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WEDNESDAY - February 15, 2017
Hello once again from the Institute For Jingoistic Angry White Privileged Conspiratorial Fossil Fuel Burning Males Of West Texas.
I would imagine that most if not all of you get tons of junk mail, some of it poorly disguised as SURVEYS  or REQUESTS  FOR  YOUR  OPINIONS on a myriad of subjects.  When in reality it is nothing more than an attempt to get you to turn loose of some of your cash for their particular cause.  This can also come as a telephone solicitation which is pretty well equally obnoxious.

But what really gets my backside red as a baboon's rear  are some of the tactics many of these solicitors use in their attempt to get in our pockets.   Just yesterday, some group claiming to represent some group of Indian Tribes in the United States sent my wife one of these solicitations in the mail and accompanying it was a white T-Shirt with a photo of an Indian Dancer on the front of the shirt.   Many times, groups claiming to represent one Indian Tribe or another  send little "Dream Catchers"  or some other fairly cheap trinket.  It seems as if there is no end to the types of things various groups send.  One of the most common is address labels.   At the present time, my wife and I BOTH have enough address labels to last us well into the NEXT  CENTURY.
Now, what all this adds up to is that these various organizations feel like  if they send you something, which really doesn't cost them all that much, that you will feel GUILTY unless you send them something in return LIKE A  CASH  DONATION.
I guess one of the most INSULTING hustles are the various groups who send you a solicitation with either a $2  or a $2.50 check made out to you in hopes that you will endorse the check and send it back ALONG WITH a little extra something which you will send in order NOT  TO  FEEL  GUILTY.
The first few times we received these checks I mailed them back with a note telling them to remove us from their mailing list.  Evidently either they do not pay attention to those requests or else the just ignore them.   I cannot even begin to tell you how many of those checks I take to the bank and cash and put that money back and at the end of the year I generally spend it on Christmas for someone who needs something OR I give it to  our Church.  Do I feel GUILTY about doing this?   HELL  NO!   I  do not feel as if I owe any of these organizations  a minute of my time or a cent of my money in order NOT  TO FEEL  GUILTY.   This is an old hustle and it operates on the same premise as a Carnival Midway Game.   I have had Carnival folk explain to me just how their scam works.
There is a guy whom you give $1  dollar to and he will guess your weight within 5 pounds AND in addition, will guess your age within 3 years.  NOW,  you have given him your $1 to play this game.  If he guesses correctly on both counts he has made a quick dollar. IF ON THE OTHER HAND he DOES NOT guess your weight and age within the prescribed limits then you win a stuffed animal...... IN WHICH  CASE  HE HAS  MADE  ONLY 90 cents.   You see, he only has a dime;  10 cents invested in the stuffed toy you have just won so he cannot lose.   You see.... P.T. Barnum was right.  There is a sucker born every minute.
BUT what is different about these solicitation games is that they are not depending upon greed or some other driving force.   They are depending upon you feeling GUILTY if you accept their  gift and DO NOT  SEND SOMETHING BACK  IN RETURN.
I believe in giving to help others out.  There are several local charities  to which I donate money or other goods.  I know where this goes and it does go to help people who are really in need.   BUT the telephone and mail hustles I do not trust in spite of what they send us that is alleged to be A  FREE  GIFT.
NOW, for the biggest GUILT  TRIP  HUSTLE  OF  ALL.   This is being done by primarily Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Democrat  accusations against the American People.  AND  don't think for a moment that I am leaving out  the Republican politicians in this game.  A number of years back when we lived in New Mexico I contributed what I could to one of the national  elected races in which a New Mexico Republican was running for office.  This politician had been in office for quite some time and as we were preparing to leave New Mexico for our new home in Texas, I read where this particular politician was NOT going to seek reelection and this was to be his last term.  So I didn't give it all that much thought but several months AFTER  we had MOVED  TO  TEXAS,  we received a request AT  OUR  TEXAS  ADDRESS requesting a donation to this politicians'  political  fund.  To say that I was insulted is a mild understatement and at that moment I felt as if there was absolutely NO  DIFFERENCE  IN  NATIONAL  REPUBLICAN  POLITICIANS  AND  NATIONAL  DEMOCRAT  POLITICIANS.  And I must say that nothing has happened since then to change my view.   I guess the one exception to this might be President Donald Trump.  Any similarity  between  President Trump and your run of the mill professional politician is purely coincidental.
NOW, last week I heard some person make the statement that he could think of nothing worse than to be called..... A  RACIST.   Really?  Funny, I can think of lots of things that if I were called would affect me much more negatively than being called  A  RACIST.  From what I have been able to check out a RACIST is someone who DISCRIMINATES against people of a particular race.  To DISCRIMINATE is to make DISTINCTIONS  IN  TREATMENT or persons of a different race.
BUT according to the  thinking of the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists, simply DISAGREEING with someone who is a member of a RACIAL MINORITY  is RACISM.  And that as we say in West Texas is pure bullshit (yep, one word).  In my life I have worked with people of all different races.  There are some in each race whom I like personally and some whom I dislike.  But I do not dislike the because of the color of their skin,  I dislike them because of the way they act and treat others.  SO, if disagreeing with someone or disliking how they act and treat others  is RACIST, then just go ahead and call me one.

