.  And of course there are many differences in the cultures of the different European Union member countries.  My personal opinion was that this was not going to work well but I wished them good luck.

Now with Greece being way beyond broke, and owing a whopping 242.8 BILLION Euros ($271 Billion) have voted against another bail out (and I am not sure I understand these bailouts we keep hearing about  since you still owe some other entity the same amount PLUS  INTEREST).
Of course, our very own country would probably jump for joy if $271 Billion was all that we owed. 
The National Debt of our country is $18,296,150,800,000+ dollars.  Now for those of you residing in The People's Republic of San Francisco that would be EIGHTEEN  TRILLION, TWO HUNDRED NINETY SIX BILLION, ONE HUNDRED FIFTY MILLION,  EIGHT HUNDRED THOUSAND  DOLLARS.  Makes Greece's debt seem pretty insignificant.  Of course, with Greece being a pure Socialist Country, their likelihood of  pulling themselves out are fairly remote.

I have been hearing over the past couple of days that Spain and Portugal are also in some serious financial problems.  So apparently  Greece is not the only country experiencing financial and other woes during these times.

But we should pay close attention since the Socialist lifestyle in Europe has cut the full time work week down to something like 30 hours per week and  paid vacation time is much more than here...... at least for now.

But if you will look at what Barack Hussein Obama has done and is trying to do, our country is headed in the same direction as Europe.
Americans better pay attention  or we will be going down the same road.
SANCTUARY - a place of refuge or protection
I was able to locate a list  which showed 165 (one hundred sixty five) United States cities which consider themselves SANCTUARY  CITIES which are cities offering some degree of Sanctuary to ILLEGAL  ALIENS.
You probably won't be surprised to learn that California leads the league in the number of Sanctuary Cities with THIRTY THREE known but Texas is second with THIRTEEN and New York comes in for the bronze medal with ELEVEN.  New Jersey and Colorado made the playoffs with NINE each.  There are SEVENTEEN other cities that are on a watch list.  Evidently they are considering becoming a Sanctuary City.

