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Wednesday - April 22, 2015
Greetings from the Home Corporate Offices For Jingoistic Conspiratorial Man Made Climate Change Deniers Of West Texas.
Let us first look at the meaning of the word.

PHONY - not genuine;  false;  a person who is not genuine;  one who exhibits false traits; something which is not genuine;   fraud;  fake
OK. Now that we all have a pretty good idea of the meaning of the word PHONY,  who would be one of the first people whom you would think of that this term describes very accurately.
I nominate HILLARY  RODHAM  CLINTON.  Just look at the history of the actions of this woman.  Even back when she was no more than the First Lady (and I am really stretching it to call her a lady) and her phony ass husband was President of the United States.

But that was merely a preview of things to come.  The more she was in the public view the bigger PHONY she became.  Let me review just a few things which confirm my suspicions.
Do you remember the phony sympathy she showed when they brought home the bodies of the Americans MURDERED in Benghazi?  Do you remember how she along with Obama got up before the families and friends of these dead Americans and stuck with the story that the reasons for the attacks on these Americans was caused by a video.  And of course this turned out to be a big like put forth by the State Department and the White House.
Do you remember her telling a reporter that when Bill left office that they were DEAD  BROKE?  And of course there was her story about coming under sniper fire on a visit to a foreign country which turned out to be FALSE.
BUT last week she tried to pull the wool over the eyes of the people once again on her alleged  ORDINARY  PERSON tour of the Midwest.  The first thing I noticed when she and her band of merry men were driving around in a van which everyone was calling the "Scooby Van".  She was doing everything, apparently, to allegedly avoid contact with the media but that was also not true.  Then she chose a coffee shop in LeCLaire, Iowa to just  "Pop In" and rub shoulders with some ORDINARY  PEOPLE.  Of course the TV people whom she was allegedly trying so hard to avoid managed to video Hillary's  CHANCE  MEETING with THREE ORDINARY  IOWANS.

When I first saw this I made the statement that this whole thing was a set up and that it WAS  NOT  A  CHANCE  MEETING.   Then I read where the identity of these "THREE  ORDINARY  IOWANS" turned out to be:
Austin Bird ---- a former Clinton campaign intern
Carter Bell ----- University of Iowa College Democrats President 
Sara Sedlacek - Planned Parenthood of the Heartland staffer
And the CHANCE  MEETING was arranged by Troy Price who is a campaign staffer for Hillary Clinton
Damn near everything this woman does and says is either a complete lie or set up by some of her staff.
PHONY is an excellent description of the character of this woman.
If the Republican Party allows the mainstream news media or the RNC and professional politicians like John McCain and Lindsey Graham or complete Hacks like Karl Rove to choose the Republican candidate for President in 2016 then we will probably be looking at Hillary Rodham Clinton as our next President.
With all the turmoil the world is in at present and the weakness being shown by the entire Obama Administration combined with a U.S. Senate and House of Representatives  looking pretty weak, I read an article in the (Sub) Standard Times  which convinced me that our country is in the hands of complete fools.  The article had the headline:  PUT  A  WOMAN  ON $20  BILL  WHILE  WE  STILL CAN.
With the miserable shape the world is in at present, whose picture is on the $20 bill, or for that matter on ANY currency or coin of the United States Of America is pretty insignificant in the whole scheme of things.  Here is the reasoning behind this proposed change:
Andrew Jackson was the seventh President of the United States.  He was a fierce opponent of the central banking system and favored gold and silver coin over paper currency.  The article went on to say that Martha Washington's portrait appeared on a $1 silver certificate in 1886 and 1891.  Then they also noted that Susan B. Anthony and Indian guide Sacagawea likenesses have appeared on the $1 coins which were almost as popular as a root canal.
Here are some of the suggestions for the female replacement  for Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.
Eleanor  Roosevelt - "Trailblazing First Lady"
Harriet Tubman - "Abolitionist"
Rosa Parks -  "Civil Rights Icon"
"Wilma Mankiller" - " Cherokee Leader and the first woman elected chief of a native nation in modern times"
I am sure that all of these ladies have made some contribution to America but this move looks like CHANGE  FOR  THE  SAKE  OF  CHANGE, which I think is utter stupidity.  

