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WEDNESDAY - June 4, 2014
Greetings from The West Texas Headquarters For Completely Pissed Off Fossil Fuel Burning Jingoistic Right Wing Conspirators.
The Obama Administration under the lame leadership of Barack Hussein Obama has raised a few questions in the minds of ALL true Conservatives,  A GREAT  MANY so called Moderates and even SOME  left wing Liberals/Progressives/Socialists.
I would imagine that the residents of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada might think that swapping Wayne Gretzky to the Los Angeles Kings was a great example of a "Bad Trade".   Then, probably in New Orleans you might find some people who would view New Orleans Saints Coach, Mike Ditka's trading of ALL of their draft choices for the rights to draft Texas running back Rickey Williams as a swap that should not have occurred.
Now I am certainly no hockey expert by any stretch and I can understand the fury of the Edmonton fans for losing perhaps the greatest hockey player who has ever lived and I can probably relate to the New Orleans folks in their feelings but do not claim to be anywhere near a knowledgeable about professional football as Mike Ditka.

And I have never been assigned to a post in Afghanistan nor have I ever been a prisoner of The Taliban and neither have I ever been to Cuba or Guantanamo.  BUT it sure seems to not only me, but many others that the decision of The World's Most Articulate and Intelligent Human to trade FIVE;  Cinco;  V;  5;   FIVE high ranking Taliban Terrorists in order  to obtain the release of  a highly suspected Army Deserter seems to me to be a few fish short of a full stringer.
AND, I do not need a bunch of Liberals/Moderates/Socialists/Marxists to explain to me that "In America, a person is innocent UNTIL  PROVEN  GUILTY".  And I damn sure don't need a lecture from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,  General Martin Dempsey about the presumption of innocence NOR  DO  I  APPRECIATE  HIS  LAME  ASS  WARNING  THAT,  "  WE  MUST  NOT  BE  TOO  QUICK  TO  RUSH  TO  JUDGMENT  ON  THIS  INCIDENT."Let's see now,  didn't  Barack Hussein Obama caution the American people to not be too quick  to  judge  in  THE   FORT  HOOD  TERRORIST  MURDERS   AND  THE  BOSTON  MARATHON  TERRORIST  BOMBINGS?
So, after hearing and watching film clips  of  a number of  soldiers in  Bowe  Burgdahl's  unit  tell us without hesitation that Burgdahl  deserted his  post AND that he had further made statements about being ashamed of being an American and had written notes professing the same.
AND  THEN, after this suspect  prisoner swap was made, we were exposed to the dancing and singing of these Muslim Terrorists who were released by the order of Barack Hussein Obama and also claiming this as a great victory for Islam.   AND  I  AM  INCLINED  TO  AGREE THAT  IT NOT ONLY WAS  A GREAT  VICTORY  FOR  THE  TALIBAN, IT WAS ALSO A COMPLETE  EMBARRASSMENT TO THE UNITED  STATES.
AH, but then we were also subjected to another public statement by SUSAN  RICE,  you remember... the woman who lied her ass off immediately after the Benghazi murders?   In this last  little keen observation by Ms. Rice, she made the statement that Bowe Burgdahl had  SERVED  WITH  HONOR.   I am sorry, but anyone who deserts their post in a war zone which subsequently led to the DEATHS of at least SIX of his fellow Soldiers as they were searching for him, HAS  NOT  SERVED  WITH  HONOR.
AND, as if that were not enough we were subjected to a little White House Rose Garden ass kissing display as Bowe Burgdahl's father  made a statement to his son with the first part being in one of the Middle East languages, which translated allegedly means: "In the name of Allah the most gracious and merciful".   Now BOB  BURGDAHL prior to making this statement said that his son might not understand English but then after making this statement in Arabic, then reverted back to English with a tender message to his son.
And what really makes  this unbearable is that  Diane Feinstein apparently  agrees  with this view.... well maybe not completely... but nevertheless was against the swap.  OR  IS  SHE  JUST  MAD  BECAUSE  THE WORLD'S  MOST  ARTICULATE AND  INTELLIGENT  HUMAN  WENT THROUGH  WITH THIS HUMBUG  DEAL  WITHOUT  LETTING  SOME OF  THE OTHER  ELECTED  VERMIN  KNOW  ABOUT  IT IN ADVANCE?
NOW,  what  was  the  real  reason  for  this  prisoner swap?  If  you believe  that  it was  simply  to  rescue an American Soldier held prisoner by the Taliban then I would say  that  your  brain would rattle inside of a Mosquito's Skull..... that is if a mosquito had a skull.
SO, I do not know the reasons behind this idiotic bit of  Obama policy but I do suspect that Barack Hussein Obama believes  that  regardless of  what he does,  or how wrong  it may be,  he can go before the American public and  lie with a straight face and still convince  enough  of  them  that  he  did  it  in  the best  interest  of our country.  IMPOSSIBLE!  You say.  But keep in mind that he has done this all his life and has, at least up to this point, been able to convince enough low information or no information voters to keep him in office.  AND,  never forget  that  this NEW  SCANDAL detracts from Benghazi;   The IRS;  and The VA scandals.   Fast and Furious is already a dead duck, I fear.
And keep this in mind,  some of the Obama Administration and some of the varmints who  tag  along for the ride keep telling us that  The President of the United States has the Executive Power to negotiate things such as this with foreign nations and governments.  OK.  So just exactly  what  Foreign Nation does the Taliban Represent? 
1) Is there some new Middle Eastern country called TALIBA?  
2) Or perhaps it is a new break away country from the Ukraine... TALUKRAINABAN? 
3) Or perhaps Barack Hussein Obama has it in his mind that he can do as he damn well pleases and just lie his way out of trouble?
I think I will choose  DOOR  #3.  And why should he think any different?  He has been getting away with it since first being elected to the Illinois Senate.
And the American Voters have been letting  this Incompetent Liar do as he pleases with no consequences.
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"On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright  MORON."...............   H.L. MENCKEN
"Has our culture devolved to the point that the private statements of an NBA owner draws more outrage than the lies and deceit of the President of the United States.".........  LT. COL.  ALLEN  B. WEST
"Those people who want Hillary Clinton elected president, so that we could have our first woman president, seem to have learned absolutely nothing from the current disaster of choosing a president on the basis of demographics and symbolism."......... THOMAS  SOWELL
"Political Correctness is just TYRANNY  WITH  MANNERS."............. CHARLTON  HESTON
"America has now negotiated with terrorists, because the Taliban is not a nation-state,  it is a non-state, non-uniform belligerent organization, a terrorist group.  his is a dangerous precedent and was done unilaterally by President Obama."..........  LT. COL.  ALLEN B. WEST 
"An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!.... Sir, we are not weak if we make  a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power....  Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone.   There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us....   Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of the chains of slavery?  Forbid it, Almighty God.  I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death."..... PATRICK  HENRY
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I was reading an article in the (Sub) Standard Times with the headline:  OBAMA  WANTS  MORE  STUDY  OF  YOUTH  SPORTS  CONCUSSIONS.  Evidently, prior to his trip to Poland, Obama had some type of Concussion Summit at the White House. Now, not only was the World's most Articulate and Intelligent Human at this Summit, so was one of the sideline Divas who during football season ask some really stupid questions and make equally stupid observations during the NFL Games.  I believe her name is Pam Oliver.  I won't go into my feelings of these sideline boobs/boobesses ,  male and female alike but I just wonder exactly what expertise some TV sideline jerk/jerkette really adds to the picture.

