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WEDNESDAY - February 1, 2017
Greetings once again from the West  Texas Association Of Jingoistic Vast Right Wing Conspiratorial Carbon Emitting  Icecap Melting Polar Bear Killing Angry Privileged White Guys.

One of President Trump's first  acts  is to take steps to DEFUND SANCTUARY  CITIES.  For the past week after it was announced that President Trump was going to sign an Executive Order which would withhold Federal Funds from so called Sanctuary Cities.  Of course every Liberal/Progressive/Democrat/Socialist on the planet tried their usual strategy by simply denying that there was actually any such thing as a SANCTUARY  CITY.  Of course there have already been Mayors of these SANCTUARY CITIES have also come out and proudly announced that  their city WAS in fact a SANCTUARY  CITY and would remain so despite the threat of withholding Federal Funds.
Then their appeared the real Liberal Whiners who said that if all Federal Funds were cut,  that would also mean that  their education systems would suffer as they depend upon Federal Funds.  Then they also included many other social programs which depend upon Federal Funds to open their doors.   This was meant to put Conservatives on the defensive and place them on a guilt trip which was geared to  making Conservatives believe that the cutting of Federal Funds would mean that these evil Conservatives would be at fault for local schools having to cut down or cut out many of their programs, particularly the Head Start programs which in effect are mainly used as free baby sitting for many of the recipients.   NOW, let me point out a couple of things and place the guilt where it rightfully belongs.

These so called SANCTUARY  CITIES  are basically violating Federal Law by not following  the guidelines set forth in the Federal Immigration Statutes.  SO, let us suppose that one of these Sanctuary Cities has all Federal Funds cut from their annual fiscal budget.  This DEFUNDING of Sanctuary Cities  could result in the municipality's ability to properly administer,  hire, and supervise necessary personnel in:

1) Public Schools K - 12
2) Pre-School Programs
3) Head Start Programs
4) Free Lunch Programs
5) Public Safety Services and Personnel
6) Cuts in Purchase Of Big Ticket  Equipment Items
7) Cutbacks in Infrastructure
8) Cutbacks in Training of Municipal Personnel
And these are just a few of the  areas.  Now keep in mind that the Liberals/Progressives/Democrats/Socialists would place the blame on the Federal Government but whose fault would it really be?  I submit that if the leaders of these so called SANCTUARY  CITIES would simply obey the Federal Statutes that this conversation would not even be happening. Let me put it in a way so that even residents of The People's Republic of San Francisco can understand:
If I am driving my automobile and I come up to a traffic signal and I have a RED  LIGHT which by law requires me to STOP.  I do STOP and while waiting for my light to turn from red to green, I decide that I will just disregard the red light and pull out  into the intersection even though traffic is coming rapidly from my right and from my left.  I do pull out and get hit broadside from the left and I continue on and get hit broadside again from my right.
I made the decision that I would disregard the law and just go through the intersection anyway and it results in my vehicle being totaled and me being injured.  IS  THIS  ACCIDENT  MY  FAULT FOR VIOLATING  THE  LAW .... OR .... IS  IT  THE  FAULT  OF  THE OTHER DRIVERS  WHO WERE BOTH OBEYING  THE  LAW?  A simple answer, the accident would be my fault  as I made the decision to violate the law.  Who should be issued the citation for this accident?  Me or the other two drivers who did not commit a violation?

AND, while we are withholding funds from Sanctuary Cities.... HOW  ABOUT  WITHHOLDING  FUNDS  FROM  SANCTUARY  STATES?   (Of which there appears to be only ONE headed in that direction.............. FOR  NOW)
And while looking  for  spending cuts.... how about our House and Senate members having a really close look at the tax dollars thrown away to countries who hate us and try to block us at every turn?  How about taking a really close look at the millions if not billions of dollars given out each year to various groups and individuals to study things about which NO ONE IN  THE  UNITED  STATES   REALLY  GIVES  A DAMN?   How about CUTTING the funding for many of our unnecessary  REGULATORY AGENCIES?  And while we are at it, why not do away with the EPA for starters? 