Now, any way you slice it,  these cities, by prohibiting their law enforcement agencies from doing any form of investigation which would reveal the citizenship status of a person being questioned appear to be intentionally violating Federal Immigration Laws.
Of course,  a couple of days back we learned that a very pretty lady in San Francisco was MURDERED by an Illegal Alien in San Francisco, a Sanctuary City.  Of course it was learned upon the arrest of the murderer that not only was he an ILLEGAL  ALIEN, but further he had SEVEN  FELONY  CONVICTIONS and had been DEPORTED BACK TO MEXICO  FIVE  TIMES  IN  THE  PAST. 
Now I don't wish to seem a bit one way on this matter BUT  allowing this vermin to remain FREE and walking our streets is in itself CRIMINAL in my estimation.  According to all the reports, this mutt was in custody in SAN  FRANCISCO and a request had been made by the Federal Immigration Officials to hold this person for the Immigration Customs Enforcement BUT evidently since SAN FRANCISCO is a SANCTUARY  CITY, the murderer was released and in pretty short order killed this lady who was walking on a San Francisco pier with her father.
Of course the Sheriff's Department and the City of San Francisco and I am sure the Idiot Governor of California will all blame each other for being culpable in this incident.  BUT, any government at any level that supports this SANCTUARY CITY crap should be voted out or recalled or impeached.... which ever is faster.
Immigration into a country is a good thing if it is done LEGALLY.  In my 45 years of law enforcement in Texas and New Mexico, I have had literally thousands of opportunities to speak with people entering our country from another country;  Mexico/Canada/Asia.  Most of them were doing it the right way and I completely supported their attempts.  I have talked with a large number of people attempting to enter into our country illegally.  I certainly understood why most of them were attempting to find work to help their families but there were also quite a few who were involved in criminal activities.  But please spare me the crap about these other countries SENDING US  THEIR  BEST  AND BRIGHTEST. 
First of all, those countries are NOT  SENDING us anything.  Most of those people entering our country illegally are doing it because they want to. AND unfortunately quite a few are involves in criminal acts.
BUT, any government agency charged with PROTECTING  OUR  BORDERS or PROTECTING US FROM ENEMIES  FOREIGN  AND DOMESTIC are falling flat on their asses.  Our Department of Justice including the Department of Homeland Security is failing us.  The State Government of California is more than likely the worst at the state level but they are not by themselves by any means.
But if you are not going to help us............. get the HELL out of the way!  And one must wonder which flag the Liberals/Socialists/Democrats/Marxists will try to blame for that brutal murder in San Francisco?
Tony Aguilar,    Mary Vigil,      Joe & Ruth Lucero,   Ted Salgado,  Raoul McPeters   -NM  -  Ella Dunlop,    Kaleigh Paige Hudgens,     Bobby Peiser,  Bob Wallman,  Maria Tupaz,  Bernice Murphy,      Don Faubion,   Judy Langham,     Liz Deguren,  Roger Tucker,   Charlotte Williams,   John Gallemore,   Zak Krejci,   Debra Blake,   Mary Denson,   Randy  Jones,      Don Weaver,        Roger Goertz,   Billy Williams,   Gerry Fincher,   Jerry Carpenter,   Steve  Mida,   Sherry Welch    - TX -  Sr. Delphine Grigas (98) - IL -   Paul & Debby Gula,  Mike Burkebak,   Alan Miller,    Debbie McKeown, Violet  Fermin,  Carlos Fernandez, Hamilton Anderson,  Arlene Anderson,   Kate Nolan  - FL -    L.T. Drennan - OK -     Lynn Jones - NE -   Warren Wetmore - IL -    Gladys Beasley, Barbara Urban - MD -   Charles Latham,  Rocky Leonard,    Bette Miller,   Sheriff Richard Mack - AZ -   Kate Powell,  Annise Kennedy,  Sam Wittstruck (17 yoa),  Kenny McPeters  -  CA -     Pat  Holley,   Keith Chambers,   Nancy Chambers,   LANA Athey - CO -      Hal Whitmore - DE -   Herb Johnston - NY -     Lonnie Shoultz - AL   -   Perry Evans  - AR -   Jim Pinney,   James E. Brady III (2 yrs. old)  - OH  -     Josip & Lela  Slivar - ZAGREB, CROATIA -  Sister Clarice Carroll (83) - HAITI  -  George Rimmer - WA,    RET. COL.  Pete Mekkelson -WVA    
GySgt. Daniel West,  MSgt. (Ret) Randy Morrow , CAPT. Michael Rice,  CAPT. Nick Francona, GySgt. James Walker, CAPT. George Zeigler,    CAPT.  Catherine Schmidt Fiancé of Capt. Zeigler)    SSgt. Matt Ross, Alex Boyd,  RCT Graydon J. Phillips,  * 1ST LT. Levi English,   GySgt. Eric Harmon,   LCPL Archer Abblitt,  Maj. Todd A. O'Brien,   MGySgt. '46 - 82 (Ret)  Harvey  Weigart -   US MARINE CORPS -    Kenneth Thomas - USCG    SSgt. Eric Grudziecke, A1 Elizabeth Chaffon,  Cody Barber, Col. Phil Samples, TSgt. Aaron Brown,   TSgt.  Rebecca Goodwin, 1st LT.  Mandie Yates - US AIR FORCE -   Capt. Brian Kriss - TxANG -   Zachary Moore - US NAVAL ACADEMY -    Lt. William Jourdan,  CDR Robert McLay,  Lt. Tommy Brown, Lt. Russell Brown,     CAPT. Wayne Putnam (Ret),   E5 Matthew J. Blaker,    LT JG Ethan English,   - US NAVY -   Bud Barnett - USNA 74 -    SSgt. Mike Campagna - SPECIAL FORCES  -   SSgt.Michael Strawn, Sgt. Logan McKinzie,  Capt. (Fr) Kevin Peek, Maj. Fred W. Tanner, Lt. Col. Robbie Ball,  SSgt. Travis McGowan,   Michael B. Hudgens,     Scott Hillyer,   Jeff Schoonover,  CWO2 Mitchell Wittstruck - US ARMY    -  CWO3  Tim Helton and the 1/230  Air Cav Squadron TNANG  -  All of the  men and women presently serving in the United States Military
John Mallory - DEA -  Fr. Joseph M. Peek,  Gary and Cindy Hogman,   Ashtyn Wages and John Paul Tupaz and their families. 
"Back in the 19th century Frederick Douglass saw the dangers from well-meaning whites.  He said: 'Everybody has asked the question, what shall we do with the Negro?  I have had but one answer from the beginning.  Do nothing with us!  Your doing with us has already played the mischief with us.' " ... THOMAS  SOWELL
"Today the moral horror of slavery is so widely condemned that it is hard to realize that there were thousands of years when slavery was practiced around the world by people of virtually every race.  Even the leading moral and religious thinkers in different societies accepted slavery as just a fact of life.".. THOMAS  SOWELL
"To many on the left, the 1960s were the glory days of their movements, and for some the days of their youth as well.  They have a heavy emotional investment and ego investment in the ideas, aspirations and policies of the 1960s.  It might never occur to many of them to check their beliefs against some hard facts about what actually happened after their ideas and policies were put into effect.  It certainly would not be pleasant to admit, even to yourself, that after promising progress toward social justice, what you actually delivered was a regression toward barbarism.".............. THOMAS  SOWELL
"The majority invokes our Constitution in the name of a liberty that the framers would not have recognized, to the detriment of the liberty they sought to protect."........   SUPREME COURT  JUSTICE  CLARENCE  THOMAS
 "An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!.... Sir, we are not weak if we make  a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power....  Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone.   There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us....   Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of the chains of slavery?  Forbid it, Almighty God.  I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death."..... PATRICK  HENRY
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I watched a video several times in which Obama was speaking before a large military audience.  One of his momentous statements was the "You cannot defeat idealism with guns you have defeat it with better ideas."  OK, let's see.  I just wonder in the 1940s if President Roosevelt or President Truman or perhaps Prime Minister Winston Churchill could have convinced Adolph Hitler that they had a "Better Idea" than the Nazi Party?  Probably not.... BUT MILITARY  ACTION DID.
Or how did coming up with a "Better Idea" work for Genghis Khan against the Muslims?  It didn't..... BUT TOTAL DESTRUCTION BY MILITARY FORCE  DID.
Basically it goes to show that Barack Hussein Obama doesn't know his backside from a toy truck when it comes to ANYTHING having to do with foreign policy or negotiating with a hostile country.

