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WEDNESDAY - January 25, 2017
Greetings once more from the West Texas Headquarters For Jingoistic Xenophobic Vast Right Wing Conspiratorial Angry  White Privileged Gun Clinging Males.
I realize that we are still in the very early stages of the Donald J. Trump Presidency, BUT after only 5 days into the replacement for the Obama Criminal Administration I am of the opinion that  President Trump is headed in the right direction and is already starting to keep some of his campaign promises.  Now the mainstream media might have a different view of matters but that also suits me just fine.  You see, insofar as the national news media is concerned (print, television, radio) my Give A Shitter IS  BROKE  BEYOND  REPAIR.  And the Obama Administration  is one of the root causes for this ( I just threw in ROOT  CAUSES because this seems to be a term that the Progressives/Democrats/Socialists like to use).

In spite of what Chris Matthews,  Rachael Maddow,  Juan Williams,  Bob Beckel and even Charles Krauthammer have said, I liked President Trump's  Inaugural Speech and I thought he  pointed out some true facts as to how the actual power of the Federal Government has been taken away from THE  PEOPLE of the United States and has been misused and abused by the politicians in Washington, D.C.   I have thought this to be the case for a number of years and it seems as if President Donald J. Trump (I like to use his full title and name as it really seems to piss off the Democrats)  has finally brought  this out PUBLICLY and has promised to do something about it.

I am sure that his statements regarding this struck home to many Republicans in Washington as well as perhaps all but just a few of the Democrats/Socialists/Marxists.   I mentioned Dr. Charles Krauthammer as in the past for the biggest part I have always respected Dr. Krauthammer and he normally takes a Conservative view of most things but on the matter of President Trump's  Inaugural Speech he appears to have fallen in with the rest of the Washington crowd.   And surprisingly enough, Dr. Krauthammer did not seem to be the least bit concerned with the Women's March on Washington which took place on Saturday, the day after President Trump's inauguration.
NOW, let us address The Women's March.   First of all,  this march had absolutely NOTHING  TO  DO  WITH  WOMEN'S  RIGHTS.   What it was about was a huge power grab by the National Democrat Party and they used  hundreds of thousands of some really misinformed women to try and achieve those goals.  It was pretty hard to watch  huge doses of this bunch of idiotic heifers go through their dog and pony show but they did have their token idiot male in the form of MICHAEL MOORE who joined them in their cause.  Now, I have heard several reports that this march and other marches throughout the country were financed by George Soros.   SO, if I have this straight,  The National Organization of Women;  Code Pink;  Michael Moore  and Planned Parenthood were all involved with this march which makes it a huge LOAD O'  CRAP from beginning to end.

I was able to catch the riveting speech made by ASHLEY  JUDD.   I was also privileged to  see the absolutely nonsensical ranting of MADONNA.   And after  watching these two squacks along with several others whine about damn near everything and after viewing the  video shots of the crowd at these happenings I reached a startling conclusion.  IF  YOU  ARE  A  MEMBER  OF  THIS  GROUP OF  WHINING  SOWS  you must be either:
Badly Misinformed
Just Plain Stupid

