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WEDNESDAY - February 8, 2017
Greetings once again from A Jingoistic Super Bowl Commercial Sick Xenophobic West Texas Angry Conspiratorial White Male.
Let me begin by saying that those companies who paid up to 5.5 Million Dollars for a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl got taken big time.  Fist of all, if I decided to purchase or not to purchase an Alfa Romeo automobile, none of their commercials would have changed my mind or made me more inclined to purchase one of their overpriced vehicles.

Now let us look for a moment at Budweiser.   Evidently the Clydesdale Horses have been stolen or have run off as I did not see any of them during the entire evening of the Super Bowl.  I have spoken to several other people who watched the  program from start to finish and none of them ever saw a Budweiser commercial in which the Clydesdales  appeared.  Of course there was that one commercial they ran which, to me at least, was geared more toward IMMIGRATION than it was about selling their beer.
Now let us address another commercial in which you had no idea what product they were pushing until the last couple of seconds and I believe it was the 84 Lumber Company. Once again it appeared to be directed more about the hardships suffered by immigrants entering the U.S. illegally than it did about pushing their lumber.  Apparently there were enough complaints about it that the commercial  evidently prompted the 84 Lumber CEO Maggie Hardy  Magerko to issue a statement denying that the commercial contained any pro immigration message.  Perhaps Ms. Magerko either DID NOT  WATCH  THE  COMMERCIAL or she has the IQ of a river rock. 
While I do really like John Malkovich as an actor, his Super Bowl ad for was terrible.
 The ad for Mercedes Benz which featured Peter Fonda blocking in a bunch of bikers with his Mercedes Benz automobile was fairly well thought out. BUT it would not influence me  insofar as purchasing a Mercedes automobile.  Another huge expenditure probably with very little return.

The Tide ad with Terry Bradshaw was fairly well done and actually offered a little humor.
I was also very disappointed in the McDonald's ad.  I am not sure just why McDonalds felt as if some Hip-Hop crap would help them sell their Big Macs. 

The ONLY Super Bowl Ad that I could really say I liked was the Hyundai Ad right after the game which featured some of our men and women in the military and their family members.  It wasn't funny but it sure carried a great message.
Jut what in the Hell ever happened to to old style commercials with the Budweiser Clydesdales playing football with the zebra as the referee?  Also what about those old original Miller Light Beer commercials.... you remember.... Great Taste vs. Less Filling with some retired athletes and coaches like Dick Butkus;  Gordie Howe;  Larry Csonka;  Bubba Smith;  Billy Martin;  Wilt Chamberlain;  John Madden;  Larry Mahan and a bunch more folks whom we recognized.  There was no political message nor was there any doubt about the product they were pushing.  I realize that many will think that I am just living in the past.... BUT.... those old commercials contained some actual humor whereas today's commercials  contain some hidden political message.

SO, without any hesitation I have to grade the Super Bowl Commercials from last Sunday as................. THE  WORST  EVER.

While the Super Bowl half-time entertainment  might not, in my opinion, have been THE  WORST..... IT WAS DAMN SURE CLOSE.
Of course  I might have a somewhat different view if I were some far left Twinkie who didn't think that Lady Gaga possess the class of  a stray dog. (And  I should probably apologize  to  every stray dog on earth)    I have seen a program where Lady Gaga sang some old movie tunes without dressing up like a pole dancer and she actually has a very good voice.  BUT in fairness I must say that hers was NOT  THE  WORST  SUPER BOWL HALFTIME  SHOW.   Not since I can still recall Janet Jackson and  last year's fiasco with Beyonce..... AND a bunch more in between.  I actually liked the half time show with Paul McCartney and I must admit that I liked Mick Jagger as well.
Of course, since I couldn't understand the words to the so called songs Lady Gaga was singing, I cannot comment on their content.  She might have been talking bad about all of us but I could not make out the lyrics..... nor did I waste much time trying.
All I know for sure is that The National Football League should be ashamed of themselves  for pushing that crap onto football fans.

And while I am on the subject, let us look for a moment at the Pre-Game so called entertainment.  Some of it started off like it was going to be really patriotic but rapidly turned into  typical politically correct  horse crap.