A few days ago I was watching some comedy videos and then switched over to watch some sports videos and one came up which was about 45 minutes in length  about  the  life and career  of NHL Superstar Wayne Gretzky.  I watched Gretzky play his entire NHL career with the Edmonton Oilers;   The  Los  Angeles  Kings;   The  St.  Louis Blues;   and  The  New York Rangers.   Now granted that those teams had some other really great hockey stars but fairly early in his career, Wayne Gretzky was nicknamed "The Great One" and you didn't have to watch him for a very long period of time before realizing that in the game of professional hockey, Wayne Gretzky was in a class all by himself.  And in this film this was  repeated by Gordie Howe,  Mario Lemieux,  Mark Messier and many other hockey legends.   This program showed film of Gretzky from the time he was 2 years old with a little hockey stick knocking a rolled up sock instead of a puck on his Grandmother's waxed hardwood floors.  His  Father said that he put Wayne on a pair if ice skates when he was 2 years old and he immediately started skating like he had been doing it for years.   I can sort of relate to that as our daughter was about 6 years old in Houston when we took her to the ice rink.  We put on her skates and she hit the ice like she had been skating for years.  I was plenty impressed as I never did master the art of ice skating.  I could get going pretty good but stopping was a whole different ball game.

Anyway back to Gretzky, this documentary said that when he was playing amateur hockey he was always the youngest and smallest player on the team.  When he was something like 14 years old he was playing on a team and in a league where the other players were 19 and 20 years old.   AND he was not only holding his own, he was one of the stars.  I was privileged enough to watch him break a couple of records in televised games.  I watched him break Gordie Howe's  scoring record for total points in a career.  He also pretty early in his career broke Maurice "Rocket" Richard's  record of  50 goals in 50 games.  Gretzky scored hit 50th goal in his 39th game of the season.   He went into that game with 45 goals so you figure out how many goals he scored to break Richard's record.   But it was not just the records he broke, it was total hockey skills that he displayed which earned him the nickname of "The Great One".    One of the best compliments any other player said was by Mark Messier who is an NHL Hall of Fame Player.   Messier said that Gretzky was THE  GREATEST  PASSER  EVER.   And that came from one of the greatest hockey players AND greatest passers  I ever saw.  So Gretzky's nickname was well deserved.
After watching  this  documentary I got to thinking about nicknames of various  athletes,  teams,  and entertainers and a few came to my mind:
"The Brown Bomber"................. Joe Louis
"America's Team"....................... The Dallas Cowboys
"The Manassa Mauler................. Jack Dempsey
"The Brockton Blockbuster"........ Rocky Marciano
"The Splendid Splinter"............... Ted Williams
"The Easton Assassin".................. Ernie Holmes
"The Broad Street Bullies"............ The Philadelphia Flyers
"The Galloping Ghost".................. Harold "Red" Grange
"The Tyler Rose" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Earl Campbell
"The Beast From The East" ........... Tony Dorsett
"The Bullet".................................. Bob Hayes
"The Big E" .................................. Elvin Hayes
"The Big Dipper"........................... Wilt Chamberlain
" The King"................................... Elvis Presley
"The Monsters Of The Midway"..... The Chicago Bears
"The Man".................................... Stan Musial
"The Man".................................... Jim Brown
"The Bronx Bombers".................... The New York Yankees
"The Wild Bull Of The Pampas"...... Luis Angel Firpo
"The Great Bambino"..................... Babe Ruth
"The Springfield Rifle"..................... Vic Raschi
"The Fearsome Foursome".............. Deacon Jones, Roosevelt Grier/Roger Brown, Merlin Olsen,  Lamar Lundy
"Doomsday"................................... Willie, Lilly, Jethro, & George (Willie Townes, Bob Lilly, Jethro Pugh, George Andrie) Dallas Cowboys Original Doomsday  Defensive Line*
"The Four Horsemen"....................Jim Crowley,  Elmer Layden, Don Miller, Harry Stuhlderher
"Outlined against a blue-gray October sky, the Four Horsemen rode again.  In dramatic lore they are known as Famine, Pestilence, Destruction, and Death.  These are only aliases.  Their real names are Stuhlderher, Miller, Crowley and Layden.  They formed the crest of the South Bend cyclone before which another fighting Army football team was swept over the precipice at the Polo Grounds yesterday afternoon as 55,000 spectators peered down on the bewildering panorama spread on the green plain below."