You see,  being called a Child Molester;  a  Rapist;  a Murderer;  a Pedophile;  a Sadist;  and any number of other things to me is worse than some far left loon calling me a RACIST.  AH, but you see, the whole idea behind calling someone a RACIST is to put the person on A  GUILT TRIP and in today's society, it seems to work more times than it doesn't.
Also, where is it written that you must be a Caucasian in order to be racially prejudiced?   AS  LONG  AS  THERE  IS  A  CONGRESSIONAL  BLACK  CAUCUS,  DON'T EVEN BOTHER PLAYING THE RACE CARD.  And for sure DO  NOT  ATTEMPT  TO  MAKE  ME  FEEL  GUILTY over my personal opinions of various people.  I DO  NOT  LIKE  OR  TRUST  Barack Hussein Obama or his wife.  I do not trust Al Sharpton..... NOT  BECAUSE THEY  ARE  BLACK but rather because they are BOTH  lying vermin.  BUT in the same fashion, I do not like or trust  Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer..... and they are both white but are also lying vermin.  AH, you say, but they are Democrats so you must be prejudiced against Democrats.  TRY  AGAIN, I also have absolutely NO USE for John McCain or Lindsey Graham and they are both Republicans.  And in the same vein, I do like Thomas Sowell and Allen West who are both black and I suppose the politician that I despised the most was the Late Senator Edward Kennedy (Fat Teddy) who was #1 on my Varmint List and prior to that my Turd Of The Week List.  He came dangerously close to remaining on that list even after he died.
BUT the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists along with the Establishment Republicans ALL attempt to use some false feeling of GUILT in order to get their way.  As I have stated many times in the past,  there is damn little difference in any of these Professional Politicians regardless of their political party.  BUT they can spare themselves the trouble of trying to put me on a GUILT  TRIP  cause it just won't work.

BUT keep your eyes on your elected officials  because this bogus GUILT  TRIP apparently DOES  WORK on the Washington Elites and apparently will continue to work as long as we keep lying vermin in positions of power.
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Practically every news outlet is hung up on reporting the resignation of  General Michael from his position as National Security Advisor to President Trump.  I am not completely sure, at this point, just exactly what General Flynn was alleged to have revealed.  But as I understand it he misrepresented something to Vice President Pence.   I am surely not counting on the mainstream media for anything approaching the truth on this matter as they along with Senator Chuck Schumer are all still hung up on the Russians hacking into the e-mails of the DNC and learning, I'm still not sure what.  I have heard a couple of reports from some pretty reliable news people from FOX that  General Flynn actually did nothing which violated any U.S. Statute or revealed any top secret information to the Russians.

