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WEDNESDAY - March 1, 2017
Hello once again from the Grand Order Of Jingoistic Xenophobic Angry Gun Clinging Deplorables Of West Texas.
OK.  Now earlier in the year I DID   NOT  WATCH;  The Emmy Awards Show..... The Grammys......... The Country Music Awards.........or any other award shows honoring the Arrogant Hollywood  Socialist Ass Kissers.   BUT  I made up for it last Sunday by NOT  WATCHING  THE  ACADEMY  AWARDS.  Apparently, I was not alone in refusing to watch a program which is allegedly presenting awards for exceptional performances during the past year.

When looking back at some of the Hosts of the event down through the years you will see some real old time Movie Stars and in a few of the years Hollywood appeared to feel as if they should toss in a slug every now and then.  BUT I can remember enjoying the Academy Awards Program when people like Bob Hope,  Jack Benny,  Frank Sinatra,  Johnny Carson,  Billy Crystal,  and Jack Lemmon.  Of course there were a few years when the Academy felt duty bound to have hosts like Whoppi Goldberg and Jane Fonda and Chevy Chase step in and I still cannot for the life of me see depending upon those three.   AH.... but in 2014 The Academy really began to show us their true colors when they had Ellen DeGeneres followed in 2015 by Neil Patrick Harris, whom I would not know if he were to run up and bite me on the ankle.  Then in 2016 we were treated to Chris Rock who is a jerk and then of course this year, 2017 we had Jimmy Kimmel who I view as marginally better than Jon Stewart who was the host in 2008.
All in all,  Bob Hope was a host  a record 19 times with Billy Crystal coming in a distant second with 9 appearances.
HOWEVER, back when I did actually WATCH the event I do not ever recall a presenter announcing THE  WRONG  NAME for the Award Recipient... that is until Sunday night. 
Now here is the thing.  I have seen NONE of the movies which were nominated and recognize very few of the names of the nominees  BUT  I made the statement prior to the Awards Program, several days as a matter of fact prior to the show that:   If there was a movie with a primarily BLACK  cast  or  if  there was a movie about a HOMOSEXUAL  or TRANSGENDER person that  that would be the movie which would win BEST  PICTURE.  And of course, I was right but it appeared that I could have been mistaken if someone had not called it to the attention of THE WORLD that Warren Beatty had given the award to the WRONG  MOVIE.
Of course, since I do not think much of new movies or of the present flock of Hollywood Stars (with a few exceptions of course) which ever idiotic film and whichever idiotic Hollywood Stars actually won the statue was of complete indifference to me.   I believe that there was one movie which had Denzel Washington as the lead actor which I would bet was a well done film.   Of course, I have liked Denzel Washington for a number of years with a couple of my absolute favorites being "Man On Fire" and "The Equalizer".  He also did an exceptional job in "Soldier's Story",  "American Gangster",  "Remember The Titans",  and "Manchurian Candidate."   Also, while I liked the original "Manchurian Candidate" with Frank Sinatra better,  this remake was really quite well done.   He also did an excellent job in portraying Malcolm X in the movie by the same name.
Anyway,  I am looking forward to missing the Academy Awards Program next year as well.  Maybe they can get Bill Maher to serve as host.  One would almost think the The Democrat National Committee ran Hollywood..... or perhaps it is the other way 'round.
As you may have noticed,  February is Black History Month.   We get the occasional reminder daily in the (Sub) Standard Times as well as various television channels.... with the NFL Channel being at the top of that list.
Anyway, I read a story last week as well as hearing it reported on various news programs about a high school in Hopewell  Valley Township, N.J.  which had the extremely poor taste to to offer  FRIED  CHICKEN on the school menu during BLACK  HISTORY  MONTH.
BUT, do not worry yourself over this obvious attempt to STEREOTYPE black students,  the FRIED  CHICKEN was REMOVED from the menu AND School Superintendent  Thomas A. Smith APOLOGIZED to parents in the district,  RECOGNIZING that the menu choice  REINFORCES  RACIAL  STEREOTYPES and is not consistent with that district mission and efforts to improve cultural competency among the students and staff.  This menu also included sweet potato casserole,  sautéed spinach,  macaroni and cheese and cornbread.