OR, in some cases, it appeared that many of these women possessed ALL of these characteristics.
I believe that ASHLEY  JUDD  was BADLY MISINFORMED,  GOOFY,  and JUST  PLAIN  STUPID.   I found that MADONNA also possessed these three characteristics.
AND, from what I have been able to see,  this march had ABSOLUTELY  NO  EFFECT  ON  PRESIDENT  TRUMP or any actions that he has taken subsequent to the march.
I realize that President Trump  cannot  do  everything by himself and he must have help from Republicans in the Senate and the House.  I believe that is where we can be of some help in writing or contacting our Representatives and our Senators  and urge them to support President Trump in his efforts to  return our Federal Government to the bodies that were described in our Constitution.
I   believe that President Trump will make his first nomination for the U.S. Supreme Court pretty early in the game.  I also believe that the men and women he has nominated for his key cabinet posts appear to be conservative and loaded with experience.   Of course I like General Mattis for Secretary of Defense and General Kelly as Director of Homeland Security.  I heard some news idiot make the statement that perhaps Trump had  "Too Many Generals" in mind for key positions.... I just wondered if he HAD  ENOUGH.   I believe that down through they years beginning with the Johnson Administration and up through Obama that  military experience has been  a bit  lacking in many of our Defense Secretaries. 
I also was watching some of the questioning of proposed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and I came to the conclusion that Marco Rubio is a pure turd.  I have spoken to some friends who reside in Florida and who voted for Marco Rubio in his election to the U.S. Senate.  They assured me that they would not vote for him ever again.  Apparently many of the Floridians who helped Rubio get elected felt as if he had lied to them and did not keep his word.   I also remembered that he looked just about as goofy as Jeb Bush in the Republican Debates.  I could buy Marco Rubio trying to pass himself off as a lot of things.... but has a really tough Senator?   I don't think so.  He looked like a pure phony when questioning Mr. Tillerson.
I also liked the manner in which Mr. Tillerson handled the goofy  ass questions of U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) on  Climate Change (which began as Manmade Global Warming).  It is really fairly humorous to watch some of these idiot Senators ask questions about the U.S. Military to a Retired General when they themselves have had little or no military experience.
I also was pleased to see the President Trump had frozen federal hiring EXCEPT for the Military and for Security Personnel (which includes Border Patrol and other Federal Enforcement Agencies).   I also heard one report that when he did this, many Federal Employees threatened to walk out.  I have only this observation on that.... "Don't let the door hit y'all in the ass on your way out." 
I also watched one news report where President Trump visited the CIA Headquarters and was well received by the personnel there.  I feel pretty sure that insofar as our Intelligence Gathering Services are concerned that the actual working Agents will be in much better shape under a President Trump than they were under Barack Hussein Obama.  I also notice that James Comey will remain as the head of the F.B.I.    I am still not quite sure how I feel about that  but time will tell.

AND, please never forget that I was NOT a big fan of Donald J. Trump as a candidate early in the game but after I saw that he was not caving in to the media hacks, I had to start to change my opinion of him.  I realize that the jury is still out on his policies BUT at this point, I am pretty pleased with some of the things he has done in his FIRST 4 DAYS  AS  PRESIDENT.   And at this point I am very pleased with his signing executive orders clearing the way for the two pipelines which will create lots of American jobs.
BUT I guess that the absolute BEST thing about Donald J. Trump's FIRST DAY  AS  PRESIDENT  OF  THE  UNITED  STATES  was the fact that on the morning of January 20th,  2017 WAS  BARACK  HUSSEIN  OBAMA'S  LAST  DAY  AS  PRESIDENT  OF  THE UNITED  STATES!
AND  I believe that most of you will admit  that  President Donald J. Trump's  family  is a bit classier  than that of Barack Hussein Obama.  And from everything I have been able to dig up, I believe that the individual states and their state governments will be much better off under the Trump Administration.   Of course California has become so damned dependent upon the Federal Government that they might be coming down with a serious case of the blues.   That sure will be tough to see how that great state comes to grips with being forced to pay their own way for some of the stupid stuff that their State Government has allowed to happen.  We have family in California and some close friends who live in various parts of the state.  I hate to see them have to deal with what might be in that state's future.
It also appears as if President Trump is taking measures to cut the funding to these Sanctuary Cities.  Of course Los Angeles,  San Francisco,  Houston,  Austin, Dallas and a number of other cities have been violating the Federal Immigration Laws...... BUT.... under Barack Hussein Obama,  the Federal Government was also violating the Federal Immigration Laws.   Looks like this may be coming to an end.  I listened to one of the top Agents in the Border Patrol earlier this morning say that the Border Patrol,  Customs,  ICE and I am sure many other Federal Agencies are happy to have a new President who will once again allow them to do their jobs.
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After last week end and the playing of the NFC and AFC Championship Games, I am of the opinion that this year the two best teams in the NFL will actually meet in the Super Bowl.  It is obvious that both head coaches have done an exceptional job in getting their teams prepared for this NFL Championship Game.

