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Wednesday - March 23, 2016
Greetings once again from The Mystic Order Of Jingoistic West Texas Four Wheel Drive SUV Driving Fossil Fuel Burning Believers In Profiling.
Yesterday morning after learning of the Muslim Terrorist Attacks in Belgium I listened to a couple of interviews with a couple of really wise men who proved to me just how uninformed and stupid are those who place any credence at all in their opinions and statements.

The first was Republican pundit Karl Rove who told the American Public that we are doing a "PRETTY  GOOD JOB" of knowing who is coming into our country LEGALLY but not as good at those who are entering our country ILLEGALLY.  Really Karl?   From most reports I have seen/heard/read,  the Obama administration is not doing a PRETTY  GOOD  JOB on anything relating to immigration or refugee placement or border security or domestic terrorists or illegal alien terrorists.  Of course, I was only able to hear Karl give his take on the matter.  Perhaps if FOX News or some other slanted news agency will have Karl on some of their television programs, then Karl can break out his chalk board and then really explain to us in depth just exactly what "PRETTY  GOOD  JOB"  actually means.
AH, but we were not done.  No sooner had I heard Karl Rove when I was treated to statements made by the Former Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff , who told the American Public just how safe we were due to the keen job the Obama administration was doing in vetting foreign refugees.  Then it dawned upon me that perhaps Former Secretary Chertoff along with Karl Rove might be.......... how shall I put it?........... FULL  OF  CRAP!  I will still contend that Michael Chertoff would look more at home with a double barreled shotgun wearing a plaid hunting cap and saying.... "Be vewy, vewy, quiet.   I'm hunting wabbits."