- Grantland Rice - **
** Mr. Rice was a bit more poetic and descriptive than the so called sportswriters  to whom we are subjected today.
* Later Dallas Cowboys Defensive Lines were also called "Doomsday" but that one was the original.
Tony Aguilar,    Mary Vigil,      Joe & Ruth Lucero,   Ted Salgado,  Raoul McPeters,  Bill Morrill,  Marshall Newman   -NM  -  Ella Dunlop,    Kaleigh Paige Hudgens,     Bobby Peiser,   Maria Tupaz,  Bernice Murphy,    Judy Langham,     Liz Deguren,  Roger Tucker,       Zak Krejci,   Debra Blake,   Mary Denson,   Randy  Jones,      Don Weaver,    Jerry Carpenter,      Sherry Welch,   Shirley Boatright,    Freddy Dietz,   Bobby Black,  Kaylee King (2)    - TX -  Sr. Delphine Grigas (100 years old) - IL -   Paul & Debby Gula,  Mike Burkebak,   Alan Miller,    Debbie McKeown, Violet  Fermin,  Carlos Fernandez,   Kate Nolan  - FL -    L.T. Drennan - OK -     Lynn Jones - NE -    Gladys Beasley, Barbara Urban - MD -   Charles Latham,  Rocky Leonard,    Bette Miller,   Sheriff Richard Mack - AZ -   Kate Powell,  Annise Kennedy,  Sam Wittstruck (17 yoa),  Kenny McPeters,   Suzie Dove,   Weston Lord,  DeWayne & Donald  Schendel,  Ken Welty   -  CA -      Keith Chambers,   Nancy Chambers,   LANA Athey,   Vicki Watson - CO -      Hal Whitmore - DE -   Herb Johnston - NY -     Lonnie Shoultz - AL   -   Perry Evans  - AR -   Jim Pinney,   Carol Pinney,    James E. Brady III (2 yrs. old)  - OH -  Joyce Marie Severino - GA  -     Josip & Lela  Slivar - ZAGREB, CROATIA -  Sister Clarice Carroll (83) - HAITI  -     RET. COL.  Pete Mekkelson -WVA -   CDR USN (Ret) Bob Palmer - WI    Tyler Seddon  - RI   
GySgt. Daniel West,  MSgt. (Ret) Randy Morrow , CAPT. Michael Rice,  CAPT. Nick Francona, GySgt. James Walker, CAPT. George Zeigler,    CAPT.  Catherine Schmidt Fiancé of Capt. Zeigler)    SSgt. Matt Ross, Alex Boyd,  RCT Graydon J. Phillips,  CAPT. Levi English,   GySgt. Eric Harmon,   LCPL Archer Abblitt,  Maj. Todd A. O'Brien,   MGySgt. '46 - 82 (Ret)  Harvey  Weigart -   US MARINE CORPS -    Kenneth Thomas - USCG    SSgt. Eric Grudziecke, A1 Elizabeth Chaffon,  Cody Barber, Col. Phil Samples, TSgt. Aaron Brown,   TSgt.  Rebecca Goodwin, 1st LT.  Mandie Yates,   - US AIR FORCE -   Capt. Brian Kriss - TxANG -   Zachary Moore - US NAVAL ACADEMY -    Lt. William Jourdan,  CAPT.  Robert McLay,  Lt. Tommy Brown, Lt. Russell Brown,     CAPT. Wayne Putnam (Ret),   E5 Matthew J. Blaker (and crew of the USS ANZIO),    LT JG Ethan English,   - US NAVY -   Bud Barnett - USNA 74 -    SSgt. Mike Campagna - SPECIAL FORCES  -   SSgt.Michael Strawn, Sgt. Logan McKinzie,  Capt. (Fr) Kevin Peek, Maj. Fred W. Tanner, Lt. Col. Robbie Ball,  SSgt. Travis McGowan,   Michael B. Hudgens,     Scott Hillyer,   Jeff Schoonover,  CWO2 Mitchell Wittstruck - US ARMY    -  CWO3  Tim Helton and the 1/230  Air Cav Squadron TNANG  -  All of the  men and women presently serving in the United States Military
John Mallory - DEA -    Gary and Cindy Hogman,   Ashtyn Wages and John Paul Tupaz and their families. 