Now the two head coaches and their assistant coaches have done their jobs.  It is also readily apparent that the players have prepared themselves both physically and mentally for this game.  One must wonder when the NFL Commissioner and the Television Networks  will actually do a good job in their preparation.   I am not sure who makes the final call  on the Super Bowl Half-Time Entertainment or the playing/singing of The National Anthem.  It has been a good while since these two particular items have been worth watching.  AND, once again, this year we shall be treated to the antics of Lady Gaga at half-time.
NOW, let us address the pre-game programs;  the post-game programs and the completely idiotic interviews conducted by generally attractive ladies who ask the SAME  STUPID  QUESTIONS  AT  EVERY  GAME  at which they appear.  I guess one of the reasons that I like Patriots Coach Bill Belichick over all the rest of the NFL coaches.   He absolutely knows how not only to answer the idiotic questions BUT is additionally able to make the person asking the idiotic questions appear to  have  the IQ of one of the stone statues on Easter Island.
I have often thought that each NFL team needs a "Behavioral Enforcement Staff."   The people I would hire would not necessary need to be knowledgeable in professional football.  They would be paid to do nothing but administer corporal punishment to the high paid showboats who actually play the game.  I would give them the authority to immediately seize any cell phone of electronic communication device brought onto any NFL practice facility;  dressing room;  or NFL Stadium.  Now this would necessarily require the team Security Personnel to be extremely tough individuals whose  knowledge  of  physical violence  and their  ability to come out on top in a physical confrontation would determine their pay scale.
NOW of course my ideas of paid enforcers for the NFL is meant to be taken seriously.... or is it?   What brought to my mind the idea of a team enforcer was some articles I was reading about the old NHL(National Hockey League)  when there were I believe only 6 teams which made up the entire league.  Of course back then, the players were not as large as are some of today's  players.  BUT with fewer teams they all had very talented players many of whom were scoring threats.  I remembered back in the 1960s,  Houston had a professional hockey team,  The Houston Apollos, which was a  minor league farm team of the Montreal Canadiens.  I watched many future NHL Hall of Fame players in their early hockey careers playing for the Houston Apollos.
One year, near the end of the season, Montreal had already clinched their place in the Stanley Cup playoffs and they sent one of their players down to Houston to play several games with the Apollos.   The guy the sent was John Bowie Ferguson.  John Ferguson was the Canadien's  ENFORCER.  Not only was he the team ENFORCER, he was also a very talented player and  was one of their better scoring threats.   Houston already had a couple of tough dudes playing for them.... or I thought they were tough until I saw John Ferguson play.   John Ferguson was not a huge guy.  He was 6' tall and weighed 180 pounds but he had a left hook like Tony Zale.  Trust me when I tell you that this was the last guy on the ice that you wanted to tangle with. for a number of years, John Ferguson was billed as the toughest guy in the NHL.... and trust me when I tell you they had some plenty tough dudes.

In reading a little about his early career I saw one article which said that John Ferguson got his very first penalty for fighting in the first 12 SECONDS  OF  HIS  FIRST  NHL  GAME.  And I looked up some of his fights and he had some fights with some of the top players ever.... like Bobby Hull, Noel Picard, Eric Nesterenko and Dennis Hull.

I really enjoyed watching the old Houston Apollos and saw some of the really great future NHL players  play their minor league hockey in Houston.  One of the Houston Defensemen, who was also plenty tough was a guy who ended up in the NHL Hall of Fame as a player and I believe ended up as the General Manager of the Montreal Canadiens.
His name was Serge Savard.  Savard was about 6'3" and weighed in at about 225 pounds and was a great defenseman and double tough to boot.  Those were the years that I got really interested in hockey and of course my favorite game of all times was when the U.S. beat Russia in the Olympics.
I just heard that Mary Tyler Moore passed away today.  I liked her in the old Dick Van Dyke show and also in her own show.  I really liked the cast in the Mary Tyler Moore Show until I learned that Edward Asner was a left wing loon.  Then I stopped watching it.  Too bad as I liked the rest of the cast a lot.
OK.  Let me make sure I have this straight;     The Stock Markets reached an all time high today;   President Donald Trump is making confetti out of many Federal Regulations;   President Trump is taking measures to cut funding to Sanctuary Cities;   He is also taking measures to cut funding to certain  countries who are helping in the Illegal Immigration problems;   He is appointing some really qualified people in key positions;   He is pissing off the media;  Barack Obama is GONE.  I am sort of like Ralphie in "A Christmas Story".  ALL  IS  RIGHT  WITH  THE  WORLD.  
** You may have noticed that all politicians have been removed from the Good Guy List.  Sheriff David Clarke is the only exception.