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Wednesday - June 3, 2015
Greetings from the Association Of Jingoistic Second Amendment Supporting Vast Right Wing Conspirator Of West Texas.

I am sure that you have noticed as have I that our world is in pretty bad shape and our wonderful country is being driven into dangerous times by the most egotistical and clueless criminal administration to which we have ever been subjected.  It is not only that we have a Socialist self centered President, but the sheer amount of real incompetents which he has appointed as advisors and Bureau Heads.

To me an excellent example of this is looking at the Department of Justice which leapt from the incompetent hands Of Eric Holder right into the clutches of an equally incompetent Loretta Lynch.

With all of the criminal activities of the IRS and other branches of the federal government Ms. Lynch evidently decided that seeking indictments against the head of FIFA and approximately 14 other FIFA Officials.  Now I am not sure but I would think that the Department Of Justice  might just have a few more pressing matters to deal with than the governing body of World Soccer.
In my opinion, soccer is a game to be watched if your kids, your grandkids, or your great grandkids are participants.   Watching a bunch of Europeans take a dive every time they are touched is not my idea of a real athletic contest.  Yes, I realize that the remainder of the world is trying to get the American public to give up American football but I don't look for that to happen in my lifetime.  Of course, if the NFL keeps following their present course I could give it up at least at the professional level.
But getting back to PRIORITIES, I would have to think that with TERRORISM and with our elected officials being involved in some pretty shaky dealings that there just might be a few items a bit more important to the American people and our country than some skullduggery being conducted by FIFA Officials.
I also am a bit confused regarding the expiration of the Patriot Act.  When this legislation was passed immediately after 9/11, I along with a number of other people in this country were not quite sure exactly what it covered but were led to believe that it was necessary for the protection of our country.  And immediately following 9/11 I imagine that I would have probably supported lots of things in order to protect the American people.
But with these criminals now in charge of the White House, I am positive that my level of trust in the federal government has, as they say,  GONE  SOUTH.  First of all, under normal conditions, I personally don't give a damn about who knows whom I call or how long we talk or even the gist of our conversation.  Since I have taken part in a number of Title III wiretap cases, I know that I would NEVER trust our communications systems to be secure enough to plan anything that was against the law.

But with these bozos now in charge of damn near every branch of our federal government, I cannot trust them to not trump up something with which to cause me legal problems.  Just look back over the past 10 or 12 years and look at the federal indictments handed down for some pretty shaky things.   Remember Irving Lewis "Scooter" Libby who was indicted by a federal prosecutor in the BUSH Department of Justice for making known the identification of a person, Valerie Plame, when not only the prosecutor but lots of other folks already knew who had released Plame's name to the public?    This was purely a case of the Department of Justice investigating someone when the actual identity of the culprit was already known.
I can remember back years ago when I had confidence in the Department of Justice when local law enforcement officers worked closely with various federal officials.  I have personally worked cases with the F.B.I.;   the Secret Service;  the BATF;  the DEA;  the Border Patrol;  the United States Army;  U.S. Customs and several more federal officials.  Our working relationship was exceptional and I had faith in those officers and agencies.
I am sorry to say that this is no longer the case.  Only yesterday I saw former General David Petraeus talking before some committee and agreeing that the five Terrorists held at Guantanamo should have been traded for Bowe Bergdahl.  I was a bit taken back but I don't know why I should have been.  We were told for months that David Petraeus was the greatest thing since sliced bread but then we find out that his basic honesty is somewhat questionable.
Anyway, my point is that I DO NOT  TRUST  THIS  PRESENT  FEDERAL  ADMINISTRATION to be honest in their dealings with the American people..... which includes ME.
It appears to me as if the PRIORITIES of our present federal government is to do everything in their power to circumvent the United States Constitution and believe me when I say that the Patriot Act and more than likely this new proposed USA Freedom Act will attempt to do the exact same thing.
KEEP  IN  MIND:   The federal government (ALL BRANCHES) have already stuffed the First Amendment up our backsides.  They are doing everything within their power to ROB  US of our Second Amendment Rights.  And the Patriot Act and I feel sure this latest substitute for the Patriot Act will strip us of our Fourth Amendment Rights against illegal searches.