What I am pretty sure of though is that the Mainstream Media working hand in hand with the Democrat/Socialist leadership is doing everything in their power to de-rail the Trump Presidency.  It is so very obvious when you hear Chuck Schumer or Al Franken or Nancy Pelosi speak volumes on the subject.... of course... Nancy Pelosi apparently is till not totally convinced that George W. Bush is not still the President.   We have all seen this act before.  In President Bush's case they made it appear as if President George W. Bush on one hand was so stupid that he couldn't string a noun and a verb together to make a sentence and then in the next breath try to convince us all that he was so sly that he could manipulate damn near anything in order to screw up the nation.  AND, keep in mind that  the Democrats/Socialists back then also had some assistance from several Republican politicians.  AND it doesn't appear that much has changed.  Earlier today I heard Republican Senator Lindsey Graham suggest a full blown investigation into practically every accusation made against the Trump Administration by a "JOINT  SELECT  COMMITTEE".   Damn, that sounds important... a "JOINT  SELECT  COMMITTEE" almost sounds as important as "A  BLUE  RIBBON  PANEL".  
Just keep in mind that the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists only control about 3 states with any population.  Those boobs cannot do a damn thing unless they receive some help from some so called Republicans.  Take a close look at  where the Democrat Power is in our country;  California,  New York,  Illinois, and a couple of small Eastern states.  When you look at the margin of victory insofar as the popular vote went, it was almost 100%  in California.
AND, the Democrats/Socialists  still do not understand  how  or why Hillary was defeated.  But, they are persistent and will continue to try and undermine any changes suggested by President Trump and will keep trying to convince us all that  THE  RUSSIANS  stole the election from Hillary and gave it to Donald Trump.   They never really seem to tell us how the Russians did it .... just that they did it.

Perhaps if Chuck Schumer can shed a few more tears on national television  the country will come to its senses and cave in like many of the elected National Republicans seem to be willing to do.  HEY!   I have an idea.  Why don't they try to put is ALL ON  A GUILT  TRIP  FOR  ELECTING  DONALD  TRUMP?
A couple of evenings back I once again watched one of my all time favorite movies.  INHERIT  THE  WIND, which starred Spencer Tracy,  Fredric March, and Gene Kelly.  Of course the movie was based upon  the play which depicted the Scopes Monkey Trial.  Of course there was no action scenes in this movie, unlike today's  pitiful excuses.  The entire script depended upon some superb acting by the different characters.  Of course, Spencer Tracy was at his best as was Fredric March.  It is one of my all time favorites and I cannot think of many roles played by Spencer Tracy where he was not totally believable.   He could play almost any type of character and do a great job but I am not sure that his portrayal of Henry Drummond in Inherit The Wind in 1960 was not his absolute best.
And you all know how I feel about re-makes of great movies and I generally despise the second version but in 1999 they did a re-make of the movie and Jack Lemmon played the role of Henry Drummond and George C. Scott played the role of Matthew Harrison Brady which was played by Fredric March in the original.  This second version was also very good but you had Jack Lemmon and George C. Scott so it would be pretty hard to screw that up.

Anyway, if you have not seen Inherit The Wind, take time to watch it the next time it is on TCM or rent a DVD version.  It is worthwhile.
February 15th is  a rather special day for me as today is our 59th Wedding Anniversary.  On this day  in 1958  my wife and I were married in Houston, Texas.  One week prior to getting married I purchased a used 1953 Ford 4 door which was a really great car.  What really stands out on this day is that in 1958 when we were married, I  had the flu and was running a 104 degree temperature.  After the services we went to our reception, we had one large family photo taken. I reluctantly ate a piece of wedding cake and then my wife drove us to our apartment and called our family doctor.  He still made house calls back then.  He came by and gave me a shot and some medicine to swallow and I was sick in bed for two days.  I don't think I had ever been that sick before or since that day.   I wish we still had that old 1953 Ford 4 door as it was a plenty fine car.  Standard shift with overdrive.  Flat head V8 and of course no air conditioner.  Anyway, today is our 59th wedding anniversary  and I missed being sick by abut 3 days as I was pretty sick in bed last week end with some flu like symptoms.
** You may have noticed that all elected politicians have been removed from the Good Guy List.  Sheriff David Clarke is the only exception.