Now I don't know much about the high school students in today's   Hopewell Valley Township, N.J. high school, but the SAUTÉED  SPINACH would have come way nearer pissing me off than  FRIED  CHICKEN.   Now I hope that this doesn't offend anyone in Hopewell Township but here in San Angelo, Texas I eat FRIED  CHICKEN at least once a week and a CHICKEN FRIED  STEAK at least once a week.  I sure hope that the public doesn't learn that I also eat REFRIED BEANS, SPANISH  RICE, TORTILLAS and ENCHILADAS at least once a week. I  feel sure that if LULAC   or  the Hispanic Awareness Council  learns of this I will be on their hit list.  And as I told one friend,  I sure hope the Sicilian Mafia does not learn of my consumption of spaghetti and meatballs on a really regular basis.  As a matter of fact, I just received through the mail from someone whom I consider a friend who lives in New York who just sent me some really great authentic Italian ingredients which I plant to put to some serious use on Sunday.  Under doctor's orders, my wife cannot eat  hardly any of the Italian dishes BUT I generally apologize to her when I stuff myself with some  good Italian food.   I would probably be  booted out of Hopewell Valley Township.
NOW, back to Hopewell Valley Township, New Jersey  High School.   FORTY-EIGHT of the school's 1249 students are..... "African American".   The article went on to  tell the incredibly ignorant masses that:   "SOUL FOOD" traditionally refers to food traditionally prepared and eaten by African Americans in the South, and was first prepared during the slavery era."
NOW, if this were not enough evidence,  Adrian Miller .... an Award-winning novelist once made a clear distinction between "Soul Food"  and "Southern Food" by saying that "Soul Food"  is more flavorful and rich.  Many dishes were becoming more vegan-based he revealed during a 2014 interview.
OK.  I'm going to say this just ONCE so that even the people in Hopewell Valley  Township and even perhaps Award-Winning novelist Adrian Miller might accidentally be able to understand.
Southern cooking has been around for a long time and yes the black slaves had quite a bit of input into the preparation of various dishes.  HOWEVER,  I do not remember hearing the term "Soul-Food" until I was grown and various black entertainers began to use that term.  SO you can take your definitions of "Soul Food/Southern Cooking"  and stick 'em where the sun don't shine.  I have been eating this type of food since I was a small boy.  I do not need some idiot to explain to me about sweet potato pie or syrup pie  or fried chicken or bar-b-que/bar-b-cue  or biscuits and gravy or Italian food or Mexican food  as I have been consuming all of those in mass quantities for damn near 80 years.
AND  I do not know which country or which person was responsible for the first hamburger BUT I owe him/her a debt of gratitude as I can knock down a double order of those babies on a daily basis.
ALL I can say is that the school system in Hopewell Valley Township in New Jersey have really turned the dogs loose on political correctness when they feel it necessary to apologize for having FRIED  CHICKEN on the school menu during Black History Month.   Like I said, show me the idiot who put Sautéed Spinach on my school menu and step back while I give that idiot a swift kick in the backside.
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Last night I watched President Trump's address to BOTH Houses of Congress.  I watched it from beginning to end and was pleasantly surprised at how President Trump handled himself and how he spoke of both political parties working together to get our country back on track.  NOW, if anyone wanted to get a pretty good feel as to how President Trump's speech was going, all they had to do was observe the Democrat/Socialist  Representatives and Democrat/Socialist  Senators and their body language and the looks on their faces spoke VOLUMES about the President's speech and if he was addressing the real problems facing our country today.
Chuck Schumer (D-NY)  looked about as comfortable as a crippled Wildebeest on the Serengeti.    Then there was Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who reminded me of a Termite in a mound surrounded by a family of Anteaters.
BUT where the Democrats/Socialists really showed their true colors was when many of them REFUSED to stand to honor Carryn Owens,  the widow of Senior Chief Ryan Owens, who lost his life on a raid in Yemen which was classified as "Highly Successful" by Defense Secretary James Mattis.

