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WEDNESDAY -  June 29, 2016
Greetings from The West Texas Coalition Of Jingoistic Vast Right Wing Conspirators.

I think that I have at least average intelligence but there are a few things that I feel need to be explained so that I can understand just how and why many people are having problems in recognizing the truth.
The Benghazi Hearings have been ongoing for quite a while and although I am not an elected official at the federal level, I would like for someone to EXPLAIN to me just how it is that a great segment of our society cannot recognize the fact that Hillary Clinton;   Barack Hussein Obama;  Susan Rice;  and every other member of the Obama administration have ALL  LIED  FROM  THE  BEGINNING.
Now let us look at the BREXIT that has everyone .... except conservatives .... grasping for valid reasons for the nation of Great Britain to DROP  OUT  OF  THE  EUROPEAN UNION.   Almost immediately the American Stock Market began to tank and I still cannot understand why.  Of course it has begun to recover fairly well but for the first 48 or so hours,  our federal government and Wall Street acted as if they had been bitten on the backside by troops of rabid monkeys.   I can remember when the EU (for those of you in the Freedom Loving Worker's Province of San Francisco, that would be the European Union) first came into being, I believe I made a bunch of statements to the effect that this would go over like a turd in a punch bowl.
AH, but so many governmental experts claimed that this would work just like our country has worked.  BUT, keep in mind that almost every single European Country SPEAKS  A  DIFFERENT  LANGUAGE  ..... AND ..... EACH  DIFFERENT  COUNTRY  HAD  THEIR  OWN  MONETARY  STANDARD.   WHY  YOU STUPID  TEXAN.... they were all going to go to the EURO and everyone would play nicely together...... WELL,  How's  that  working out so far?
One of the more recent European countries to join the EU was Croatia.  We know a girl who lives in Zagreb, which is Croatia's capital and largest city, and her job for over a year was to help design programs which would make the transition from the Croatian monetary standard to the Euro easy with no problems.  The only problem is that it was a problem.  I would imagine that as we speak, Croatians are more than likely sorry they fell into this EU crap.
BUT, the bottom line is this..... please EXPLAIN to me how it is any of our business or Barack Obama's business what the British people desire insofar as their INDEPENDENCE from the EU and having people in Brussels  making policies governing the English people?
Also, I believe that I would like for someone to EXPLAIN to me how people who have never shot a firearm of any kind.... or people, like Bill O'Reilly who says he owns a handgun.... or Joe Biden who tells us that all we need for protection is a double barrel shotgun.... or any other non-firearms owners have ANY  RIGHT  WHATSOEVER to tell us that we DO NOT  NEED:
1)  Semi-automatic handguns
2)  Semi-automatic rifles
3)  Semi-automatic shotguns
4)  High capacity magazines (or as most of them call them clips)
5)  ASSAULT  WEAPONS of any kind
I do not mind listening to people who have been involved in actual shooting situations;  military;  law enforcement;  combat veterans; or any others who have actually been in life or death situations where deadly force was either used or a high possibility of use existed.
BUT, for some news hack or some elected idiot tries to tell me that they have the right to decide whether or not an American citizen has the right to use deadly force to protect himself/herself then some serious EXPLANATIONS are in order.