 "Immigration Laws are the only laws that are discussed in terms of how to help people who break them."......... THOMAS  SOWELL
"What multiculturalism boils down to is that you can praise any culture in the world except Western Culture - and you cannot blame  any  culture in the world  except  Western Culture,".................... THOMAS  SOWELL
"People who claim that sentencing a murderer to Life Without The Possibility Of Parole protects society just as well as the death penalty ignore three things;  (1)  Life Without The Possibility Of Parole does not mean Life Without The Possibility Of Escape  or  (2) Life Without The Possibility Of Killing While In Prison  or  (3)  Life Without The Possibility Of A Liberal Governor  Being Elected And Issuing A Pardon."......................... THOMAS  SOWELL
"There are few things more dishonorable than misleading the young.".............. THOMAS  SOWELL
  "An appeal to arms and to the God of hosts is all that is left us!.... Sir, we are not weak if we make  a proper use of those means which the God of nature hath placed in our power....  Besides, sir, we shall not fight our battles alone.   There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations and who will raise up friends to fight our battles for us....   Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of the chains of slavery?  Forbid it, Almighty God.  I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death."..... PATRICK  HENRY
Barack Hussein Obama,    Michelle Obama,   George Soros,    Louis Farrakhan,   Debbie Wasserman Schultz  FORMER DNC  Chairperson,   Leon Panetta,       Supreme Court Justices - Ruth Bader Ginsberg,  Sonia Sotomayor, Elena Kagan, AND John Roberts,    John McCain R-AZ,    Nancy Pelosi,    Diane Feinstein,   Barbara Boxer,    Hillary Clinton,   Bill Clinton,   Chuck Schumer,      Rahm Emanuel,     Rep. Keith Ellison D-MN,       COLIN  POWELL  ( R) ,   Michael Moore,      Lindsey Graham,     Al Gore,      Chuck Hagel,    Dick Durbin,      Andrew Cuomo   Sheila Jackson Lee D-TX,     Susan Collins R-ME,   Patrick Leahy,     Jeff Flake R-AZ,    Eddie Bernice Johnson D-TX,       John Cornyn R-TX,   Mitch McConnell R-KY,     Lisa Murkowski R-AK,      Robert Menendez NJ,   Al Franken MN,   Claire McCaskill (D-MO),   Patty Murray WA,   Henry Waxman CA,   Linda Sanchez CA,   Maxine Waters CA,   Wendy Davis D-TX,   Elijah Cummings D-MD,   NY Mayor Bill de Blasio,    Rep. Ann  Kuster D-NH,      Jerrold Nadler (D-NY),   Rep.  Jared Polis (D-CO),       Orin Hatch (R-UT),     Elizabeth Warren (D-MA),   Deval Patrick (D-MA),      Jerry Brown (D-CA),      Julia Pierson,    Rep. Al Green (D-TX),   Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-TX),  HOWARD  DEAN,     Barbara Mikulski (D-MD),     FORMER  Attorney General LORETTA  LYNCH,  Veteran's Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald,  House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI),     Hank Johnson (D-GA),    Huma Mahmood Abedin,     Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH),   Donna  Brazile  DNC CHAIRPERSON,        Anthony Weiner,    CORY BOOKER (D-NJ),    JOHN  LEWIS  (D-GA)
MSNBC,    ACLU,   Congressional Black Caucus,   NAACP,   Jesse Jackson,  AL  SHARPTON,    UNITED   NATIONS,     Jane Fonda,   LA RAZA,   MOVEON.ORG,      PETA,   CAIR,     BOB  COSTAS (NBC),   ESPN,     The NFL,   CNN,  The Environmental Protection Agency,          Republican National Committee (RNC),     NBC,   CBS,   CNBC,  ABC,  BUREAU OF  LAND  MANAGEMENT, Department of Education,  Department of Energy,     NBA,  NHL,  NOW (National Organization Of Women),   Patricia Ireland,   Planned  Parenthood,    Jesse Ventura,  Geraldo Rivera FOX News,   Juan Williams FOX News,    The Washington Redskins Football Team,    James Brown (CBS -NFL Pre-Game).  CDC (Center for Disease Control),    Shepard Smith FOX News,  Alan Colmes  FOX News,     BLACK  LIVES  MATTER,   THE SIERRA  CLUB,   Megyn Kelly NBC,   Quentin Tarantino,   The University of Missouri,      Kirsten Powers FOX News,    Matt Damon (supports seizure of firearms),   Colin Kaepernick - QB San Francisco 49ers,  SAN FRANCISCO  49ers for supporting Kaepernick 
*By Request    
