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WEDNESDAY - March 8, 2017
Hello once again from the West Texas Association For Advanced Jingoism And Pro-Constitution Studies For Xenophobic Deplorables.
Perjury -  The  willful telling  of  a  like while  under  oath.
This is the rather simple definition of PERJURY given in my Webster's New World Dictionary.   This is also the definition of the word PERJURY in several other dictionaries.  Now we have heard several of the Democrat/Socialist elected members of the U.S. House of Representative and the U.S. Senate calling for charges of PERJURY to be brought against Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding his answer under oath to a question posed by one of the more idiotic Senators in the person of AL  FRANKEN.
Now let me tell you a little something about testifying under oath.  This is one of the first things I learned in the Police Academy during training cadets on how to testify in court.  Since that time I have attended probably 20 or 30 training sessions which were generally taught by Assistant District Attorneys  and in some cases Assistant U.S. Attorneys and in still some other cases various Defense Attorneys as well as numerous Law Enforcement Instructors at State and Federal levels.  IN EVERY  ONE  OF  THESE  TRAINING  SESSIONS... you notice I said EVERY ONE not  SOME  OF THEM...... in EVERY  ONE  OF THESE  COURTROOM  TRAINING SESSIONS  we were taught to:
1) Answer the question specifically asked of you.
2)  If  you do not completely understand the question,  ask for it to be repeated.
3)  If you do not know the answer to that question, tell the person asking the question that YOU DO NOT KNOW.
4)  If you DO  NOT  REMEMBER  SOMETHING  SPECIFICALLY  tell the person asking the question that YOU  DO  NOT  REMEMBER.
There were a number of other areas covered, some of which I  DO  NOT  REMEMBER as it has been a number of years since I have attended one of these training sessions.
In watching  Attorney General Sessions being asked a SPECIFIC  QUESTION by Senator Al Franken, it appeared to me as if  Franken asked a question about Attorney General Sessions meeting with Russian Officials  DURING  THE  PRESIDENTIAL  CAMPAIGN.   To this, Attorney General Sessions answered that he had not.
Of course that was the answer that Franken and the other Democrat/Socialist/Marxist idiots wanted.  Then they began to show video clips of Attorney General Sessions  at various events  apparently speaking with various Russian Officials.  BUT,  apparently these video clips were taken PRIOR to the Presidential election in which Donald Trump was elected President of the United States,  rather than DURING the campaign which was the time period referred to by AL  FRANKEN.
SO there was no PERJURY on the part of Attorney General Sessions.

You see in order for it to be perjury,  one must not only be under oath but also INTENTIONALLY  AND KNOWINGLY  LYING  WHILE  UNDER  OATH.  Apparently  the Democrats/Socialists/Marxists managed to overlook that little tidbit.
And while we are on the subject of LYING,  it is rather hard for me to understand how a Clinton... Bill or Hillary... can even approach the subject of lying when BOTH of them have lied all their political careers.  Of course we all remember the LIES told by then President Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky investigation and in fact was IMPEACHED over the lies he told under oath... HEY!  Wait a minute!  That's almost like.......... well........ PERJURY, in fact it WAS  PERJURY.

How about the lies propagated by  Hillary regarding  the killings in Benghazi in which she lied all the way down the line from the requests for help by the American Diplomats to the reasons the attacks occurred.  BOTH  Hillary and Obama LIED to the families of the four Americans MURDERED  BY  TERRORISTS at Benghazi?

How about the LIES told by Hillary prior to and during the investigation by the F.B.I.  on her e-mail servers and how much classified information was sent and received on her illegally used PRIVATE  E-MAIL  SERVER?
Yes, I know that those lies told by both Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama were NOT told UNDER  OATH but I strongly imagine that it would not have mattered to either of them.
Also, do you remember a little federal operation ordered by then Attorney General Eric Holder called  FAST  AND  FURIOUS?   And that one of the weapons used in this half-baked operation was used to KILL  AN  AMERICAN  BORDER  PATROL  AGENT?
AND do you remember Barack Hussein Obama denying any knowledge of this operation?  Hard for me to believe that his lifelong loyal friend, Attorney General  Eric Holder ordered this operation WITHOUT  THE  FULL  KNOWLEDGE of President Barack Hussein Obama.
Over the past couple of weeks, every single news program has been covering from sunup to sundown the subject of Obama condoned wiretaps of the Trump campaign and of course Obama has denied any knowledge..... well let's make that ... denied ORDERING or AUTHORIZING  any wiretaps on the Trump campaign.  Funny thing is though that at least one FISA request was made and rejected by a Federal Judge but a second was APPROVED for such electronic surveillance.  From what I understand about the FISA requests for electronic surveillance, must be approved by the Attorney General AND the Attorney General must PERSONALLY  REVIEW each  request.   And further each FISA request requires a  certification either by The President of the United States OR his designation assistant for National Security affairs.  SO you see,  high ranking members of the Obama Administration would have been in the loop insofar as a FISA request application.
Now I have never been involved in a FISA wiretap BUT I have been involved from start to finish on several Title III Wiretap Orders and those orders require not only probable cause but additionally you must show that you have attempted other forms of surveillance and other forms of investigative techniques and that they have failed to produce and a Title III telephone interception or hard wire transmitter is all that will produce results.  And there are many other requirements for this type of electronic surveillance which require a bit more than just  taping every conversation that transpires.  So, my feeling is that many of the news media and many members of Congress don't know their ass from a hot rock about wiretaps.  I certainly do not know all there is to know but I do know that I along with others in our department worked our rear ends off for several months on these Title III wiretap cases and it is a book keeping NIGHTMARE.  Every one of these in which I was involved came to a successful conclusion.
It is also readily apparent that even though Donald J. Trump is the CURRENT  President of the United States  many  of our Federal Agencies, Intelligence and Investigative are populated by people STILL  LOYAL  TO  THE  OBAMA  ADMINISTRATION.
And at this point in time,  there appears to be way more evidence that Barack Obama and his underlings  attempted to conduct electronic surveillance on the campaign of Donald J. Trump  than there is that  either Donald Trump or any of his staff or appointees  were  in bed with the Russians in an attempt to control the Presidential Election.