NOW, let me EXPLAIN about protecting yourself or your family:
If someone or some group is placing you or your family or some other innocent people in danger of either being killed or seriously injured and you decide to let some government agency handle your safety then you should know that, unless a Police Vehicle is pulling up to your location at the very moment that the danger arises, then it is going to take you time to:     get to the telephone;  dial 9-1-1;   perhaps wait for a dispatcher to answer your call;  dispatch a patrol car to your location;  arrive and assess the situation and take action.   What it has taken me about 30 seconds to type in reality could take for 5 to 10 minutes or longer to take place.
SO, let's just look at your options while you wait for those 5 minutes for help to arrive.  In five minutes, an armed intruder can kill you and your entire family and be gone before the police arrive.  BUT, if you have some means of protection available then you might stand a chance of remaining among the living for another day.
AND keep this in mind:
An unloaded firearm, locked in a gun safe which could take you minutes to open is OF  NO USE while some 250 pound gorilla is beating you senseless.  I have kept loaded firearms in my home since the early 1950s.   When we had our daughter and she was old enough to understand she was taught to NEVER touch any firearm in the home. Of course I did not keep one lying around where she could easily get to them.  Then at a very early age, I took her shooting with me so that she could see what a firearm could do.  She killed her first deer at age 8 and has hunted on a fairly regular basis for many years and has killed wild game including bear and mountain lion. All 5 of her kids have also killed wild game and I was fortunate enough to be along with my oldest grandson when he killed his first deer.
If you want to own a firearm.... that is YOUR  BUSINESS  AND NOT MINE.   If you do not want to own a firearm..... that is YOUR BUSINESS  AND NOT MINE.   If I choose to own a firearm OR NOT own a firearm then THAT  IS  MY  BUSINESS  AND  NONE  OF YOURS... or Barack Hussein Obama's.... or Michelle Hussein Obama's...... or Hillary Hussein OClinton's.... or Harry Hussein OReid's.... or Bill O'Reilly's.  AND THE SAME  HOLDS  TRUE ON THE TYPE OF  FIREARMS  AND  MAGAZINE  CAPACITY of same.
NOW, if that does not EXPLAIN my position on firearms then nothing else will.
OK.  The House concluded their TWO  YEAR  INVESTIGATION into the Benghazi fiasco in which 4 Americans were murdered by terrorists while Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton along with a bunch of her cohorts and apparently Barack Hussein Obama and his nest of criminals sat on their dead asses and did NOTHING.... well that is NOTHING until the next day when they all became part of of a conspiracy to cover up the total botch job of The State Department and all of their lackeys and all became embroiled in the phony story about the attack being the result of a spontaneous reaction of some random Muslims who were insulted by some YouTube video which must have been seen by at least a half-dozen people.  Not only did they blame this video but they continued to blame the video over the coffins of the 4 dead Americans when their bodies were returned to the United States.   The families of those murdered Americans still have not gotten the truth from a member of the Obama administration.  

SO, please EXPLAIN to me why, after the 800 page report was released along with some damning statements by Rep. Trey Gowdy who was the chairman of this House Committee,  why  there is not a massive Criminal Investigation ordered by the Department of Justice?   The original lie was told to cover for the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama and apparently the inaction of the Department of Justice inaction is to cover for the election of Hillary Clinton.
Finally, I would like an EXPLANATION from all of the Gun Control idiots on how the Terrorist Attack in Turkey occurred, which as I understand it  caused at least 50 deaths (and counting) and injured 239 (so far) in a country where private ownership of firearms IS  PROHIBITED?   I am sure that the leadership in the Democrat/Progressive/Socialist/Marxist Party will be forthcoming with a logical explanation.
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"Last week the Supreme Court of the United States voted that President Obama exceeded his authority when he granted exemptions from the immigration laws passed by Congress.  But the Supreme Court also exceeded its own authority by granting the University of Texas an exemption from the Constitution's requirement of equal protection of the laws, by voting that racial preferences for student admissions were legal."............... THOMAS  SOWELL

