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Wednesday - March 16, 2016
Hello once again from The Jingoistic Association Of Totally Confused Conservative Republicans Of West Texas.
Well another Super Tuesday has come and gone and once more, "The Donald" picked up the biggest count in delegates.  This, should not surprise any of us.  I have been saying all along that Marco Rubio was not going to make the final cut and as I also predicted, he did not even carry his own state of Florida.  John Kasich, on the other hand, did carry Ohio which was pretty well expected.

But, despite Kasich carrying Ohio, he is still way back in the delegate count.  And what is even more surprising is that Kasich has been making appearances  where he has made the statement that he expects to be going into the Republican Convention leading in delegates and expects to win the nomination.  Now I am sure that the Establishment Republicans and all of the "Moderates" would like to believe that but I am of the opinion that John Kasich has a bit of a problem with fairly simple mathematics if in fact he really does believe this.  Before this primary season began I really had nothing against John Kasich and remembered him from hosting a program at one time on the FOX News Channel (last broadcast in 2007)  and from being a member of the U.S. House of Representatives (1995-2001).  But I also learned pretty early in the contest that he was an employee of Lehman Bros. Investment from 2001 -2007.  HEY!  Isn't Lehman Bros the outfit that filed for Chapter 11 BANKRUPTCY in 2007?

And in checking the NET  WORTH of Presidential Candidate John Kasich, several sources show it from $9.1 MILLION to $22 MILLION.  Doesn't this seem a bit odd for someone who claims to just be one of the folks?  In checking into his background it seems that other than his time at the now defunct LEHMAN BROS.   He has been in the political arena.  Also a bit odd for someone who claims NOT to be a professional politician.  Actually I did not have to listen to John Kasich for very long before I came to the conclusion that A) He doesn't have a clue about what the United States Constitution says;   B)  Like many other professional politicians he thinks as President he can "Put the parties behind closed doors and not let them out until they have reached a decision".  Now, if by this time you have come to the conclusion that I do not care for John Kasich, then you would win the big deal of the day.
I heard one radio program this morning which said that the best speech that Marco Rubio had made this year was yesterday evening when he suspended his campaign.  The radio host said that Rubio sounded more conservative than at any time during his campaign.  I thought the same thing BUT, I also thought, then why did he act like a spoiled little loud mouth brat during the so called debates?   From some communications I have received from some Florida friends, I reached the conclusion a good while back that Rubio turned on the people who elected him to the U.S. Senate, like a pack of rabid dogs.  HEY!  You don't suppose that might be the reason that he got thoroughly whipped by "The Donald" in yesterday's primary, do you?
I have listened to Donald Trump make some really bizarre statements and within 24 hours completely deny his statements.  I wonder if "The Donald" realizes that those TV cameras and radio microphones might just perchance be RECORDING some of his statements.  Also, it appears as if "The Donald" has no clue about the Separation of Powers and is equally clueless about the Constitution of the United States.
SO, in my opinion, if any candidate other than Ted Cruz gets the Republican Nomination, Hillary Clinton will beat them like a tied goat.  I believe that Cruz can beat her hands down.  I also believe that if "The Donald" gets the Republican nomination,  hundreds of thousands of Republican voters will STAY  HOME.
I guess what I am really saying is that the Republican Party that I joined is DONE... as in COOKED..... TOAST.  And Republicans have no one to blame but themselves for allowing a bunch of professional con-men and lobbyists and  liberals posing as conservatives to hijack their party.

SO to today's Republican Party I say............ADIOS TONTO, AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON.
For some reason, every occasion on which I ask an employee or a manager or assistant manager of a retail outlet a question regarding the reasoning behind something I have noticed in their store, I seem to get the same answer.  "Well it was CORPORATE'S  decision to make the change."   This stock answer got me to wondering if CORPORATE was some supreme organization like the Republican National Committee or the Democratic National Committee who made idiotic decisions simply to justify their existence.  Yes, I am aware that each individual company has their own unique CORPORATE Organization, normally located in an area which has very little in common with your own particular area.
Here is an example.  I was at the H.E.B. Grocery Store in San Angelo a few days back and I had a shopping list made out by my wife.  On it she had two different types of nuts that she wanted me to get.   One was a particular brand of almonds and the other was a particular brand of pistachio nuts.  SO, I went directly to the aisle which had the sign,  "Nuts, Baking Needs".  So I went up and down this aisle several times not seeing the particular items requested by my wife.  SO, I looked up a store clerk who marched me down to the aisle from which I had just come up empty.  SO, I looked up an Assistant Manager who marched me straight to the aisle from which I had just made to trips and came up empty.   THEN, I went and contacted one of the big managers who asked me,  "Have you been down the NUT  AISLE?"  I told him that I had made THREE, III, 3,  TRES  trips to that aisle.  Then he said, "well then, let's look in the produce section."   We did that and sure enough, the pistachio nuts were in the produce section right next to some oranges.   I made the statement that I thought it strange to have a specific aisle for NUTS and to have these nuts in with the fruits and vegetables.  SO, I made the mistake of asking him WHY  THIS  WAS?  And his answer was.... "It probably was CORPORATE'S  DECISION."

I filed that in my information file and went on to Wal-Mart where I was looking for  a particular type of bread that I have been buying there for several years and have always found it in the same location in the store.  I went there and did not see my bread.  SO, I asked one of the clerks who said that she thought they had stopped carrying that particular type of bread but maybe I should check with one of the managers.  I wandered around until I found one of the managers and told him what I was looking for and he took me completely to the back of the store where I located my bread in with the cheese and other refrigerated items.  SO,  being a glutton for punishment, I asked the manager WHY was this one type of bread moved from the bakery section and put in with cheese and other refrigerated items.  His answer was,  yep, you guessed it,   "That was CORPORATE'S  decision."  I took my bread and went on about my business.  Incidentally, my bread was not refrigerated but on a rack by itself.
Now, right after my bouts with H.E.B. and Wal-Mart, I then went to Albertson's Super Market.  I generally buy all of my ground beef and most of my produce at Albertson's.   SO, I went and got my ground beef, then I went to one side of the store where they had moved the canned fruit about two weeks ago and found sanitary napkins instead of fruit cocktail.  SO, I stopped a clerk and asked her where one could find the canned fruit.  She didn't have a clue  but asked another clerk who directed me completely to the farthest side of the store where the canned fruit was located.  I was walking to the front and I ran into a manager and asked him WHY they were moving practically everything to different locations in the store and much to my surprise he said, "Well I'm pretty sure it was a CORPORATE  decision."   I replied that I also was pretty sure it was a CORPORATE  decision since it made no sense whatsoever to "CHANGE  FOR  THE  SAKE  OF  CHANGE".  I told him that I knew he had to do what CORPORATE directed him in order to keep his job, BUT, if he would do me the favor of passing along to CORPORATE that I thought they were dumber than a box o' rocks and that just occasionally, they might accidentally do something that would be pleasing to their customers.
I feel pretty sure that The CORPORATE boobs for all retail stores care just about as much about the likes and dislikes of their customers as do the elected politicians in Washington.  In my mind, CORPORATE  does not subscribe to the age old saying.... "The Customer Is Always Right".
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