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Wednesday - February 3, 2016
Greetings from The Home For Thoroughly Fed Up Conservative Jingoistic Xenophobic Angry Gun Clingers Of West Texas.
For weeks now we have been subjected to nanosecond by nanosecond reports about "The Iowa Caucuses" and the "New Hampshire Primaries" by every type and flavor of so called "News Agencies".   It has come to the point where I, like Rhett Butler,  "Frankly, Don't Give A Damn".   Now I know that there are some really good people who live in Iowa and New Hampshire.  I have a pretty good friend who was raised on an Iowa farm.  But when you really boil things down to basic facts, most of the remainder of the United States are more interested in the political picture in the state in which they reside.
Now let us look at  Iowa and New Hampshire in terms of actual control of a national election.  According to one source, in 2015 the predicted population of Iowa was approximately  3,474,000 people which would rank Iowa 30th  after all population totals were in.   New Hampshire showed a total of approximately 1,330,600 which would rank it either 41st,  42nd, or 43rd after all figures were in.
Now let us look at California (#1)  with 39,145,000;   Texas (#2)  with 27,470,000;   Florida (#3) with 20,271,000;  and New York (#4)with 19,796,000 and it should not be too hard to see that neither Iowa nor New Hampshire  are very near the top of the states in terms of population or voter strength.
Now, let us look at the representation each of the above mentioned states has in the U.S. House of Representatives:

California ............ 53 seats
Texas .................. 36 seats
Florida ................ 27 seats
New York ............ 27 seats
Iowa....................  4 seats
New Hampshire....  2 seats
So by using even limited math skills, even the incompetent media vermin should be able to tell that the states with more population generally have a greater impact on voting on various pieces of legislation and also in selecting Presidential Nominees.
AND, if it were not insulting enough that we have been bombarded with these 24 hour a day reports by some so called EXPERT'S, who offer their  opinion on who is in the lead in both parties, we have also been overwhelmed by various telephone solicitations;  mail solicitations;  Internet/E-Mail solicitations;   and Television and Radio solicitations for donations of funds to any number of candidates.  Now, let me ask you this question.  With something like 17 Republicans seeking their party's nomination, do those people in the single digit poll numbers actually believe they have a shot at the nomination?   If they do...... then they are too stupid to be elected to the office.
According to all of the political pundits, the Iowa Caucuses were pretty much being given to "The Donald".   BUT, a funny thing happened.  Ted Cruz won the Republican Iowa Caucuses.  Almost immediately the media vermin began to harp on the fact that Marco Rubio had done really well in his third place finish.  Even some really intelligent folks like Charles Krauthammer could not seem to find a way to give Cruz any credit but he and others were attempting to point out the ways that Donald Trump had come in second and Rubio coming in third were the big stories.

Then on Tuesday morning,  there was a move afoot to blame Cruz for releasing some erroneous information regarding Dr. Ben Carson  not going to New Hampshire or South Carolina.  Cruz apologized to Dr. Carson and said that his group should have verified the story prior to releasing the information.  I am still not sure which staffer/staffers released this wrong information. Then later, even Bill O'Reilly said that he thought it looked like the Carson story actually was leaked by CNN.
Then on Wednesday, "The Donald" sent out a "tweet" and made  a statement calling for the Iowa Republican Caucuses votes for Cruz be disallowed.  All of the name calling from all sides is really making the Republican Party as a whole look damn near as goofy as the Democrat/Progressive/Socialist Party.  And since we are on the subject, in the Democrat/Progressive/Socialist Caucuses, some of the delegates were decided by A  COIN TOSS.  Damn, that sure sounds fair.  And all of a sudden, what is with this new love affair between Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee?
I read also where The New York Times and The Boston Globe have given their support to Marco Rubio.  WOW!  There is a couple of real conservative media outlets.  And I am sure that the New York Times is extremely interested in seeing that the Republican Party nominates a really strong candidate.
It was obvious to me that the Media (all of 'em) and members of the RNC (Karl Rove)  were unhappy with the results of the Iowa votes.  And to Karl and the Media I politely say "Tough Shit!"
And when to candidates are finally chosen, if the Republican Party chooses someone whom I can stand the sight of, I will vote for that person.  If not I will probably write in someone.

BUT the bottom line is that I would rather "Drink Flint Michigan Tap Water" or "Walk Into The Long Branch Saloon In Dodge City And Insult Miss Kitty In Front Of Matt Dillon" than I had to vote for Hillary Clinton OR Bernie Sanders.
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Earlier today I heard a report the Mitch McConnell has made the statement that the U.S. Senate will not make any effort to block any of President Obama's legislative attempts.  Looks like Dr. Sowell's comment about a "lame duck branch of government" fits the U.S. Senate perfectly
In the (Sub) Standard Times there is one page which is dedicated to entertainment AND entertainers.... most of whom are complete strangers to me.  Here is a sample of some household names of today's so called stars:
Michelle Dockery
America Ferrera
Taylor Kinney
Zooey Deschauner
Henry Schleff
Brenda Boyd
Evan Shapiro
George RR Martin
Hill Waterhouse
Chelsea Handler
Claire Dawes
Greta Gerwig
John Krasinski
Now I am sure that this only goes to show how behind times I am  in matters relating to the entertainment field but I can assure you it is BY  CHOICE.
Speaking of entertainers/actors, yesterday I watched for probably the 20th time at least  "The Battle Of The Bulge".  Now here is a movie that sported some real actors:
Henry Fonda
Robert  Shaw
Robert Ryan
Dana Andrews
George Montgomery
Pier Angeli
Barbara Werle
Charles Bronson
James MacArthur
Ty Hardin
And many more character actors.  Isn't it odd that in the moves, British Actors make the best German Officers:  Robert Shaw and  James Mason just to name a couple. And what made the move even more enjoyable to me was that on a couple of the History Channels there were documentaries about the real "Battle Of The Bulge".
As I have said in the past, I really enjoy reading true history, particularly Western History and early American History.  But I am presently reading a book written by a veteran of the USMC and the island battles in the Pacific during World War II.  The author was fairly blunt about the dislike of General Douglas MacArthur by the troops who served in the Pacific Theatre.  The book is primarily directed at the battles on Guadalcanal and Peleliu. After I have finished it, I will mail it to my youngest Grandson who is a big history buff.
Earlier today I heard that there have been several cases of ZIKA Disease reported in Texas with Dallas reporting some as well as Houston and San Antonio.  This virus is transmitted originally by a certain type of mosquito but can also be transmitted sexually... what a surprise.  The virus can cause pregnant women to give birth to children with abnormally small heads.

APPARENTLY, the country with the largest problem with this disease is..... BRAZIL..... the home of the 2016 Summer Olympic Games which I believe are to be in Rio De Janeiro.  In addition to this highly contagious virus, it appears as if Rio De Janeiro is also experiencing some serious water pollution problems.  You don't suppose that the City of Rio De Janeiro and Flint Michigan are being governed by the same group of incompetents...... do you?
AND Yes, I still prefer Ted Cruz over the remainder of the field.