Now I would imagine that I have had a number of concussions in my life.  Several from automobile crashes and some from contact sports and some from being hit with flying objects.  So I know they are no fun.  But let us not forget that most people who play contact sports do so BY  CHOICE.  And I do believe that going into a contact sport or any sport where speed is involved a player probably does know that there is always the danger of a concussion OR broken bone OR torn muscle or any number of negative injuries.

But you may rest assured that the reason that Obama is getting involved in this particular study is that he along with other elected vermin want the government to control another aspect of our lives.  For God's Sake!   The NFL;  NBA;  NHL;  NCAA;  AAU; and almost every other sports governing body has stuff screwed up enough as it is without the Federal Government's involvement.
Now while I am not a huge Montel Williams fan, I must give him his due.  He has been very vocal on the Veteran's Administration scandal and I think made perfect sense in his comments this past week.
Obama at West Point was an embarrassment at best.   I could not believe that he went into his explanation of why he thought that the U.S. was exceptional.  His reason was that we met global standards.  I'm sorry, but MEETING some set of standards IS  NOT  EXCEPTIONAL!  It is NORMAL.  It is "C" grade work.  It is like every player in a sport receiving a trophy merely for participating.  It would be like awarding the Medal of Honor to EVERY  SINGLE  SOLDIER,  SAILOR,  AIRMAN, or MARINE.  So I guess that Obama is either clueless about what the word EXCEPTIONAL really means or it has absolutely no meaning to him and is just another lie.  I also had to wonder a bit about his mention of Global Warming as if the Graduating Cadets didn't have a bit more to worry about in the future.  But, of course, anyone other than an employee of MSNBC or some media hack in the tank for Obama or some Democrat/Socialist Strategist might have recognized that the applause and reception for Obama was below tepid.
Compare his commencement address with that of Admiral William H. McRaven at the University of Texas and it will be NO  CONTEST.
This past week we were subjected to intense coverage of the death of Maya Angelou whom we are told is a great poet as well as an actress and author.  She achieved much of her fame by being supposedly a FAVORITE of Bill Clinton.  Of course I don't believe that Bill Clinton has a real favorite other than himself.  But surprisingly enough  I have enjoyed poetry for a good portion of my life.  We had to do some poetry study it a number of levels in public schools and I became sort of a fan of a number of poets:

Rudyard Kipling
Alfred Lord Tennyson
Edward Lear
Eugene Field
Clement C. Moore
Felicia Dorthea
William Allingham
Lewis Carroll
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Edgar Allen Poe

And the list could go on.  BUT, nowhere on this list would you find Maya Angelou's name.  I realize that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not everyone enjoys the same type of movies,  literature,  sports,  television or food but I never saw or heard anything put out by this woman that did much for me.  I am sure her family is saddened by her demise but from the personal appearances of Maya Angelou that I observed, I found very little that she said with which I agreed.  But the article in the (Sub) Standard Times did relate the fact that she was a friend of Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela,  as well as Oprah Winfrey none  of whom I am/was very fond.
If you live in a state which is having some really close races, I can't even begin to tell you how important it is to take back control of the U.S. Senate AND to maintain control in the U.S. House for the Republican Party...AND  PREFERABLY  SOME  CONSERVATIVE  REPUBLICANS.  I can almost guarantee that Obama is going to try to pack the U.S. District Courts with Socialist Judges.  I can also guarantee that in the time he has left as President, he is going to try to have his regulatory agencies do as much damage to our economy as possible.


See Y'All Next Week