Somehow I feel like just perhaps General Mattis might accidentally have a better grasp on intelligence and military matters than Democrat/Socialist Representatives Debbie Wasserman Shultz and  Keith Ellison. Perhaps Keith Ellison was still pissed about not being selected as the DNC Chairman.
Then after President Trump's speech, every FOX News reporter said that the President's speech was really well done.  Even Juan Williams agreed although he was not completely pleased..... but that should not surprise any of us since Juan is himself a liberal mutt.
BUT the real good barometer to use in judging  President Trump's speech was the really goofy rebuttal by Democrat/Socialist former Kentucky Governor  Steve Beshear who appeared to be giving this nationwide rebuttal in  the back room of  Mom's  Home Cooking Café in Bugtussle, Kentucky.  Beshear  looked  and sounded as if he had not even heard President Trump's speech.   One must wonder why the Democrat/Socialist Party did not have one of their standard bearers  give the speech?  Perhaps they were too busy whining  and trying to explain to each other that what President Trump had just done was  hand them their own asses.  Then, of course they might have been  trying to find some way to blame Russia for  President Trump's  successful speech and for the rather idiotic response given by former Kentucky Governor Bashear.

After listening to Beshear, I can understand why he is the FORMER  Governor.
I watched President Trump's address on FOX News and I was glad to see that  the cameras showed various elected  officials and their reactions to what the President had just said.  Of course it was particularly interesting to me to see just how  petulant  the Democrat/Socialists looked.  I noticed on one occasion that the camera switched to Bernie Sanders and it looked to me as if Bernice realized that the TV Cameras were on him and he suddenly started clapping his hands.  Anyone who thinks that this old Marxist turd has the best interests of our country in his mind  needs some serious counseling. 
I am truly sorry that California Democrat/Socialist Congresswoman Maxine Waters did not honor us with her presence at the event.  I am sure that if the television camera could have captured  the look on her face and shown it that it would have made a freight train take a dirt road.
A couple of days back I watched what was billed as the World Heavyweight Championship fight between some unknown guy who is apparently now the WBA  Heavyweight Boxing Champion  or at least I think it was the WBA.  Anyway he defended his title and won the fight and pretty much showed his ass after the fight was over by some pretty unusual behavior.  And what was a surprise was that this was shown on CBS Network with NO  PAY  PER  VIEW.   I guess that boxing has gone downhill at a pretty rapid clip.

Then later that day I had viewed a YouTube Video on something else and noticed that they had several boxing videos and I immediately  watched one which had some of the greatest knockouts ever in boxing.  George Foreman was in several of them BUT the ABSOLUTE  BEST  PUNCH  I  EVER  SAW  AND  I  SAW  IT  ON  LIVE  TV was on September 23, 1952  when Rocky Marciano knocked out Jersey Joe Walcott in the 13th round with a short right cross that I'll bet didn't travel much more than six inches.  Walcott's left arm hung up on the ropes and the first thing to touch the canvas was the top of Jersey Joe Walcott's head and he was absolutely unconscious.   And at the time,  Walcott was ahead on the scorecards and  I was pretty sure that he was going to retain his championship.  But Rocky Marciano threw the perfect punch and put Jersey Joe to sleep.  In the rematch in 1954, I believe, Marciano knocked Walcott out pretty early in the fight.   I know that they call Muhammad Ali  "The Greatest"  but  in my books,  the REAL  GREATEST  of all times  in the Heavyweight Division was Rocky Marciano.

Of course I feel like I grew up watching as a kid and even after I was grown got to watch some of the really great fighters and fights of all times.   Houston, Texas was a big fight town.  I watched Ali fight three times in person.  I got to watch Sonny Liston fight twice live and at one time the Lightweight Champion of the World lived in Houston.   His name was Joe Brown and he was a 135 pound beast.  He could punch he could box and I don't think I ever saw him in a dull fight.   On one occasion he fought a left handed boxer named Kenny Lane who was plenty tough.  Before the fight, Brown said that he "Ate Southpaws For Breakfast."    The fight went the distance with Brown barely winning a decision and when asked about Southpaws after the fight, Brown said that he was just going to Skip Breakfast from now on.
It is too bad that professional boxing has gone down like it has.  There were some really great champions in all divisions from the 1940s on up through Larry Holmes and some in that era.
** You may have noticed that all elected politicians have been removed from the Good Guy List.  Sheriff David Clarke is the only exception.