Now, let us address The National Anthem.  Once again, it was done much better than the normal rendition but apparently Luke Bryan could not resist the urge to try and make it something other than what it is.  IT   IS  AN  ANTHEM!   And according to Webster an ANTHEM IS:  1)  a religious choral son   2)  a song of praise or devotion,  as to a nation

It  IS NOT  a Country and Western Song;   A Blues Song;  A  Hip- Hop Song;  A  Dance  Tune;  or A Polka.  IT  IS  AN  ANTHEM!!!!
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Now for the Super Bowl game itself.  I thoroughly enjoyed the game and came really close to watching something else until New England scored their first touchdown with about 2 minutes left in the third quarter.  I had seen Tom Brady come from behind too many times in big games to not give this game a chance.  Of course as you know, they erased a 25 point Falcons' lead and scored 31 unanswered points with the final 6 points in overtime to win their unprecedented 5th Super Bowl Championship.

During the 4th quarter of the game (and I watched the game live and have watched 3 replays of the game) I noticed the difference in the body language and activity on the two sidelines.  When Atlanta had the ball, Tom Brady was conferring with this Offensive Coordinator and receivers.  When New England had the ball  Matt Ryan was pacing the sidelines in front of their bench.  Brady looked cool and calm and Ryan looked nervous.  I think that experience and coaching came through for New England.  Also, for some reason, almost every playoff game, New England will have a player whom you barely have noticed throughout the year step up and play the game of his life.  In one of the playoff games it was receiver Chris Hogan (a lacrosse player from Monmouth College) and in the Super Bowl it was James White (running back from Wisconsin).  And of course the greatest catch in the game (and there were several great ones from both teams) had to be the catch made by wide Patriot's receiver Julian Edelman ( a former quarterback from Kent State) which defined the word CONCENTRATION.  All in all, it was one of my favorite Super Bowls.  I have been a New England fan ever since Bill Belichick became their head coach.  I realize that there are different eras in professional sports but Belichick stands out with me as his roster has changed pretty dramatically over the years as opposed to the old Green Bay and Cowboy Teams of the past.   I also appreciate the way Belichick handles the Sports Media who are Varmints just like the regular media.  It also appears as if Mr. Kraft is an owner who allows his Head Coach to DO  HIS  JOB without a bunch of outside interference.
BUT, Falcons fans should not hang their  heads.  Atlanta has a really good team and is still very young.  I am sure they will be back in the hunt for the next few years.

I was also glad to see former St. Louis Rams/Arizona Cardinal Quarterback Kurt Warner get voted into the NFL Hall of Fame.  I always found him to be a class act.
Would SOMEONE  PLEASE  TELL  California Congresswoman Maxine Waters  that  Russia  has  not  attacked  KOREA.  And while you are at it, would SOMEONE  PLEASE  TELL  California Congresswoman  Nancy  Pelosi  that GEORGE  BUSH  IS  NOT  THE  PRESIDENT  OF THE  UNITED  STATES nor has he been since January of 2009.   When I watched these two goofy squacks making their statements to the press yesterday it became fairly apparent  that  the voters in those two California Congressional Districts who voted for those two idiots must have a collective room temperature I.Q.   Actually I believe that the voters  in those two California Districts and the voters in the two Georgia Districts who cast their votes for Hank Johnson and John Lewis should all make appointments with  Dr. Phil to see if there is some type of virus that contaminates those 4 Congressional Districts.
I have listened to attorneys who have read the Federal Statutes and have read a copy of the Federal Statute which gives the President of the United States the authority to do exactly what President Donald Trump did in his Executive Order prohibiting persons from specific countries from entering the United States.  It is obvious that the President did in fact issue a lawful Executive Order and that the Federal Judge in Washington actually exceeded his authority when he issued the order suspending the President's Executive Order.   I also have  NO  FAITH  WHATSOEVER in the 9th Circuit Court to do what is right.
Also, I do not claim to know all there is to know about the new Secretary of Education, Betsy Devos.  BUT  I do know that if she is opposed by Al Franken and all of the Democrat/Socialist Senators along with Republican Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) that she must be very competent and probably a good choice.  If this statement gives you the impression that I have NO USE  AT  ALL for these three elected officials then you are most perceptive.
Is it just me?   Or do most of these elected Democrats/Progressives/Socialists all seem to have the sense of humor of a Salt Water Crocodile?
** You may have noticed that all elected politicians have been removed from the Good Guy List.  Sheriff David Clarke is the only exception.