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Wednesday - March 11, 2015

Greetings from the Primary Headquarters Of The Jingoistic Xenophobic Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Of West Texas....... which in my opinion is not nearly Vast Enough  nor Conspiratorial Enough.

OK.  Other than when their lips are moving,  how do you tell when a Clinton (Bill or Hillary) is lying?   Really easy.  Just watch and see who comes to their defense and tries to cover for their lies.

Within the past couple of days I have watched Hillary speak after a session at the United Nations.   To say that she appeared to be untruthful would be a mild understatement.  In my opinion her answers did nothing but fortify my position that  both Bill and Hillary believe that rules are made for everyone else to follow but that does not include a Clinton.
Now also within this time period I saw Lanny Davis on several shows and he attempted to completely minimize the private e-mail server used by Hillary as just being another attempt of the Right Wing to mess up Hillary's run for the Democrat/Progressive/Socialist Party's selection as their Presidential Candidate for 2016.   Keep in mind that Lanny Davis has been the Clinton's Attorney in some past instances and has maintained their innocence on every occasion.
But let us move on to another Liberal who has carried more water for the Clintons than Gunga Din did for the British Army.  That would be none other than James Carville.  Of course in the eyes of James Carville, apparently NO  DEMOCRAT can ever do anything wrong.
But in any event, when these two bozos leap to the forefront to profess the innocence of a Clinton and try to blame FOX News,  The Republican Party,   TEA Party Extremists, George Bush,  or some other person or entity then you can damn near take it to the bank that the Clintons have done exactly what they are suspected of doing.
I did not catch Hillary's entire presentation but I did manage to catch some highlights during her speech as well as  some excerpts show later in the day.  Now with the Clinton's propensity for flat out lying, why should any of us be expected to believe her claim that of over 10,000 e-mails that she chose to delete because SHE  CONSIDERED  THEM  TO  BE  PERSONAL  IN  NATURE.   And isn't it strange that the well published photo of Hillary sitting in an aircraft with some type of instrument in her hand ON THE DAY OF THE BENGHAZI  ATTACKS, that she had NO COMMUNICATIONS or sent any e-mails during that time.
Then she claims that a great many of her DELETED E-MAILS were private between she and her ever faithful husband BILL.  But why is it that Bill Clinton claims that he has not sent any e-mails?
Then, of course, there is the fact that The Clinton Foundation has accepted donations from foreign governments... which as I understand it is against the law.... AH but of course THE  CLINTONS  ARE  ABOVE  THE  LAW AND AS EVERYONE  KNOWS...... LAWS ARE  MADE FOR US TO FOLLOW.... BUT  NOT  THE  CLINTONS.
It even looks like the NY Times and a whole plethora of other far left loony outfits are bailing on Hillary.  To which I say..... TOUGH!  Anyone,  any organization,  any political party,  or any  media outlet who has not figured out that the Clintons are liars of the highest magnitude  should be committed to the same institution as was Randle Patrick McMurphy.  For those of you residing in the People's Republic of San Francisco, this was the mental institution portrayed in the movie "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's  Nest".
I am not sure that Nurse Ratched was not more likeable and trustworthy than Hillary.  I also wonder if Ol' Bill ever feels like Jack Nicholson did in the film?   
Yesterday I sent out a questionnaire to everyone on my mail list regarding a toll free telephone # with the toll free code of 844.  Thank everyone who replied and I spent most of my day going to various sites and checking into this call and the 844 number they gave me to call for further information.  Here is the information on the call:
I received a call from a female saying that she was representing a company who delivered legal notices to people.  She said that she had some legal papers to deliver to me and my daughter, Katherine.   I do have a daughter but her name is NOT  Katherine nor does she reside with me or even in the State of Texas.

I asked this woman who the legal papers were from and of course she did not know BUT I could call:  844-531-8890 and give them the reference #46492CV15 and they could give me the information I was requesting.

I was not about to dial that number without doing some checking and that is when I thought I had remembered getting several e-mails from several different people warning about calling the toll free exchange 844.  After I sent out the inquiry I did go to several different places and learned that there had been complaints for months on at least 500 different telephone numbers beginning with the toll free 844 exchange.  These scams ranged from IRS payments to unpaid traffic warrants and unpaid fines for not reporting for jury duty.  ALL  WERE  SCAMS.

Apparently when you call that toll free number they attempt to get information from you to..... make sure you are the right  person.  Of course some of this information involves either the last four digits of your Social Security Number to various other types of numerical identifiers.