These mutts preach against PROFILING (which works rather well) on criminals and terror suspects,  but are more than ready to accept Constitutional Rights infringements on the rest of us.  BUT what should we expect from a bunch of Political Correctness Indoctrinated Jerks?

For a number of years I was a huge fan of The History Channel.  BUT, in the past few years they have decided that the majority of their daily and nightly programs will be nothing but "REALITY" type programming.  I am referring to PAWN STARS;   ICE  ROAD  TRUCKERS;  THAT'S  IMPOSSIBLE;   COUNTING  CARS;  AMERICAN PICKERS and several more which are ANYTHING BUT  REALITY.  They are scripted just like Naked and Afraid;  Fat Guys In The Woods ALL of the Dating Shows and several more.
The Military History and the History II Channels show some pretty good stuff but the original History Channel is pure crap. AH, but their latest below pitiful effort is their mini-series TEXAS  RISING.  As an old boy who lived a great deal of his life in Texas and being exposed to Texas History in school for a number of years, I found this TEXAS  RISING  program to be really insulting and far from being even close to the real occurrences during the days of Texas Independence.  Oh, some of the names of the characters are real but it ends there.  I would imagine that the people responsible for this piece o' crap show have probably never been to San Antonio nor have they ever been to Goliad or Gonzales or to the San Jacinto River where the final battle took place.  The people at Goliad who surrendered to Santa Anna were marched away from the town and executed by Mexican Soldiers.  Also there are NO  MOUNTAINS near Goliad or Gonzales or San Antonio or any other place near the Texas Gulf Coast.
But of course the makers of this inaccurate piece of junk had to have a black female introduced into the film as a spy for General Sam Houston.  They also demoted Mirabeau Bonaparte Lamar.   They made Sam Houston look like a really weak leader.  Sam Houston might have been a lot of things but weak wasn't one of 'em.  Anyway the program is an inaccurate piece of junk and I was going to say beneath the dignity of the History Channel but when I get to thinking about it, it seems to fit right in with their other junk.  The program is FALSE.

Then we have Legends and Lies which is shown every Sunday evening on FOX News Channel and is based upon the book of the same name written by Bill O'Reilly.  Some of the earlier programs seem to be fairly sprinkled with TRUTH but after last week watching the program on William Bonny (Billy the Kid) I came to the conclusion that it was also a bunch of crap.  One of the scenes showed Billy the Kid sitting around a campfire with a bunch of older outlaws when one of them made a remark challenging his abilities with a pistol at which time Billy the Kid tossed an empty can into the air and promptly shot six holes in the can before it fell to the ground.

Now having lived in New Mexico for 30 years and having studied quite a bit of New Mexico History and having read many volumes on the Lincoln County War and the folks involved in that little fracas, I seriously doubt if William Bonny ever did that little trick.  Most of the people in the Western States during the 1800s didn't do much show boating and many of them were not necessarily super fast on the draw nor did quite a large number of them even wear holsters like they show in the movies.  Most of the real bad asses just flat didn't put up with a bunch of foolishness and would shoot someone at the least provocation.  I read in one book that Doc Holliday was not all that accurate with a handgun because he was drunk or high on drugs most of his waking hours BUT what he was known for was being very dangerous and not one to put up with a bunch of guff and would make sure that he shot until someone fell.

Probably the really best shots and  real pistoleros were John Wesley Hardin and James Butler Hickok who  were both shot in the back.

The real bad ass was Killin' Jim Miller.  He frequented towns in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma.  Most of his victims were shot in the back, many with a shotgun.  Killin' Jim and one of his cohorts were lynched in Ada, Oklahoma at a livery stable.  They had murdered a really popular local man and while in jail hired a top notch attorney and the good citizens of Ada decided to settle the matter out of court.

