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Wednesday - May 27, 2015
Hello once more from the West Texas Home For Jingoistic Fossil Fuel Burning Right Wing Conspirators.
I once read a quote from one of the ancient Greek philosophers, I can't remember which one, that went..... "True education is the close OBSERVATION of the world around you."
I believed that to be a true statement and still do to this day.

It appears to me as if many of today's "Low Information Voters" have little or no powers of observation.  And it is not too hard to understand when almost everywhere you go you see more people than not with some type of electronic device held up to their head or else they are staring at a screen and working their thumbs at warp speed.
One morning last week it was raining a bit so I took my morning walk inside the Sunset Mall.  The mall opens its outside doors  early to accommodate people who want to walk for their exercise. Two laps around the inside of the mall is one mile in length so it is fairly easy to know how far you have walked.  One one of my turns around the inside of the mall I saw a total of 16 people.  Four of these people were walking as I was which left a dozen who were sitting on various benches.  One of these persons was a little kid who was playing in the play area.  His mother was sitting on a bench with her thumbs operating  some type of  touch screen device.  I saw one young man and a young lady sitting by themselves and both of them had their heads buried in their touch screen phones.  The other people I saw were sitting by themselves and every single one of them was working their touch screen phones as fast as possible.
It dawned on me that out of the sixteen persons whom I saw, twelve of them were not exercising and one of them was a small child.  Every other adult in the mall was concentrating on their hand held electronic device.  As I was walking I passed in front of a pet shop window and in the front window  was an area which held a number of cats ranging from small kittens up to one full grown cat.  There were, as well as I can remember, nine cats in the area where they had all kinds of towers and rest areas.  The adult cat was minding her own business but the other eight smaller cats were involved in a constant game of chasing each other or batting around one of the toys.  I stopped for a minute or so and watched these creatures and had a good laugh at their antics.  And I thought that it was a shame that the majority of the persons in that mall were missing the greatest show in the area.  It also dawned on me that these people along with quite a large segment of our population do not take the time to OBSERVE anything other than the screens on their personal communications devices.  A damn sad commentary on our times.
There is no way that any of these people were even thinking about OBSERVATION of the world around them.  I just wondered how many American voters today have taken time to really OBSERVE one of our most sacred holidays and I am speaking of MEMORIAL  DAY.  Now I am from the old school who still believes that Memorial Day is on May 30th but in the spirit of Political Correctness the holiday is moved around to coincide with a long week end.  I guess I can live with that but what concerns me is just how few people...particularly the MILLENIALS even know what this holiday is about.
I can tell you one thing that I have OBSERVED over the past 6 years.  And that fact is that neither Barack Hussein Obama nor Michelle Obama really have any regard for our present or past Military.  Oh sure, he places the wreath on Memorial Day but how does he act toward our Military the remainder of the year.  Memorial Day, much like other patriotic days of observance are nothing more than an opportunity for him to either speak to a captive audience or have his photo taken in a patriotic setting.

What do you mean by "Captive Audience"?   What I am referring to is my OBSERVATION of Barack Obama's commencement address to the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Here he is speaking to a group of young men and women who have just completed their college courses and are about to graduate and enter into one of our Military Branches.  SO, what does the world's most articulate and intelligent human dwell upon in this address?  Why, what else?   CLIMATE  CHANGE.  What a joke.
And what really gets to me is the fact that these young men and women have no choice but to sit through this agonizing crap and cannot really display their feelings regarding what they have just been subjected to.  This is my idea of a real CAPTIVE  AUDIENCE.
I also managed to OBSERVE the performance of the Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons,  CHARLES  E.   SAMUELS  JR.   Charles E. Samuels Jr. is a black man who is evidently just another professional  public  administrator and of course doesn't appear to have a clue as to some nuts and bolts of the operation of the Federal Prison System.   He was asked a simple question by a 100% VARMINT, Senator Al Franken, regarding the size of a solitary confinement prison cell in the Federal System.  Now you obviously know that I wouldn't pee on Al Franken if he were on fire but the question was rather simple, I thought.  CHARLES  E. SAMUELS JR. however could not answer the question and when he did guess at an answer he came up with the ridiculous measurements of SIX  FEET  BY  FOUR  FEET.  Now if he had been asked for the measurements of "The Box" in "Cool Hand Luke", his guess might have been close but of course it wasn't.
But this is just another example of a complete incompetent boob being appointed to a six figure job, as I understand it is something like $210,000 per year.  Barack can sure pick 'em can't he.   I mean, Stevie Wonder is blind but can see that this guy is a pathetic excuse for a Director of ANYTHING.
One final OBSERVATION.   It seems that since the idiot Mayor of Baltimore and the idiot Prosecuting State Attorney in Baltimore have really taken over the reins of the Baltimore Police Department that order has finally been established.  I read where last week end Baltimore recorded 29 shootings with 9 fatalities.
AH, but not to worry, the City of Chicago, during this same time period recorded 56 shootings with 12 fatalities.  Not bad for a city with some of the strictest firearms laws in the country.
Perhaps  STEPHANIE  RAWLINGS-BLAKE and RAHM EMANUEL should be appointed to some high powered position in the Obama Administration.... they both seem incompetent enough.  But that is just an OBSERVATION on my part.
Anyway, I am pretty sure that all of these week end shootings were the fault of either:  George Bush,  Climate Change, or FOX News.
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On Memorial Day I watched a steady diet of World War II in HD on one of the History Channels.  There was a bunch of footage which I had never seen before.  I was particularly interested in the segments on Iwo Jima;  Tarawa;  Saipan;  Peleliu;  and Okinawa.   I knew people and had relatives who served in the USMC and the U.S. Army during these campaigns.  I heard a few stories from some of them and the films I watched on Memorial Day sure seemed to bear out those stories.
Anyway, these folks are called "The Greatest Generation" and I am inclined to agree with that description.  Of course I know that people who served in Korea;  Vietnam;  Iraq;  and Afghanistan all have served with great honor.

I do not claim to have the answer to our present problems in the Middle East BUT I would bet that I would do a hell of a lot better job insofar as listening to my Military Commanders and their suggestions than I would in listening to the likes of John Kerry and some of the rest of this team of incompetents.
Another real quick OBSERVATION on how unbiased the MEDIA is:
When they are referring to a Democrat/Socialist/Marxist candidate in any country they use the terms.... LIBERAL,  MODERATE, and PROGRESSIVE
But when it is a Republican or Conservative candidate they use the term ........... RIGHT  WING