This past week I lost another really good friend in Bob Wallman.  Bob was one of the first friends I made here in San Angelo back in 2003.  Bob lost his wife several years back and lived alone.  When I first met Bob he walked religiously every single day and was a really interesting man to talk with.  Bob was retired Military and had served in both Korea and Vietnam.  Bob loved shooting and loved collecting knives.  I have a couple of knives that were given to me by Bob and one of these days a couple of my Grandsons will be the proud owner.  I will tell them from whom they came.  Bob's physical health had left him several years back and he was unable to walk or do any type of exercise any more.  He finally had to move to an assisted living facility and I tried to visit him regularly.  He would always have several  magazines dealing with firearms and hunting that he saved for me. Bob loved eating out and one of his sons would come by the facility and pick him up and take him out to eat.  I'll bet Bob knew every food server in San Angelo.  Often when I go to various places and will run into someone who knew Bob from serving him at a restaurant and they will always inquire about his well being.  The last couple of times I visited Bob he had a thousand yard stare and did not seem to realize who I was.  I could tell that visiting him was not helpful to either him or me.  It is so very sad to see someone who was as alert as Bob had been not be able to have any concept of who people are or where he is.  I went to his graveside services last Monday and of course it was a Military Service.  I'm sorry but I don't care how tough you might think you are, at a Military Funeral after they fire the salute with the rifles and the bugler begins to play TAPS, I  have to admit that it is a very emotional moment to me.   Bob had 27 years of Military Service in the U.S. Army and later in the U.S. Air Force.  I also learned that after WW II when Bob was beginning his Military Career, one of is assignments was as security for Japanese Emperor Hirohito.  The Chaplain said that he had see photos of Emperor Hirohito and that Bob Wallman was also in those photos.   I never knew that about him.   I know one thing though,  the world is worse off for not having this good man still around.  I will miss him a lot.
Yesterday I received an E-Mail notice of the death of another old friend.  His name is Kenneth B. Montgomery.  I first met Ken in 1958 when we were both accepted as recruits in Houston Police Academy #19.  Since our seating was alphabetical I sat right in front of Ken for the entire duration of the Academy.  He was a good friend and we remained so for 58 years.   I last saw Ken to visit with him last October at the HPROA Hill Country Reunion in Fredericksburg.  Ken was a good man and a good police officer.  I will miss visiting with him at the annual reunion in Fredericksburg.
While at the Post Office last Saturday I was going through my junk mail and through a package I had received at one of the tables provided customers for that purpose.  On Saturday, the main Post Office in San Angelo is open for all services but our branch Post Office where I have my P.O. Box puts out the mail in the boxes but none of the service windows are open.  Anyway I was concentrating on the destruction of my junk mail when a young man walked up to me and asked if I could help him.  I told him I would sure try.  He had a form in his hand and saw that the service windows were closed.  So I told him that the main Post Office was open and told him where it was.  He told me that he had just come from there and they had sent him to this neighborhood branch office.  So I walked him over to a door and rang a bell as I knew that there were employees in the back sorting the mail and placing them in the P.O. Boxes.  We waited a couple of minutes and I rang it again and a lady came and opened the door.   The young man was showing her his postal form and about that time I finished by junk mail destruction and gathered up all of my other stuff and was walking out the front door when I felt  someone tap me on the shoulder.  It was the young  man and he said that he really appreciated my assistance.  I told him that I was glad to help him and he shook my hand and returned inside the Post Office. 