Oh, but wait a minute..... perhaps he can draw another..... RED  LINE.   That has really worked well hasn't it?  Obama's "Red Lines" seem to be about as effective as the MAGINOT  LINE which was  constructed in the 1930s to insure the safety of France from Germany.  Really worked well, didn't it?  I have this feeling that we are getting ready to hand over a nuclear bomb to Iran and that spells trouble for everyone in the Middle East AND  US.
OK, here is a way to overcome Muslim Controlled Middle Eastern IDEALISM with a BETTER  IDEA.   "IF  YOU CLOWNS DON'T DO AS WE WISH, WE WILL BOMB YOU BACK INTO THE MESOZOIC ERA."  That should be an idea that even the most ignorant Muslim leader could comprehend.
I have about had the lick with the news reporters whining about being "Roped Off Like Cattle" by the Hillary Clinton political mob.  Serves their asses right.  They have kissed this old heifer's backside for so long she now feels like she owns them.   Well so do I.  You can't be herded like cattle unless you let yourself be herded like cattle.  I am not sure that comparing reporters to cattle is not an insult to our bovine friends.  Perhaps "Herded Like Swine" would be a better description.
Anyway, I have way more use for cattle than I do for reporters.
HEY!  I think I have the solution to the problems of Greece.  I noticed that in a short while, public school district across America will be substituting GREEK  YOGURT for meat on school lunches. Boy oh boy!  Does that make me hungry or what.  A good cup of YOGURT over a double meat hamburger?

I seem to detect Michelle Obama's influence on this menu change.
Well as much as I would like to follow Michelle Obama's lead on healthy meals, on July 4th for lunch I had not ONE but TWO  CHILI CHEESE DOGS WITH SWEET RELISH AND ABOUT A HALF POUND OF POTATO CHIPS FOR LUNCH TOPPED OFF WITH A HUGE SLICE OF HOME MADE BUTTERMILK  CAKE....... THEN  FOR SUPPER  I HAD THE EXACT SAME MENU.  I am sure I will be arrested by the food police when they get wind of that.

BUT the following day I made up for it by eating a giant CHILI  CHEESE  BURGER  WITH  CHIPS  and MORE  BUTTERMILK  CAKE.
There were some really good programs on regarding the American War of Independence and of course I can't ever get enough of that.  But I also drug out my books on my favorite War of Independence General.  And that would be General Daniel Morgan.  If you are not familiar with General Daniel Morgan,  look him up on the Internet and have a glimpse of one of General George Washington's favorite Commanders.   He was a true American Hero.    We need a few more like him today.