I know I have seen photos of Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks and have read articles regarding their contributions and I believe that these three women have been submitted for purely POLITICAL CORRECT reasons.  I have also seen a few photos of Wilma Mankiller and read a bit about her reign as the leader of the Cherokee Nation and evidently did not have smooth going during her leadership.  Many other branches of the Cherokee Nation were not completely satisfied with her leadership.
One of the photos I saw of Wilma Mankiller would make a "Freight Train Take A Dirt Road" and for that matter a photo of Eleanor Roosevelt could scare small children and pets.

But all of this is pure POLITICAL  CORRECT   HORSE  MANURE.

I do have one small suggestion which might satisfy all groups who view themselves as victims and could satisfy political correct dummies everywhere.  Here is my idea:
Print a NEW DENOMINATION of  U.S. Currency... Issue a $3 dollar bill and put the likeness of  Janet Napolitano on its face.  That should please everyone.
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"Supporters of Hillary Clinton tout her experience in high-level institutions of government -- as first lady in the White House, as Senator and as Secretary of State.  But years of such experience raise the embarrassing question as to whether she ever actually accomplished anything in all those years, other than being physically present.".........THOMAS  SOWELL
"Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is today's mushy moderate candidate who may well follow in the footsteps of a whole string of similar losers, from Mitt Romney and John McCain in recent elections, all the way back to Thomas E. Dewey, who managed to lose even in an election where three different Democrats were on the ballot, fragmenting that party's vote.".................. THOMAS  SOWELL
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OH! I must have forgotten!  HAPPY  EARTH  DAY  TO  YOU  ALL!   Actually, I place Earth Day on about the same level as KWANZAA.  But for sure all the college students are huge Earth Day supporters.  I was watching an interview with some of these brain dead children this week and they had as little grasp of reality as any group I have seen in a while. They were all in favor of Solar Energy and I just wondered how many of those people even realize about the billions of tax dollars thrown away by SOLYNDRA a few years back...... you remember this was right before SOLYNDRA shut down.
One of these brain surgeons was asked what she did to celebrate Earth Day and she replied that she "Car Pooled".   Probably in an electric car no doubt.  Anyway, Earth Day is just another bogus day dreamed up in 1970 by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin.  And according to several articles it was brought on by an oil spill back in those years.
I know a lot of people think that Dr. Ben Carson is the answer to our problems insofar as a possible Republican Candidate for President.  The first time I began to really listen to what Dr. Carson was saying, his views on the Second Amendment were light years away from mine.  Since then he has allegedly changed his views.
Then last week I saw a program where Dr. Carson was appearing at some function with Al Sharpton and in an interview, Dr. Carson said that he thought that he and Al Sharpton wanted the same thing but perhaps had different was to get there.
I decided right then that I could not ever support Dr. Ben Carson. ANYONE who desires the same end results as Al Sharpton is either:
1) Very easily led and apparently very confused as to what Sharpton's goals actually are
2)  Or is not nearly as intelligent as purported
3)  Or has been misleading us all along

This along with Dr. Carson's really weak knowledge on foreign affairs will never allow me to cast any support to him.  While I think he is more than likely an honest and very smart man, in certain areas, I do not believe he is right as the leader of our country.
Watched an old movie from 1952 starring Robert Taylor.  "Above and Beyond" which was the story of Col. Paul W. Tibbets Jr. and the dropping of the FIRST  ATOMIC  BOMB on Hiroshima in 1945.  I know that Hollywood had to doctor up the story and add fictional characters but it was still an interesting movie with some really good combat film included.  As I was watching this movie I realized that this movie was made just 7 years after the event and many people who were actually involved were probably still living.  I also had to think of the guts it took for President Truman and for Col. Tibbets and his crew to authorize and complete this mission.  General Paul W. Tibbets Jr. passed away in 2007 and I did see a few interviews with him over the years and really thought of him as a very special hero from WW II.
As a general rule I cannot stand remakes of old movies but one exception to that is the old movie "Monte Walsh" which was first made in 1970 with Lee Marvin in the starring role and the re-make was made in 2003 and had Tom Selleck in the lead role.  The second movie had a few small differences but generally followed the story told in the first movie.  Of course I pretty much liked everything Lee Marvin made and have pretty much liked all of the movies made by Tom Selleck.  But "Monte Walsh" were two of my favorites.