As I was driving out of the parking lot I just thought how very nice it was of that young man to thank me for helping him.  I really didn't do that much and it sure didn't put me out any real effort but  it meant something to that young man.  And I realized that  him taking the time to come and thank me was a really nice and kind thing to do.  It sure made me feel good  AND  the funny thing about it is that the color of his skin never entered into my thoughts.  He needed help and I knew how to get him that help.  AND I truly believe that most people feel the same  but  all we  hear and see are politicians OF  EVERY  RACE  try to tell the American people that since we are made up of people of all different skin colors and religions personal preferences that we all need to have these very minor differences pointed out to us because we are too stupid to recognize things for ourselves.

To that young man who made my day...... I say thank you.   OH, did I forget to mention that this young man was black?   To the politicians who keep trying to tell us that  differences in our race,  religion, social status,  financial status, and gender is of super importance, I politely invite them  to kiss my ass .. and I don't mean the kind with four legs.
A report in the (Sub) Standard Times which had me in a state of depression for.... oh, say about a nanosecond:  AN  IRANIAN  OSCAR NOMINATED  DIRECTOR,  ASGHAR  FARHADI,    SAID THAT HE WILL  NOT  ATTEND  THIS  YEAR'S   ACADEMY  AWARDS  BECAUSE OF THE TRAVEL  BAN IMPOSED BY PRESIDENT DONALD  TRUMP.   HE  SAID HE WOULD  NOT  ATTEND  NEXT  MONTH'S  CEREMONY EVEN IF AN EXCEPTION  TO THE BAN  WERE  POSSIBLE.................  I don't know  nor do I care how the Hollywood crowd and the Democrats/Progressives/Socialists  view  this  sad  state  of  affairs.... BUT....I believe that it is a pretty strong indication that President Trump's travel ban  IS  WORKING!
And speaking of the temporary travel ban on people from specific Middle Eastern countries, as I understand it that there were something like 325,000 people traveling by various means this past week end and something like 109 of them were held up for additional background checking.  According to my calculator that would work out to be 0.0003 which would be something like three one hundredths  of  one  percent of the travelers were inconvenienced.  I don't even want to try to figure out  the percentage of 330,000,000 people which is roughly the population of the United States.   The point being that this number of people inconvenienced is not a pivotal moment in history...... even though it did bring tears to the eyes of Chuck Schumer.
Incidentally, I have listened to several very knowledgeable people with loads of government experience along with a number of Constitutional Attorneys say that President Trump was well within his rights as President of the United States to order a travel ban on travelers from particular countries.  BUT, of course, the mainstream media vermin keep calling it "Trump's Muslim Ban" which is totally incorrect.  AND The Constitution of the United States guarantees the RIGHTS of American Citizens.  Foreign Visitors OR Illegal Aliens  are not entitled to the same rights as American Citizens.  Allowing them to come into our country is granting them a PRIVILEGE as opposed to being entitled to the RIGHTS  GUARANTEED  OUR  U.S. CITIZENS  BY   THE  CONSTITUTION.  And what I perceive President Trump as doing is  KEEPING  HIS  PROMISES  TO  THE  AMERICAN  PEOPLE.... which is something that Barack Hussein Obama and his band of lying criminals NEVER  DID.  President Trump has also done an outstanding job of appointing good people for Cabinet Positions AND  his  choice for Supreme Court Justice in the person of Judge Neil Gorsuch is really  outstanding.  
** You may have noticed that all elected politicians have been removed from the Good Guy List.  Sheriff David Clarke is the only exception.