I will still contend that Russia as our enemy would MUCH  RATHER have someone like Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama as the U.S. President than Donald J. Trump.
A couple of days past I watched Mark Levin appear on several news programs and lay information,  much of it public,  all of which pointed to the Obama administration with the knowledge of Barack Obama had indeed spied on Donald Trump prior to the election and during the campaign.  I have been listening to Mark Levin for a number of years and have enjoyed his commentary on lots of things.  BUT, I did not realize that Mark Levin was a former Federal Prosecutor.  I always knew he was plenty smart but was not aware that he had a law degree or had worked in the Department of Justice and held a number of government positions in the Reagan Administration.  And I have heard him being just as critical of Republicans who seem to have forgotten the Constitution as he is of Democrats and liberals in general.  I have  a great deal more trust in the observations of Mr. Levin than I do of many of our national Republicans.
Earlier today I listened to a number of reports of information coming out in the past couple of days regarding the ability of branches of the federal government to spy on everyday citizens.  Now I don't know that this is a true fact BUT I do know that if you are depending upon  ANY  FORM  OF  ELECTRONIC  COMMUNICATIONS  TO  BE  SECURE  THEN  YOU ARE  REALLY  IN NEED OF  COUNSELING.  I  can remember when our Police Department got a new radio transmission system equipped with "SCRAMBLERS" which we were told would  prevent  scanners  from monitoring our transmissions.  Within a month, while executing a search warrant on a drug dealer's home,  we discovered that he had a brand new scanner and while we were there we heard radio traffic which came from our very own scrambled  radio transmissions.  So it took someone less than a month to come up with something to defeat our scrambled system.
The same holds true with ANY telephone that is wireless.  They are using a particular channel to transmit the message and any of those can be monitored generally by  equipment purchased at  electronic retail stores.
Just pay a little attention on occasion to what our military is able to do with drones and now  civilian real estate companies are using drones to take photographs of rural property in particular.    IF   IT  USES  ELECTRICITY  OR  ANY  TYPE  OF  WIRELESS  TECHNOLOGY  IT  CAN AND MORE THAN LIKELY IS  BEING MONITORED.
So, let me make this statement right now.  The Federal;  State;  County;  Local;  government agencies in the U.S.  all have my permission to monitor  my phone messages and my e-mail messages  as  I am sort of like Rhett Butler in that I just don't give a damn because I am not going to plan some illegal  act  by using any communications devices  available to me.
NOW, while I do not personally think it wise to use "Twitter"  to put out my thoughts to millions all over the world and I don't think President Trump is  using it to his best advantage,  I still believe that Barack Hussein Obama and his loyal band of followers are doing everything within their power to undermine President Trump and the Republicans.  I also believe as I have stated that people still very loyal to Barack Hussein Obama hold jobs in our federal government  and not only should not be trusted... but should not be employed at their present position for very much longer.
ALSO, a few years back,  which President of the United States was overheard telling a Russian Government Official:   "Tell Vladimir that after the election, I'll have more flexibility?"   Let's see now,  who could it have been?  Now, if you got that one right,  try to guess this  one.  Which President of the United States was not challenged by the mainstream media for making this statement, not realizing that there was a hot mike near at hand?
NOW, if you got the answer to both of those questions correctly let me ask you one final question.   During your lifetime,  who is the ONLY outgoing President of the United States who REMAINED in Washington, D.C.  and still took an active role in attempting to  block the proposed policies of his successor?  Perhaps you came up with more than one but in my 80 years, I can remember the following Presidents:  Franklin Roosevelt;  Harry Truman;  Dwight Eisenhower;  John F. Kennedy;  Lyndon B. Johnson;  Richard M. Nixon;  Gerald Ford;  Jimmy Carter;  George H.W. Bush;  Bill Clinton;  George W. Bush;  Barack Hussein Obama.   AND  ONLY  ONE  OF  THEM  HAS  SEEN  FIT  TO  TRY  AND  DISRUPT  HIS SUCCESSOR.  And that would be.............. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.  And by so doing,  he has landed a place on the VARMINT  LIST............ PERMANENTLY.   Senator Edward Kennedy (Fat Teddy) came damn close to still being on the list "posthumously"  but  I must say that Barack Hussein Obama makes Fat Teddy look almost acceptable.
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"Since the general civilization of mankind, I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of the freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power, than by violent and sudden usurpations.".......... JAMES  MADISON
"An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!.... Sir, we are not weak if we make  a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power....  Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone.   There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us....   Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of the chains of slavery?  Forbid it, Almighty God.  I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death."..... PATRICK  HENRY
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I was at a doctor's office earlier in the week and picked up a magazine and was saddened to read of the death of Civil Rights Leader,  Roy Innis.  Mr. Innis passed away on January 8,  2017.  I did not see any reports on any of the television news programs nor did I see any articles in any of the printed media.  I know it doesn't mean that it was not carried by one of those media outlets but I simply did not see it or know of the death of Roy Innis until a couple of days ago.
I really respected Mr. Roy Innis and although he was outspoken in the area of equality of treatment,  he never that I heard espoused the theory of equality of outcomes.  Roy Innis was a staunch conservative just like Thomas Sowell.  I had seen Mr. Innis on several television programs a good many years ago and decided that I sure did like his style and his message.   Roy Innis was also one of the guests on Geraldo Rivera's  Network afternoon program.  Of course I did not like Geraldo one millimeter more then than I do now.  On that particular program.  Along with Roy Innis,  Geraldo saw fit to have a couple of "Skinheads" as guests and they were on the stage beside Roy Innis.   One of them made a really bad comment directed at Mr. Innis and Roy Innis promptly put this clown on his ass.  Then the fun really started and before it was all over, one of the Skinheads threw a chair at Mr. Innis, missing him and hitting Geraldo right on the beak.  The result was Geraldo going down for the count with a broken nose.  All in all, I felt sort of like Ralphie in "A Christmas Story" in that on that day..... All Was Right With The World.
Roy Innis was also an NRA Board Member and I am proud to say that I voted FOR Mr. Innis in every election in which he ran.  I have heard Mr. Innis speak on a number of occasions on our 2nd Amendment Rights and he was a strong Conservative and Constitutionalist.   Former Ohio Secretary of State said about Mr. Innis,  "He wasn't a pacifist, as Al Sharpton and others found out."