Thank all of you for rapid response.
Also, I have received numerous calls allegedly from Microsoft advising me that I have some type of problem with my computer and they want you to call another number and allow them access to your computer so that they can fix the problem.  This scam is so lame that  I hung up on them the first couple of times.    Then they were paid a visit from "The Air Horn From Hell".   The woman who called last evening probably heard language that she had not heard before.  I do not feel the least bit guilty of giving people like those scam callers all the trouble I can.
Incidentally, immediately after I found out for sure this 844 stuff was a scam I did order a call blocker from Amazon.  I have heard that these work fairly well and I have about had enough.  And I have placed my name and number on the DO  NOT  CALL LIST for both Home and Cell phones and at this point I am not too impressed with either.
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"The bottom line  is that all this hard evidence, and more, show what a complete lie was behind all the stories of Michael Brown being shot in the back or being shot while raising his hands in surrender.  Yet that lie was repeated, and dramatized in demonstrations and riots from coast to coast, as well as in the media and even in the halls of Congress."........... THOMAS  SOWELL
"Blacks are far more statistically over-represented among basketball stars in the NBA than among people stopped by police in Ferguson.  Hispanics are similarly far more over-represented among baseball stars than in the general population.  Asian Americans are likewise far more over-represented among students at leading engineering schools like M.I.T. and Cal Tech than in the population as a whole.   None of this is peculiar to the United States.  You can find innumerable examples of such group disparities in countries around the world and throughout recorded history........... Since the population is 67 percent black, he greatest possible over-representation of blacks among those stopped by  police  or fined by courts is 59 percent.  That would not make the top 100 disparities in the United States or the top 1,000 in the world."........ THOMAS  SOWELL
"Secretary of State John Kerry says that there is less violence than usual in the world right now.  Meanwhile the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, says the opposite, that terrorism is more violent and dangerous than ever.  Since Clapper is Director of National Intelligence, maybe Kerry should have the title Director of National Stupidity.".......................  THOMAS  SOWELL
 "An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!.... Sir, we are not weak if we make  a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power....  Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone.   There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us....   Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of the chains of slavery?  Forbid it, Almighty God.  I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death."..... PATRICK  HENRY
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OK. Real quickly, if you want to really know who could be the worst possible candidate for the Republican Party for the 2016 Presidential election, you have to look no further than DAVID  AXELROD and GERALDO  RIVERA,  both of whom said that Jeb Bush would give the Republican Party the best chance for a win in 2016.  One must come to the conclusion that either BOTH Axelrod and Rivera were bitten by rabid squirrels..... OR they are both lying like a Clinton.   I don't think a squirrel,  rabid or not would touch either of these bozos.
Now let us look for a moment at the Netanyahu speech before a Joint Session of the House and Senate.  You have to go no further than CNN and listen to the unbiased views of Christiane Amanpour.  Now I know that she is not a member of the Muslim faith, however she was born in Iran.  Let's see now,  do Israel and Iran work and play well together?  I think not.  I have had little or NO  USE  for Christiane Amanpour since the first Gulf War.  And in practically every other Middle Eastern conflict since then she has done everything possible to disrespect the U.S. Military.  SO when MS. AMANPOUR badmouths Benjamin Netanyahu that only makes me respect him more.

Keep in mind,  Israel is a country roughly the area in square miles as Lea County, New Mexico and are surrounded by Muslim countries, many of whom want them wiped off the face of the earth.   Seems as if they tried this a couple of times in the past with negative results.  Anyway, Mr. Netanyahu is doing everything in his power to protect his people and his nation.   Too bad we don't have a leader who would do the same for us.
Of course one of the high points of Prime Minister Netanyahu's visit was how childish it made Obama, Kerry, Biden and the remainder of the Obama band of Merry Men act.  I feel as if Mr. Netanyahu was about as welcome to the Obama bunch as a ...... video camera at an Oklahoma University Sigma Alpha Epsilon event.
Last Friday, I had the pleasure of a visit from a friend of several years and three brand new friends.  They flew in to San Angelo from the San Antonio area and we had lunch at the Packsaddle Café which is old and run down looking but serves really good  Bar-B-Cue,  Catfish, and old fashioned Hamburgers.  I try to eat there about once a month to replenish my required monthly food loaded with fat intake.  Anyway, my thanks to Mugs,  Tosh,  Bubba, and Bob for taking the time out to get in some flying hours and keep me company. 
There was also a bonus as I learned that one of these good men was also an author.  So I ordered his book immediately upon returning home.  I would like to plug his book along with the latest release of another good friend who is a local author with whom I have lunch fairly regularly also at the Packsaddle.  Here is the information on the two books which can both be purchased through AMAZON.
WOLF  POINT -  Mike Thompson  .... I read this in two nights and thoroughly enjoyed the book.
PILOT ERROR - Tosh McIntosh ....... It should be in within a week and it will go to the top of my reading list