Anyway,  I prefer programs that are shown on the History Channel and on FOX News to at least try to be TRUTHFUL..... which at this point, in my opinion, they are NOT!
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I know that most of us get tired of the constant bombardment of commercials whether they or on television,   radio, OR those super annoying recorded telephone hustles.  I am sure that, like me, if you happen to be watching television while you are eating, a commercial about hemorrhoids, trans-vaginal mesh, toenail fungus,  or acid reflux could be done without.

But I guess some of the most annoying commercials are the ones regarding someone's "CREDIT  SCORE" and showing how some idiot "GETS THEIR  CREDIT  SWAGGER" back.  I do not work for a lending institution but I have worked for my father when I was younger and after his death in a retail business in which he gave credit to people whom he thought were good risks and responsible.  Of course not all of the were but he did do a pretty darn good job of judging character.
I am constantly getting mail advising me that my credit score is something like 847, which I guess is supposed to be good.  But these idiotic commercials show arrogant people whose credit scores are somewhere in the low to medium 700s and these people act like you owe them something.  I would imagine that after I first got married and had to finance my home and at least one automobile that had I acted like these television boobs I would have been homeless. 
Of course during those years we did not attempt to live way above our means and we had NO  CREDIT CARDS and with a family income of somewhere in the neighborhood of $700 per month we did not try to live in a $200,000 home nor drive the fanciest automobiles or SUVs.  And I can assure you that we lived fairly well and got to do some things.  Of course I also took extra work as much as possible.
It is a small wonder that the youth of today are having financial problems.
I would like to take this opportunity to ANNOUNCE  THAT  I  WILL  NOT  BE  A  CANDIDATE  FOR  PRESIDENT  OF  THE  UNITED  STATES.
I am so damn sick of these idiotic politicians going through the motions of making their announcements as if it were some Biblical Prophecy.
Ted Cruz was the first to announce his candidacy and I cannot remember who was second but it could have been Marco Rubio.  Anyway when idiots like Lindsey Graham and Mike Huckabee and several more on the Republican side make a big to do about making an announcement at some future date, it makes me believe that they must think we are as foolish as they are in not knowing what their announcement will be.

What we really need are a few more Republicans to decide to toss their hat into the ring, as if there were not enough already.  Former Texas Governor Rick Perry, according to one report I read, came out an made the statement that he was in support of IN  STATE  TUITION for Illegal Aliens.  Perhaps now you know why he is not on my Good Guys list.
OH BOY!  Former Republican Lincoln Chaffee is getting ready to make his announcement.  I am really caught up in the excitement of that bit of news.
Anyway, I have been without a computer for about a week and although I have a laptop and can reply to a message I did not have my complete address book saved on it and have been unable to generate much of anything.  I am not computer literate enough to know how to transfer my complete  list from one computer to another but I will try to find out from someone.  We don't have any Jr. High kids living in our neighborhood anymore so I can't depend on one of them.
As a final thought, I am not sure that perhaps having to live with the Kardashians might have some type of effect upon one's sanity but I can't be sure.  Also I find it a bit much when various news reporters talk on their programs about how COURAGEOUS it is of Bruce Jenner to go through a trans-gender procedure.  Ol' Bruce going through that procedure is not a pivotal moment in my life but I equate courage as to acts performed by people who actually risk their lives and safety and like our founding fathers their fortunes in order to perform an act which will help or save others.  I am sure that is pretty old fashioned but if the trans-gender deal is what Bruce Jenner wanted, it is no skin off my ass.  BUT  COURAGEOUS?
Last week I was watching one of my all time favorite movies, The Outlaw Josey Wales with Clint Eastwood and tons of great supporting actors.  At one point in the movie, Josey Wales had a conversation with the Comanche Chief, Ten Bears (Will Sampson).  During their conversation  Chief Ten Bears made a statement which I can apply as the gospel insofar as my opinion of the Obama Administration.  The quote was:  "It is sad that governments are chiefed by the DOUBLE TONGUES".   I thought that line was as good a description of the Obama Administration as I ever heard.