"We have heard much this year about the Supreme Court vacancy created  by the death of the great Justice Antonin Scalia --- and rightly so.  But there are two vacancies on the Supreme Court.  The other vacancy is Anthony Kennedy."............. THOMAS  SOWELL
"When racial preferences in student admissions in the University of California system were banned, the number of black and Hispanic students in the system declined slightly, but the number actually graduating rose substantially.  So did the number graduating with degrees in tough subjects like math, science and engineering..... But hard facts carry no such weight among politicians as magic words like diversity -- a word repeated endlessly , without one speck of evidence to back up its sweeping  claims of benefits.  It too is part of the Supreme Court fraud, going back to a 1978 decision that seemingly banned racial quotas -- unless the word diversity was used instead of quotas."......................  THOMAS  SOWELL
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A couple of days back my wife was going through some old photographs and various papers to see what she could throw away or keep for our daughter or grandkids.  One of the newspaper articles was from the Hobbs News Sun from Friday, July 11, 1986.  The story was related to one of the scariest days of my life.  On Thursday,  July 10, 1986 our department received a call from the Odessa Police Department advising us of an Odessa man for whom they had warrants for Criminal Sexual Assault and Parole Violation and that the suspect was believed to be visiting his grandmother who lived in Hobbs.  They gave us the description of the motorcycle being ridden by the suspect and several Detective cars with two Detectives each went to the location.  The motorcycle was not there and we drove around the area to see if we could spot the suspect and motorcycle.   Detective Ron Campbell was with me in my car and as we returned to the grandmother's house, the suspect pulled up front and when he spotted us, he decided that we were the police and took off. 
Of course we could not keep up with him on that motorcycle and called in some uniform patrol cars with emergency equipment and we backed off the pursuit.  As we were in the area, Ron Campbell said that he thought we should return to the grandmother's house as he would probably eventually return there.  I agreed and just about that time I looked to my left and the guy on the motorcycle was about 10 feet from my door looking back over his shoulder.   Even in that short time before he hit us, I noticed that he had discarded the helmet he had been wearing when the chase began.  Anyway, he hit my driver's door going about 85 miles per hour and the handlebars on his motorcycle came through the window and hit me in the left eye.  I was knocked unconscious but others told me later that my car went up on two wheels almost overturning and I ran through a fence and struck a tree and a parked car in a yard on the corner.  Of course I knew nothing about that.

The article in the paper showed me on a stretcher with Bill Lane who was Chief of Police at the time walking beside the stretcher.  I vaguely remember him saying something to me but then I went out.  After I got to the emergency room I remember hearing Tony Knott,  my wife,  and my doctor.  I could not really tell what they were saying but for a couple of minutes I was conscious and I remember asking my doctor,  "What happened to..... and I couldn't remember Ron Campbell's name... so I stuttered for a few minutes and just asked him... "What happened to THE  OTHER  GUY",  meaning my friend Ron Campbell and the doctor told me that he was killed in the accident.

I lost consciousness again and remember some crazy things went through my head and I guess the did X-Rays and CAT Scans or whatever but I was out for about 24 hours in the intensive care ward.  Then I regained consciousness and of course had to go to the bathroom like crazy.  As I was about to call for the nurse, I looked up and there stood Ron Campbell.   I can remember  wondering just where in the hell Ron and I had gone.... Heaven or Hell?  But I knew we had gone to the same place.  Then of course Campbell ate my ass out for getting hit and I knew that we were both still on earth and alive.

I finally got a nurse and filled up almost to of the plastic urine bottles and the nurse began to yell and tell everyone that I had set a record.  All I know is that it sure felt good to empty my bladder.

They dug little pieces of glass out of my left eye for about 6 weeks and the specialist told me that my left eye would be permanently dilated and I would NEVER regain good vision in my left eye and that it would be very light sensitive.  Several eye specialists at an eye clinic in Dallas told me that the vision in my left eye would NEVER be able to be corrected better than 20/40.  I  lived with it like that and my vision slowly becoming worse until about 6 years ago when I had cataract surgery and had the lens replaced in both eyes.   I do not wear glasses anymore other than sunglasses but my left eye is still permanently dilated and light sensitive but 20/20 vision returned.  I did not feel like coming up with about $5,000 out of pocket expense to get the tri-focal lens so I either have to hold things at arms' length OR by Dollar Tree reading glasses.  You cannot swing a dead cat at my house without hitting a pair of Dollar Tree readers.  They are $1  each and work just fine.
And as it turned out, the motorcycle driver had other felony charges pending and the Sexual Assault charge against him was for the sexual assault of a child. 
** You may have noticed that all politicians have been removed from the Good Guy List.  Sheriff David Clarke is the only exception.