Then I heard some statements made by Republican front runner Donald Trump who sounded totally uninformed and clueless on ANYTHING having to do with the security of our nation OR foreign policy.  Then I watched  Republican ass end running John Kasich who spent more time scratching his nose than he did in actually coming up with anything positive, other than to repeat how much experience he had in foreign policy matters.  And of course his answers were pretty stock insofar as improving our intelligence and providing lip service.
I also watched some statements made by Ted Cruz and of course he made more sense than any of the others.  Ted Cruz talked about foreign policy experts whom he would seek out for information and advice.  Meanwhile, "The Donald" told us he would consult himself.  Damn!  That takes a load off my mind.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama and his jug-butted wife were in Cuba kissing up to Raul Castro and I suspect promising Raul that he would shut down Guantanamo.  I also heard Obama talking about VALUES.   It struck me as a bit odd that here in Havana were two heads of state, Barack Hussein Obama and Raul Castro who have both displayed as little grasp of desirable values as just about any leaders.. excuse me.... heads of state that I could name.  When we talk about human values, we are referring to the character (moral strength) of individuals.  When I think of people throughout history who have shown high values and desirable character, for some reason, neither Barack Hussein Obama nor Raul Castro place very highly on my list.  As a matter of fact, with very few exceptions, there are not very many world leaders or perspective world leaders who exhibit real character or high values.
It strikes me as rather odd that a number of retired military seem to have a much stronger grasp of what is needed in our foreign policy than do high ranking officials in the present Obama administration  and this includes a number of high ranking present military staff officers who appear to be more interested in job protection than nation protection.
Unfortunately, if Trump is the Republican Nominee and Hillary is the Democrat Nominee, regardless of who is elected, our nation will grow even weaker in world events than we are at present............ UNBELIEVABLE!!!! 
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"In other times and in other conditions, one bad President could not ruin a great nation.  We survived Jimmy Carter and we may survive Barack Obama, but there is no guarantee that we can survive an unlimited amount of reckless decisions in a dangerous world."................ THOMAS  SOWELL
"Internally, Hillary Clinton's whole political career has been based on polarizing the American population by race, sex, class and any other way that will serve her political interests.  This kind of cynical political exploitation can take the UNITED out of the United States, and Balkanize us into an internal war of each against all.  That is a war in which we can all lose."................... THOMAS  SOWELL
"As far as the Republicans' front-runner,  what is there left to say about Donald Trump?   Almost daily he demonstrates that he lacks the maturity, the depth and the character required to lead a nation facing a complex range of dangers."................... THOMAS  SOWELL
"The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter."..... WINSTON  CHURCHILL
 "An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!.... Sir, we are not weak if we make  a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power....  Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone.   There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us....   Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of the chains of slavery?  Forbid it, Almighty God.  I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death."..... PATRICK  HENRY
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Over the past few weeks I have received lots of correspondence from many who are Trump supporters and correspondence from some who are dead set against Ted Cruz as they still doubt his citizenship. I got one e-mail which had some woman showing a document saying that Ted Cruz did not renounce his Canadian citizenship until 2014.  And I have nothing which would dispute that.  However, I have known a number of people who had dual citizenship and they did not renounce their foreign citizenship until they had reached several years into adulthood.  I am not an expert in citizenship matters.  I only go by what I have read in a number of publications and what I learned in school from the 1940s on.  I also depend upon  what I hear from attorneys and from former judges.  And from what those who are way more knowledgeable than I in these matters, I have no concerns about Ted Cruz being eligible to run for the office of President of the United States.  So, that along with Cruz obviously being more knowledgeable about the United States Constitution than all of the rest combined, I have not changed my support.
What does concern me a bit, however, are the math skills of John Kasich.   When I see this guy in front of cameras make the statement that he expects to go into the Republican Convention with enough delegates to win the nomination outright, and I know for a fact that it is mathematically impossible for this to be true, then I must question a whole bunch of things that Kasich says.
Having Barack Hussein Obama and his family attending a baseball game in Cuba on the heels of the Muslim terrorist attacks in Belgium is not nearly as insulting as having to watch and listen to this Chicago con-man preach to us all about how Cuba and the U.S. are partners in human-rights issues.  And it is almost as insulting as watching Hillary Clinton preach to us about how qualified she is on counter-terrorism issues.
One quick comment.  We have seen the open border and extremely liberal immigration and refugee policies of damn near ALL of the European countries.  And we have seen how vulnerable European countries are to terrorist attacks and that most of their counter-terrorism actions are reactive rather than proactive, then why are we in this country content to sit on our dead behinds and allow terror cells to develop with little or no action taken?   Political Correctness is something that we cannot and should not stand in the way of the safety of our citizens.  If a city has a particular area that is home to gang violence, doesn't it make sense to increase the law enforcement presence in that area.   If in Los Angeles, the Watts area is experiencing gang violence, would you increase your gang enforcement in Hollywood?  Why then, do these idiot administrations in American cities seem to be in abject fear of increasing intelligence gathering in areas which have high Muslim/Middle Eastern populations?  I am not for a moment advocating treating those population in any other manner than fair treatment.  BUT, pulling your law enforcement out of those areas so as not to offend the residents is absolute madness.  I am sorry but I have a huge problem with these "NO  GO  ZONES".   The European cities have them and I strongly imagine that many U.S. cities also have these particular areas where law enforcement will not go from either fear of offending some higher ups or from orders handed down from weak administrators.  Of course this is just my opinion.
March Madness is upon us.  I do not watch any college basketball until the 64 team brackets are made up and the playoffs begin.  I always enjoy seeing some of the smaller colleges who are not very well known, come up at tournament time and dump some of the big universities.  It happens every year.  This year it was the Texas Longhorns' turn to get dumped by a smaller school.  Northern Iowa mad a last second shot from half court to defeat the Texas Longhorns who have a pretty darn good basketball program.   Then Middle Tennessee dumps Michigan State. And I do like the Michigan State Coach, Tom Izzo who has been on the Michigan State coaching staff since 1983 and has been their head coach since  1995.   Then the team from Nacogdoches, Texas.... the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks whipped a much more talented West Virginia team.    There were some other upsets in the first round but those are the ones I watched.
The last NBA game I watched was when Michael Jordan was winding up his career with the Chicago Bulls.  When we lived in Houston, I rarely missed a University of Houston home game.  I watched them defeat UCLA in the Astrodome before, at the time, the largest indoor crowd to ever see a college game in the U.S.  During that same period, the Phyllis Wheatley Wildcats were dominating the State of Texas in high school basketball.  I got to watch Elvin Hayes for his entire career at the U of H.  I also got to see Oscar Robertson play a couple of years when he was with The University of Cincinnati.

Those were also the days of the old Southwest Conference and Texas University,  S.M.U. and T.C.U. all had good basketball programs every year.  I miss the old pre-season Southwest Conference Tournament which was held every year at Rice Institute/University.