THEN, one afternoon I happened to turn on my television set and the channel was set on the "Morton Downey Show."   Mr. Innis was one of the guests.  His other guest was none other than Al Sharpton.  Fairly early in the program as well as I remember  Sharpton referred to Mr. Innis as an "UNCLE  TOM."   Mr. Innis' reply to this was to knock Al Sharpton on his ass, which was well deserved.  I knew for sure that he was the type of man whom I could respect and  with whom I shared many views.  Roy Innis was described by former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell as follows;  "He wasn't a pacifist,  as Al Sharpton and others found out."   At a dinner in 1986,  President Ronald Reagan honored him as "One of America's outstanding civil rights leaders."   Mr. Innis was 82 at the time of his passing.
I saw in yesterday morning's edition of the (Sub) Standard Times where Robert Osborne, the host of many of the Classic Movies shown on the TCM Channel, had passed away at age 84.  I always enjoyed  some of the inside information provided by Mr. Osborne and I saw a number of interviews that he conducted with some real movie stars:  Maureen O'Hara;    Olivia de Havilland;  and Bette Davis, just to name a few.  He really knew quite a bit of background on many of those classic movies and  the channel will just not be the same without Mr. Osborne.
A little earlier today I was listening to my car radio and I don't even remember the name of the program, but some "Manmade Global Warming" enthusiast was spouting off about  "Climate Change" (which is what they now call the previously  evil global warming) and this warming trend was the direct cause of violent crime in our country.  This reminded me of some statistics I had seen a couple of weeks back.  Two cities of similar population size were compared insofar as their 2012 Homicide  Rates.  The two cities were Chicago and Houston.
                        Chicago, Illinois                                       Houston, Texas 
Income            $38,600                                                    $37,000
Carry Legal        NO                                                                YES
#Of stores
where legal
purchase of
firearms                NONE                                                        1684
2012                      1806                                                              207 
Avg. January
temperature         31f                                                                63f
YEP.  It is climate change for sure.  Well it is either climate change OR  the Russians  OR Melania Trump  OR  Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.
** You may have noticed that all elected politicians have been removed from the Good Guy List.  Sheriff David Clarke is the only exception.